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Course Duration

4 Month

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16th November

Class Duration

1 Hour

Teaching Mode

Classroom/ Online


Do you also aspire to be a digital marketer? Or do you wish to learn modern-day skills like social media marketing or SEO? And what could be better than learning all these skills from an expert, that too in your hometown itself. JSDM is a leading digital marketing institute in Bikaner, that offers you the opportunity to learn digital marketing from experts with a dedicated practical-oriented learning program.

At JSDM, you get several advantages over any other digital marketing course in Bikaner such as individual and expert mentors for each digital marketing module, hands-on practice of professional digital marketing tools, exclusive and latest case studies and live projects for real experience and much more.

Why choose a digital marketing course in Bikaner?

Digital Marketing skills can open multiple doors of job and business opportunities for you in today’s time. From content writer to 360 digital marketer, there are dozens of job titles or business options based on your skillset and interest.

  • Digital marketing is in boom in present times and we can all see how individuals and brands are using the internet to grow their business, publicity and creating passive incomes source online.
  • One can use digital marketing strategies for their personal business or help others to grow their business for monetary benefits.
  • Anyone can use the techniques to share and spread their talent and knowledge with audiences over the internet and enjoy fame, publicity, and much more.
  • You can also increase your reach or take your business overseas without even moving an inch through digital marketing knowledge.

How is digital marketing beneficial for you?

Knowledge of different digital marketing techniques and strategies can be used for a number of purposes such as awareness, engagement and sales. Any job seeker can use the skills to help a company or business in their growth by managing their online marketing campaigns. 

On the other hand, a business owner can use the knowledge for brand awareness, reach a wider audience, lead generation and conversion etc. which eventually brings more business to them.

One can use the power of the internet to showcase their talent or share their knowledge with people for fame, money, or public awareness. You can do so through social media, blogs, youtube videos and more as people spend most of their time on the internet on such platforms only.

Any home maker can utilize their free time and make passive income, or share their hobbies or skills with the audience through digital marketing knowledge. At JSDM digital marketing institute in Bikaner, we have a personalized course that meets every individual’s needs, purpose and learning level.

Major Domains You Will Master With Our Digital Marketing Course


Learn strategies and techniques to rank your website in the top search engine result page or simply higher in the search results. SEO or search engine optimization consists of algos and rules that you must follow on your website and in your content to rank organically among top results. This module will cover On-page, Off-page and technical SEO.


Besides the organic ways to rank your content in the results, there are also paid ways to do achieve the same. In SEM or Search engine Marketing, we will tell you how to run paid ads on search engines to rank in top results faster and attract more audience on your website.


Just like search engines, social media is also an amazing platform for any individual or business to gain trust and audience. If you are not aware of the ways and strategies to monetize your social media account, this digital marketing module will train you to organically grow your account or channel effectively.


SMM or Social Media Marketing means the ways to promote your content on social platforms using paid methods. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. let you boost your content to reach a wider audience through paid ads or paid promotions. This way you post or ad copy will be shown to a large number of target audience.

JSDM Digital Marketing Training Programs Modules

Our digital marketing course module is perfectly designed and regularly updated by our highly experienced digital marketing experts as per the latest market trends. You will master 30+ modules and monetization techniques with our internet marketing training program.

Marketing Fundamentals
Marketing Research
Digital Marketing Basics
SEO On Page
SEO Off Page
Content writing
Website planning
Woo commerce
Portfolio by WordPress
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Svg Vector Icons :
Google Analytics
Svg Vector Icons :
Google Ads
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Svg Vector Icons :
Svg Vector Icons :
Affiliate Marketing
Svg Vector Icons :
Local SEO
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How to acquire the Projects and clients
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ORM (Online reputation Management )
Video Editing

How Our Digital Marketing Course Progresses?

From the fundamentals of digital marketing to advanced strategies and modules of it, we cover it all in our digital marketing training program in Bikaner. Including latest terminologies and updates from the internet world is not sufficient to become a professional digital marketer. But you should also have regular practice of the strategies and always keep working on your skills.

This is why we have designed our course curriculum such that a student learns every digital marketing aspect in a flow and connected way. In the meantime, we provide regular projects and assignments for hands-on practice to our students.

Fundamentals of digital marketing

To begin with, it's essential that every learner is on the same page. Hence, irrespective of your educational background, every student will be familiarized with the fundamentals of marketing, and online marketing especially.

Explore Search Engine Optimization

Among the major domains of digital marketing, we will be starting with the very vast but most effective and reputed SEO module. This will help you understand how your content and or website works when uploaded on the internet and how you can organically rank it among the top.

WordPress Development

Our digital marketing training program in Bikaner also includes wordpress development in which we help students develop and design wordpress websites for their personal Venture. And for this, we also provide free hosting and domain to our students for a year to practice.

Social Media Marketing and Optimization

After winding up the search engine, the course will proceed to social media platforms. Under our SMO course and SMM course module, a student will learn different strategies to drive more audience on their social channels and gain higher engagement that could later be used for monetization.

Additional skills that you will master:

There’s more to learn in digital marketing.
->Youtube marketing
->Drop shipping
->Google AdSense
->Google analytics
->Email marketing
->E- commerce

Introduction to different digital marketing domains

Once you know the basics of marketing, it is time to explore the depths of digital marketing. Hence, you will be learning about the chief modules of digital marketing and other aspects of our digital marketing course in Bikaner.

Content Writing, Copywriting and Content Marketing

Before moving any further, alongside SEO, a student will also learn different content creation techniques that include content writing, copywriting etc. This would help you to know how to create content for the internet, what it should contain, what should be eliminated etc.

Learn Search Engine Marketing

Followed by SEO course and its organic strategies you will be trained on ways to promote your content or gain traffic on your website through paid means. Under the SEM module, you will be introduced with both search and display ads that typically run on search engines or websites.

Graphic Designing

People are consuming audio-visual data more than textual data these days which has increased a demand for infographics, video content etc. And we believe that a digital marketer must be familiar with all the tools and techniques of internet marketing, hence we also train you to create audio-visual content.

Key Highlights Of The Course:

JSDM offers you a systematically designed digital marketing training course with 100% practical exposure.

Our personalized classroom and online digital marketing course is prepared and delivered by experts. We cover all major and latest domains of digital marketing, making the training program worthwhile.

Get access to 40+ hours of recorded lectures in videos covering different aspects of the course, taught by industry experts. These videos helps reducing overload and maximizing retention.

We have dedicated and interactive classroom training where all students get equal attention. Also you can ask for personal doubt class for 1-on-1 mentoring when possible.

Get revealed to 20+ Live Tools which are used by industry experts and agencies to speed up your learning & output.

Our placement assistants provide 100% Job placement assistance to job seekers from all walks of life by a variety of different sources. We help them find suitable position opportunities and work with them to prepare for interviews. We are associated with several organizations for best Job placements

Build your resume with us and learn how to succeed at interviews. Get the necessary tools to land on your dream job . The real time work experience you acquire can be added to your resume and including JSDM in your resume will offer you additional advantages.

We make students operate on 8+ real-time projects, practice and discuss recent discoveries around digital marketing and brainstorm over the newest ideas and their potential ability to bring some change

 Students will get a free website hosting that supports PHP & MySQL and gives you a free domain name. Create a free website with free web hosting and get your idea online. Valid for the first one year.

In our training program you will also get to learn about sales funnels and landing pages etc. which help businesses achieve higher conversion of leads.

JSDM has a team of well experienced and highly qualified faculty members. Our faculty strives hard to provide students with all round knowledge in theory, practical work and guide them in all other activities like seminars, projects, training, etc. and inspire the students to put in their best and shine in their careers.

A live case study includes a real client with a real issue and a firm deadline. The problem is not imaginary and the environment is ‘live’  which makes it important. You will be exposed to several case studies during the course.

The quality of training course is the main pillar of any institution. We are highly dedicated towards quality and our course modules are consistent while meeting the industry standards.

Our community support enables students to support other members. Being supportive to others can help students to feel empowered. Also you will be able to work on group projects and get to team-up with other minds.

We at JSDM are dedicated to providing the right conditions for students to flourish. Our digital marketing institute Bikaner, provides all support and environment required by anyone to become a professional digital marketer.

Meet Our Digital Marketing Trainers

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

Mentors are someone that gives shape to the dreams of their mentee. Their experience and knowledge will help you pave the path of your career. JSDM understands the importance of the right mentoring and thereby picked the best digital marketing industry experts and industry leaders to teach you

Untitled design (30)


360° Digital Marketing Expert

Founder of JSDM and Paid marketing expert with 15+ years of industry experience.
Untitled design (24)


Project Manager And Team Coordinator

Actively involved in handling HR activities, Digital Marketer, e-commerce specialist, and Content Strategist.


Sr. WordPress Developer and Trainer

Jagdish is an enthusiastic learner and IT expert. He has been there for the last five years. He has worked on some elite projects in IT and designed over.


Lead SMM Specialist And Trainer

Ajay is a SMM expert and has knowledge of all the digital marketing modules. He is creative, young and energetic and has worked on many projects.


Sr. SEO Manager

Expert and enthusiast SEO Executive and SEO content writer willing to gain and spread the knowledge.

Our Facilities

Life-Time Membership:-

You will be getting a lifetime membership of JSDM and can attend any workshop or class for free even after completing the course.

100% Job Assistance:-

You will bet 100% Job assistance as we have tied up with hundreds of companies. Our digital marketing placement cell will bring you ample job opportunities during the course.

Internship of Live Projects:-

Students will get a chance to work on live projects to get real exposure to Digital Marketing Field.

Why Choose JSDM For A Digital Marketing Course In Bikaner?

There are plenty of digital marketing institutes in Bikaner, but JSDM offers various advantages that you won’t find anywhere else. One chief advantage that our students enjoy is getting trained by an experienced team of mentors that we have at JSDM. No other digital marketing institute in Bikaner has specialized mentors for each module who are experts in their field and industry.

Here’s a list of other benefits that JSDM’s students enjoy:

  • We believe in practical based learning for which our course includes various hand-on practice sessions during each module.
  • We provide access to the most popular and useful digital marketing tools for practice which makes your work easy and efficient.
  • Our training program also comes with digital marketing internship and placement assistance for job seeking students of JSDM.
  • After-class doubt solving sessions are available daily via the best feasible mode so you are not left with any doubts in mind.

We Are Globally Connected With The Top IT Companies

We are connected with companies with different industries across the nation. Our dedicated placement cell is constantly striving to get more companies on-board.

Tools you will Master

Proper planning and execution of marketing strategies is the essential attribute of a digital marketer. Therefore, Mastering digital marketing tools has become part and parcel for digital marketing experts.At JSDM, you will master the most demanding digital marketing tools required in the digital marketing industry.

Get Familier With our Online Digital Marketing Course Syllabus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you still have doubts and queries regarding the Digital Marketing Course in Bikaner, we have listed down some very frequently asked questions with our response for the most common queries.

Yes, you get both offline and online class facilities at JSDM. In any case, you will be given the best learning experience through interactive sessions, live practice and assignment sessions with one-to-one doubt sessions.

If by future you mean job opportunities, then of course countries like India especially are going to require a great amount of digital marketing experts in the coming future. Various companies, big or small have already started taking their business online, but there are only a limited number of experts who have professionally expert knowledge in the field. Hence it is a great skill to acquire in 2022 to be future ready.

JSDM is your best pick for a digital marketing training course in Bikaner because of multiple reasons. Domain expert teachers, up-to-date course module, world class learning environment, real-life projects and assignments for practical exposure and access to popular digital marketing tools for practice.

A full-fledged Digital marketing course could help you develop multiple skills ranging from content writer to Digital marketing strategist. There are several job titles in the midway like SEO specialist, Social media marketing expert, social media manager, Paid Ads expert, content strategist, keyword analyst and many more.

Duration of our digital marketing course in Bikaner is 4 months. Students will have classes 5 days a week and each class duration will be 1 hour long. However, in some cases, this duration may be extended if required.

Besides the 1 hour class daily, you should spend anywhere between 1-2 hours daily on honing skills like content writing, keyword research, WordPress development etc. You can also dedicate some time for social media marketing trends or running paid ads.

The course fee is not fixed as it is often revised in scenarios like lockdown, or offline vs online course fee is also different. Hence, in order to know the current fee structure you can reach us out through email or call. Generally you can find the fee structure mentioned on a banner in the header of each page.

Although anyone can start learning digital marketing irrespective of their educational background, but it is suggested that you have a basic understanding of computers, internet and marketing. Besides this, you don’t need any prerequisite speciality of any subject or degree in marketing or technology.

Here’s a relief to those who think that advanced knowledge of English is necessary for digital marketing. It’s enough if you understand the basic internet and computer related terms so that  you can catch the concepts easily. Advanced English is only required by those who wish to write blogs and other web content on their own.

What Students Say

Who can join a digital marketing course?

If you also aspire to be a Digital Marketer, here’s a couple of things you should know before:

  • Anyone irrespective of their educational background can join a digital marketing program provided they understand the basics of marketing and internet terms.
  • You don’t need to be an expert in technology or marketing but in fact a 12th pass student can also learn digital marketing.
  • We provide flexible learning so that students or working professionals can learn digital marketing along with their part-time or full-time job or studies.
  • One doesn’t need a professional-like grasp on the English language, but any student who understands basic English can become an equally efficient digital marketer.

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