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10 Most Cost-Effective Techniques for Promotion Plan in Business

The promotion of new products and services takes a lot of time and effort and is one of the key elements deciding the future growth of that particular product or service. You might have the best of new products or services in your kitty, but if fail to promote it on proper grounds, you are surely gonna miss out on the future possibilities and perhaps lose out on a great chunk of money in lack of proper promotion.

Though there are several ways and modes of promoting but for every organization finding out the most cost-effective techniques for promotion plan turns out to be a highly significant and crucial factor determining the overall success of the organization as promotional activities in general demands a large sum of investment along with your valuable time.

More prominently, smaller and developing firms face significant challenges in establishing a strong presence in the minds of customers. Furthermore, the promotional techniques and marketing trends have changed dramatically over time thus one must embrace change to stay competitive in the markets. If you want to communicate with brand-new consumers, you must move with the flow and make outreach efforts to reduce the distinctions between you and the customers.

Many small company owners, particularly those who are just starting out, place high importance on finding new customers. However, marketing a small business requires a significant amount of time and money, both of which are scarce resources for them.

The solution to the question, “what are the cost-effective techniques for promotion plan?” resides in several offline and online strategies such as commercials, word of mouth, marketing through social networking sites, outdoor advertising, and more. Only tested advertising and marketing strategies may change the fortunes of your small, medium, or large company and assist you in boosting your consumer base through various channels.

A successful promotional and marketing campaign helps you to attract new customers without breaking the bank, regardless of how your firm operates. We’ll look at a few different ways to market your items without having to spend a lot of money.

Why is it important to Promote Your Business?

Promotion is like a cornerstone in small and medium-sized business marketing. It is critical for businesses irrespective of their sizes be it small or medium-sized firms to promote and market their products and services for their overall profitability and growth. It is also necessary to start promoting your business right away because promotion is a lifetime task for every firm to stay competitive in the competitive markets.

Have a look at why promoting your products and services are so very important to your organization:

  • Promotion is recognized as the voice of any organization.
  • Promoting your company or brand helps in brand awareness and strengthening the brand Value.
  • Brand promotion serves as the most effective technique to raise brand recognition.
  • It helps in increasing your traffic and thus increasing the customer base.
  • Helps in targeting the right set of potential customers thus aiding in saving resources.
  • A well-thought-out promotional and marketing strategy may help you identify numerous customer niches in the Indian market and provide suitable solutions to your clients.
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10 Most Cost-Effective Techniques for Promotion Plan

So, if are wondering what are the cost-effective techniques for a promotion plan, here are 10 cost-effective methods that are often free for promoting your business:

  1. E-mail Marketing
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Referral Marketing
  4. Leverage the use of Google Business
  5. Make use of Blog Posts
  6. Make use of videos
  7. Press Releases
  8. Host various events
  9. Conduct Contests
  10. Coupons and Discounts

Now let’s come and have an elaborate look at some of these efficient yet cost-effective techniques for promotion plans to expand your business.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing has always been a cost-effective technique for promotion plans for the past several years and has always given positive results for the business. It is one of the oldest and most widely used and reliable marketing tools. In general, around 90 % of marketers depend upon and employ Email Marketing as the key lead generation tool in their organization, and proves to be a cost-effective technique for promotion plans for mobiles also.

E-mail marketing is a tried-and-tested cost-effective technique for a promotion plan for building long-term relationships with prospective customers that allows you to entice customers to make a purchase or take a tour of your website.

The conversion rate for e-mail marketing is normally high, and it is often recognized as the cornerstone of internet marketing.

Today’s email marketing solutions often come with a slew of in-built features to help you stay organized and keep you on track with certain campaigns. There are many cost-effective options available for segmentation, workflow management, and social scheduling that are possible through email marketing to make your work easy.

You’re halfway there if you’ve already started creating a mailing list. However, creating a successful email campaign needs proper planning and execution for effectiveness.

If you’re thinking about how to promote and advertise your firm, you should develop an e-mail marketing plan.

Creating a Successful Email Campaign
  1. To begin, select an automation and email management application to assist you in being more organized. MailChimp and Marketo are two of several email management platforms available today, with MailChimp being the most user-friendly and affordable. Then you can develop a schedule that works with your overall marketing objectives. Plan to send your emails on a regular basis while avoiding spamming people’s inboxes.
  2. The next stage is to create compelling writing and high-quality content that aligns with your marketing objectives. To guarantee that your audience understands where the following emails are coming from and why you are sending them, make sure your welcome email is clear and detailed.
  3. It’s also crucial to come up with a headline that jumps out in an inbox full of messages. Higher open and click-through rates are dependent on strong subject lines. Consider asking a humorous question, providing a discount, or explicitly stating your unique value proposition in the subject line to catch people’s attention.
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Craft Conversion-worthy Content for E-mail Marketing

Always make sure to craft content that leads to conversion. Focus on building content that is efficient enough to display the potential of your products and services contributing towards creating value-addition to the customers.

Because email marketing helps in building brand awareness and recognition and information rather than a “hard” pitch, your call to action should be useful and instructional. It should also encourage them to take the following step, which may or might not be purchasing your primary product. The objective is to make this process as painless as possible so that customers automatically advance to the next stage of the sales funnel.

Optimize for Mobile

Optimization of emails for Mobile is highly significant considering a large number of mobile users in recent times which is again expected to grow exponentially in times to come.  According to Litmus marketing researchers, slightly under half of all emails are opened on mobile devices. That implies that if your email doesn’t appear correctly on mobile platforms, half of your audience will assume you don’t know how to properly design an email. That’s why it is necessary to optimize the emails for mobile.

Tracking and Follow-up

Finally, you’ll want to keep track of key performance metrics from open rates to sales to see what is working out for you. You’ll also want to keep an eye on where traffic is getting stuck, such as unsubscribe rates. Finally, don’t forget to nurture your leads and ensure that anyone who appears to be losing interest is re-engaged through interesting, informative, and regular content.

So. the best email marketing strategy involves making them mobile-friendly, respecting clients, and adhering to a consistent timetable while combining up the messaging.

If you follow these steps for your email marketing strategy you can surely encash these highly cost-effective techniques for a promotion plan for your respective organization.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs are again one of the best and cost-effective techniques for promotion plans employed by businesses.  Affiliate marketing is basically a commission-based selling programme in which an affiliate promotes their products and services to earn money in return for a sale.

For a successful marketing programme, you need to get associated with the companies that offer affiliate programmes. After that, you need to make a URL for everyone who is advertising your product, which they may subsequently post in their own feeds. Each link is used to track and manage which affiliate is generating a sale, as well as how many sales they are making on a predecided commission rate.

Affiliate Marketing is a kind of cost-effective technique for promotion plans and advertising platforms that turns out to be a good method to spread the word about your company, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. First and foremost, this works better for some items than others, and for many affiliate marketers, it may only be worthwhile if they know they’ll make a decent commission.
  2. Second, you must ensure that your affiliates are truly enthusiastic about a product and will be consistent in their promotion, as well as market it in the most effective manner possible.
  3. Finally, the marketer should have a sizable following and be familiar with the fundamentals of how to sell a product in such a way that it generates sales.

To learn more about Email Marketing in detail you can consider taking an elaborate Email Marketing Course from any prestigious Digital Marketing Institution.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is essentially the same as “word of mouth” advertising. In the past, it was typical to build a store in a small town, distribute fliers, and hope that residents selected your business over the competition. Of course, this still occurs from time to time, but more consumers are now conducting extensive research online, using social media, and reading reviews before making a purchase.

The reality is that individuals prefer to trust their friends over brands, and they often do so without even realizing it. For example, if they promote a product on their social media profile, they are effectively functioning as brand ambassadors.

It may appear clear that consumers prefer to trust their friends and relatives over nameless advertisements. News reports, testimonials, influencers (e.g., social media celebrities or bloggers), and customer evaluations are all examples of referral marketing.

Reading reviews before purchasing products on Amazon or asking your friend’s opinions on the services of any particular restaurant essentially serves as a free promotion tool.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is only one aspect of referral marketing. Influencer marketers are persons who have made a reputation for themselves on social media, but they may also be people who already have power (e.g., movie stars or entrepreneurs) who continue to make themselves prominent in the digital realm, for example, by recommending products.

When you connect with an influencer and convince them to endorse your product, you instantly get access to a large audience. And if your collaboration is an equal trade (that is, you do not need to reward the influencer), this turns out to be an exceptionally cost-effective technique for a promotion plan.

Having said that, we can utilize the influencer marketing framework to demonstrate why referral marketing works on social media. People follow celebrities or other sorts of influencers on Instagram because they are interested in a certain activity as well as the people. So, if you discover someone with a large following who is brand- or product-relevant, you may join forces and form a collaboration that benefits both artists.

You may also utilize influencer marketing to promote charity in novel ways. Combining referral or influencer marketing with something that appeals to the emotions or instigating a feeling that someone cares about the customers, helps in brand building and loyalty. It turns out to be a highly powerful medium of capturing people’s attention on social media and serves as a highly cost-effective technique for promotion plans and strategies.

Leverage the use of Google Business

If you have a Google My Business account, you may market your new product or service in a variety of ways utilizing your Google Business Profile. This requires utilizing postings through the Google My Business account.

If you’re just announcing a new product or service, a “What’s new” post may be appropriate. Just keep in mind that Google My Business postings expire after seven days, so you’ll have to resubmit. If, on the other hand, you’re conducting a special introductory bargain, an “Offer” article is better since you may define a duration. Regardless of the style of post you choose, include an image and a call to action to successfully market your business.

You can also promote and advertise your new product/service by uploading images of it to your Business Profile via the Photos part of your GMB dashboard and adding it as a new item via the Products/Services page.

If relevant, you may wish to add some FAQs about the new product or service in your Google My Business account’s Q&A area.

To get the most out of this promotion approach, follow these steps:

  • Check to see if your Google listing is optimized for optimum visibility
  • Refer to Google’s photo-sizing standards
  • Use all areas of your Google listing (Posts, Photos, Products & Services, and Q&A).

By leveraging the use of Google Business you can very well promote, advertise and market your products and services, which serves as a perfect solution as a cost-effective technique for a promotion plan. 

Make use of Blog Posts

A blog is one of the easiest and most successful ways to drive visitors to your website. Google search algorithms reward websites that are often updated and offer their readers high-quality, relevant content. A blog that is updated on a regular basis fulfills both of these requirements.

According to one report, sites that are proactive and regularly publish blogs on weekly basis (16 blogs per month) have the capacity to generate 3.5 times more traffic than the sites that publish four or fewer blogs per month.

Your chances of audience interaction increase with the number and quality of blogs you post online for promoting your business. More effort you put towards generating and publishing high-quality blogs more are the possibilities of your business expansions.

Make use of Videos

Videos are and have always been a very effective source of expression that has gained immense popularity as one of the most effective marketing tools in today’s highly digitalized era. You may do it yourself or engage a company that specializes in generating high-quality video content to do it for you. Whatever solution you choose, videos are an excellent way to visually engage your audience and raise brand recognition.

Videos are one of the most powerful marketing techniques you can employ. You may either make them in-house or hire a business that specializes in producing high-quality video material to do it for you. Videos are a terrific method to visually engage your audience and boost your brand’s awareness, regardless of whatever option you pick.

These are just a few of the low-cost, high-impact tactics you may employ to expand your business. Experiment to find which techniques are most effective for your organization and have the most influence on your consumer base.

Press Releases

Engaging and indulging in distributing press releases are again highly efficient and cost-effective techniques for promotion plans giving very good results for the businesses. It proves to be a wonderful way to keep industry people updated about recent updates regarding your organization.

Press releases are a great way to highlight and introduce new products and services, news updates, and recent accolades of your organization in front of the customers and industry people.

Host various events

Events not only make consumers enthusiastic about your new product or service, but they may also encourage new prospects to interact with you or other workers of your company, which is a wonderful way to win them over as customers and act as cost-effective techniques for promotion plan.

Events don’t have to be elaborate or well-planned; for salons, fitness centers, yoga studios, spas, and retail businesses, something as simple as an open house or an information session can suffice. If your business shares a space with other local shops, you might collaborate to hold a sidewalk sale or outdoor open house to attract even more customers.

Virtual events continue to be a useful promotional strategy during the epidemic. You could:

  • Organize a Facebook Live session to demonstrate the product and emphasize its benefits.
  • Run a life or recorded Q&A session about the product.
  • The event should be centered on an influencer with expertise in your new product or service, with the promise of revealing the new offering at the conclusion.

Conduct Social Media Contests

Social media competitions are a fun and simple method to engage with consumers while also gaining additional fans/followers and prospects for your company. Facebook competitions generate an average of 34% new consumers every campaign, which is an excellent approach to compensate for the platform’s poor organic reach.

As far as positioning is concerned, the winners of your Facebook or Instagram giveaway should gain the opportunity to be the first to get their hands on your new offering and get it for free or at a discounted rate.

Make sure to promote the content throughout all of your marketing channels, not just the one where you’re running the main campaign. This includes your other social media outlets, website, email newsletters, and even sponsored advertisements.

Increased involvement with your social media account will likely bring more traffic to your website, put your business in front of new clients, and create a pleasant way of communicating with your audience, in addition to generating more enthusiasm and purchasers for your new product. Thus, helping to find the solution to the most cost-effective techniques for promotion plan.

Coupons and Discounts

As you are well aware that the Indian markets are in general, highly price-sensitive markets. So, telling your audience how they can save money is a certain way to catch their attention is counted among one of the most cost-effective techniques for promotion plans.

By offering coupons and discounts on your products or services, you can not only grab the attention of the customers but invariably serves to be an efficient and cost-effective technique for a promotion plan to help grow your business.

The use of promo codes and discount coupons is a great way to make your customer feel special which ultimately results in attracting more customers who will stay loyal to your organization.

These are just a handful of the tactics you may utilize to build your business affordably and efficiently. Experiment to find which techniques perform best for your organization and have the greatest influence on your consumer base.

Final Thoughts

Promotion and advertising are an integral part of a marketing campaign for any organization which in turn requires a huge chunk of resources including manpower, money, and time which are again turn out to be a big constraint especially for small or startup firms.

Entrepreneurs, whether new or experienced, must have a thorough understanding of how to promote and advertise their businesses. Though there are so many alternatives for promotion and advertising your products and services with plenty of potentials for you to be creative with your ad campaigns but finding the most cost-effective techniques for promotion plan becomes a highly crucial factor deciding the overall profitability and ultimately the growth of an organization.

So,  the question here is to figure out what are cost-effective techniques for promotion plans turn out to be a highly profitable proposition for the organization on overall grounds.

Mentioned above in this article are just a few high-impact and cost-effective techniques for promotion plans and strategies you may use to grow your company.  You can experiment to see which strategies are the most beneficial and have the most impact on your customers for the profitability of your company.

Through this informative article, we have tried to enlighten you with the most cost-effective techniques for a promotion plan which can serve as an important marketing strategy. Hope you would have learned enough and liked reading this article on 10 Most Cost-Effective Techniques for Promotion Plan in business.

For further information and to garner more knowledge and insight on subjects like this, feel free to get in touch with the Jaipur School of Digital Marketing (JSDM), one of the most prestigious and reputed Digital Marketing Training Institute in Jaipur.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the top five advantages of promotion?

Here are some of the advantages of using promotional goods in your marketing initiatives.

  1. Increase the visibility of your brand.
  2. Lead generating
  3. Budget-friendly marketing tool
  4. Improve customer interactions.
  5. Improves customers loyalty

What is one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods of promoting a business?

  1. E-mail Marketing
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Referral Marketing
  4. Leverage the use of Google Business
  5. Make use of Blog Posts
  6. Make use of videos
  7. Press Releases
  8. Host various events
  9. Conduct Contests
  10. Coupons and Discounts

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message via email to a group of individuals. Every email sent to a potential or present consumer might be considered email marketing in the widest sense. It entails sending advertising, soliciting business, or soliciting purchases or contributions by email.

In simpler words, the use of email to advertise products or services while creating connections with potential consumers or clients is known as email marketing. It is simply direct mail delivered electronically rather than through the postal service.

Email Marketing is considered one of the most cost-effective techniques for a promotion plan for any organization seeking to reach out to a large number of customers at a free cost.



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