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Advance Email Marketing Training Institute

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Advanced, in-depth Email Marketing Program
Personalized Classroom Email Marketing Training in Jaipur.

Key Features of Email Marketing Training Program

Course Duration

7 Days

Class Duration

1.5 Hours

Avg. Salary

25 K

Teaching Mode

Online /Offline Classes


Students always choose JSDM’s EMAIL MARKETING Program in Jaipur, and the reasons are:

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What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a technique in which customers or leads are generated through the email(s). Though there are different types of customers, like:

  • Those who’ve shown interest
  • Those who’ve asked for some queries
  • Those who are ready to get converted
  • Those who would like to upgrade with the existing services

Email marketing is a customer-centric technique, therefore it is adopted differently for specific audiences. Moreover, email marketing is also adopted for the following purposes:

  • Lead generation
  • Data mining and connection building
  • Develop and execute lead generation marketing plans.
  • Identifying potential clients
  • Implementing and managing email marketing campaigns


Email marketing is a very systematic and customer-oriented approach that is required to be followed for customer building and relationship management.

Once a person learns or understands the email marketing process in which a set of specific customers are targeted through specifically oriented emails. They could be one of the most in-demand people in the commercial and business world.

He or she knows the science of recognizing customers and how to approach and grab them.

As far as a career and future in email marketing are concerned, it would be quite dynamic, and there is a scope for becoming:

  • A bulk aggregator (SMS, email, or voice calls)
  • Email marketer for various businesses



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Our Facilities

Expert-led Training

Our trainers and faculty are experts in social media marketing and have been working as social media marketers for years. Rest assured, you will get the correct knowledge by training with our instructors.

Flexible Batches

At JSDM, you have the option to choose from offline or online batches. It allows you to choose the best option according to your schedule.

Lifetime Alumni Support

JSDM offers lifetime alumni support to all our students to ensure they have access to knowledge and new trends and technologies.

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Project done by our student’s

Check out the successful PPC campaigns created by our students at JSDM. It shows how well-trained and skillful they are.


Want to develop a holistic approach to email marketing? Then, JSDM’s certification program in email marketing is ideal for you. Here are all the people who can learn email marketing in 2024

Students/ Freshers

Would you like to juice every business email for all it’s worth? It is indeed wholly possible to use every business email fully to your benefit. You can only gain by learning all the tricks of Email Marketing management.


Email marketing is a popular option amongst businesses that are looking to spread their word around. Learning the technical aspects of Email Marketing will keep you ahead.

Agency Owners

Your employees can learn from us and then help their students. They can learn from us how you can best help your clients administer a tip-top email marketing campaign. And there are lots of other themes and topics that translate into Big Income.


Would you like to monitor and analyze email marketing metrics? These -and many other such skills – are important and the whole digital marketing industry agrees. You can help your students gain a foothold in the industry, by taking up this course.


How about learning to write a perfect email copy? You can be Perfect at email marketing and campaigning! In-demand skills that are popular among entrepreneurs and businesses.


This is the time to learn skills that will bring good prospects in the freelance job market! For instance, you can learn to stay ahead of other freelancers with tricks that snap up contracts for you. You could start with integrated email testing. The course is detailed and will make you market-ready.

We Are Globally Connected With The Top IT Companies

 We are connected with companies in different industries across the globe. Our design placement cell is constantly striving to get more companies on board.


The earning potential in email marketing varies depending on multiple factors, like the engagement level and size of the email list. Even the quality of the industry you work in or the quality of your campaign factors in. Email marketing helps with direct sales; it promotes affiliate marketing and earning through the same. Email marketing also helps with customer retention and running e-commerce websites smoothly. In India, the average salary for a specialist in email marketing with relevant experience and certifications is INR 85,000. Moreover, they also earn a bit more cash if their campaigns are successful. 

If you want to freelance in email marketing, you can make up to INR 27,545 a month. Obviously, all this depends on the clients you work with and where you are situated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Here are a few frequently asked questions we always get to clear any doubts you have. If you still have more queries, reach out to us and we will answer your questions

Email marketing is a marketing technique using emails to establish marketing communication. Any email you send to your existing or potential customers falls under the umbrella term email marketing. The purpose of email marketing depends on the business and the goals they wish to achieve. The mail can be promotional or educational, offering insights about an offer or discount you are offering. Businesses using this strategy always find it helpful. 

In this course, you will learn: 

  • Introduction to email marketing
  • Email marketing spam and best practices
  • Email marketing tools
  • Selection of an email service provider
  • Targeting and segmentation
  • Email marketing campaign planning
  • Increasing CTR
  • Email result tracking
  • Email copywriting.

The course duration for email marketing is 7 days, while the fee for the same is INR 6,000. 

Email marketing has the following benefits for your business:

  • Good ROI: The statistic shows that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, the return is approximately $42. Of course, for this, you need to correctly perform SEO, and JSDM has the best email marketing program for you. 
  • Direct targeting: With email marketing, you can target your audience directly, as everyone has an email address and the mail reaches them directly. 
  • Increases brand awareness: Email has links to your offers and website, and when users share them with others, it automatically helps create brand awareness.
  • Measurable results: There are various tools to track email marketing strategies, thus giving you measurable results. 

If you want to master email marketing effectively, you need to enroll in a prestigious digital marketing institute offering an email marketing course. jSDM is offering a certification in the course covering every aspect of email marketing. Our highly trained and skilled tutors provide the best email marketing skills, helping you master the course.

Anyone who has an interest in learning email marketing to grow their business should enroll in an email marketing course.

JSDM provides both online and offline email marketing courses, making it easier for everyone wanting to train in the program to do so by choosing a mode that is comfortable to them. 

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223 Google reviews

Shweta Sharma



This is one of the best digital marketing courses available in Jaipur. Learnt a lot of new things in the fields of digital marketing. The trainers here are so kind supportive and their teaching methods are so good this is such a great opportunity for anyone who is willing to take up this field. So join now Jaipur school of digital marketing #jsdm♥️

Praveen Mehta



I would say Jaipur School Of Digital Marketing is The Best Digital Marketing Institute for learning Digital Marketing. JSDM is not just an institute, its a complete academy where you not only learn the course curriculum but also learn to interact, Personality Development, Communicaiton, English speaking, networking and other lots of things. It was fun to learn at JSDM

Kanika Gupta



Jaipur School of digital marketing is one of the best institute in Jaipur to learn digital marketing under the guidance of Aashish Sir. Here along with theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge is also been taught equally. In JSDM, in just 4-5 months you will be familiar with all the SEO activities and Social Media activities. In this class, you will get so many practical assignments, and class interactions will help you to upgrade your skills. If anyone looking for the best digital marketing course in Jaipur, I would highly recommend you to join JSDM.

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