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SMO Training In Jaipur Upcoming Batch

Course Duration

15 Days

Starting Time

16th November

Class Duration

1 Hour

Teaching Mode

Classroom/ Online

Looking For Social Media Training in Jaipur?

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization means to operate and utilize the social media networks in such a way that they bring you as much traffic as possible ORGANICALLY.

  • SMO is about promoting brands, services etc. over social platforms.
  • It is about interacting with the audience as much as possible by using the internal resources of social media and not paying or using any paid marketing strategy.
  • It is about understanding the style of audience in every social media network and using them accordingly to get the maximum engagement rate.

Our social media training workshops make social media optimization the easiest part of digital marketing, especially for those with minimal technical knowledge.

SCOPE After Social Media Course

  • The best part about SMO is, TODAY, is the time of social media.
  • Today, the social media skills are equally important as education is for any business. Especially for rapid growth, SMO plays a key-role.
  • Digital media and online brands has a lot to give you if you can prove your social media skills and promote their business in a smarter way than the others.
  • If you think you can engage the maximum audience through your social media tactics, multiple doors are open for you as a career opportunity.

You are just not required to hesitate and feel low anymore if you are more inclined towards social media than your academic notebooks.

At JSDM we have prepared an intensive social media training program to provide expert knowledge of the domain to our students and help them develop useful skills.

Social Media Optimization Course Modules

  • Introduction to Marketing Fundamentals
  • How to Create a Buyer Persona
  • 8 Ways to Find Your Audience Online
  • How to Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Assignment – Marketing Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Market Research
  • Why Typeform?
  • How to Design Your Online Survey
  • How to Distribute Your Online Survey
  • How to Analyse Your Survey Results
  • Assignment – Market Research
  • Quiz – Market Research
  • Build This Site in Less Than 1 Hour
  • Why Use WordPress vs. Wix, Weebly etc?
  • How to Verify WHO’S Information [IMPORTANT]
  • How to Add Pages, Post, Menus & Widgets
  • How to Add a Premium WordPress Theme
  • How to Improve Your WordPress Security with Plu­gins
  • How to Activate Your Free SSL Certificate in 1 Click!
  • Assignment – Set Up a Website
  • Digital Marketing Basics
  • Difference between Traditional & Digital Marketing
  • Basics of advertising
  • What is Digital Media?
  • Digital Media Vs. Traditional Media
  • Benefits of Digital marketing
  • Latest Digital marketing trends
  • What is Social Media Marketing?
  • Techniques of Social Media Marketing
  • Assignment – Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Twitter Marketing
  • Why Twitter?
  • How Twitter Works
  • What Not To Do on Twitter
  • 4 Ways To Get More Retweets
  • 5 Steps Optimize Your Profile
  • 5 Ways to Promote Your Twitter
  • Use Hashtags to Increase Discoverability
  • Follow Top Twitter Users
  • The Poster Boy Formula
  • Join a Trending Conversation
  • Bring Twitter Into the Physical World
  • Track Results: Twitter Analytics
  • Assignment – Twitter
  • Introduction to Quora Marketing
  • Why Quora?
  • How to Join Quora & Optimize Your Profile
  • How to Identify Questions That Are Worth An­swering
  • How to Choose or Create a Blog Post to Link Back To
  • How to Structure Your Answers For Maximum Clicks
  • How to Promote Your Quora Answers
  • How to Track Quora Traffic & ROI in Google Ana­lytics
  • Rinse & Repeat [Just 5 Mins a Day!]
  • Assignment – Quora
  • Introduction to YouTube
  • Why YouTube
  • YouTube Marketing Strategy
  • “Watch Time” is Golden
  • The Subscriber Advantage
  • YouTube Recording Software & Mics
  • YouTube Acccount Set Up & Optimization
  • YouTube Keyword Research
  • YouTube Video Structure
  • YouTube SEO
  • Youtube Thumbnails
  • YouTube Annotations & Cards
  • YouTube Promotion
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Assignment – YouTube
  • Quiz – YouTube
  • Introduction to Facebook Marketing
  • Why Facebook?
  • Create Your Facebook Page
  • Facebook Icon
  • Facebook Cover Image
  • Description & About Page
  • Apps &Tabs
  • Page Settings
  • 9 Post Formulas Guaranteed to Drive Engage­ment
  • Edgerank Algorithm
  • Caption This Photo
  • Quotes
  • Native Videos
  • Facebook Contest
  • 5 More Facebook Post Formulas
  • Content Strategy
  • 10 Tactics to Start Getting Organic Likes
  • Use Email to Drive Organic Likes
  • Use Facebook Groups to Drive Organic Likes
  • Add a Facebook Like Box to Your Website
  • Secret Strategy to Increase Page Likes
  • 5 Facebook Insights Reports to Measure Success
  • Assignment – Facebook

Our Courses

Master all the nitty-gritty of paid online marketing on search engines, and social channels including search ads, display ads, and  more through our PPC/SEM course.

In our advanced SEO course, you’ll learn about all the nuts and bolts of SEO that help rank websites on search engines like Google with the assistance of a expert mentor.

In this full-fledged social media  marketing course, you’ll learn how  to  develop content and build up strategies, marketing campaigns on social media to increase audience and engagement.

Acquire skills in email marketing with our email marketing course and start writing professional email copies for businesses with high opening rates.

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Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing in 2022

In the current scenario, the Digital Marketing industry is swiftly rising upwards as the most powerful mode of marketing and promoting businesses online. In 2022, digital marketing is the most flourishing career as many industrialists and big companies are investing in digital marketing services to improve and advertise their products or services.

Students/ Freshers

Looking for a course/skill which can be easily and instantly monetized? Learning SEO will make you self-sufficient to utilize the skills for personal ventures or others’ online businesses.


Working Professionals can acquire SEO skills and add them to improve their CV. Or one can also use the SEO strategies for personal jobs, side-hustle and more.

Agency Owners

Agency or Business owners strictly require an SEO team or executives if you want to grow your business and lead and sustain the competitive business world.


Our SEO course in Jaipur is beneficial for coaches or trainers as it could help them reach more students around the globe and share their knowledge with students effectively.


Home Makers can utilize the knowledge and skills of SEO course to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. One can exploit their idle time for productive tasks and even start passive income out of it.


After our SEO course, either you can freelance as an SEO executive for various individuals and brands online. Or you can use SEO skills to promote your personal freelancing skills and reach a wider and targeted audience organically.

Get in touch with our mentors

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

Mentors are capable of leaving a deep impact on each of us. We understand how important the role of a mentor is, that’s why we make sure that our crew has the best fitted and highly experienced experts who are enthusiastic about making every lesson engaging and inspiring for our students. Our Digital marketing trainers are the guiding force in the innovation expedition. JSDM’s handpicked network of professional leaders shares the valuable knowledge to groom and prepare the next generation of technology and industry leaders.

Untitled design (30)


360° Digital Marketing Expert

Founder of JSDM and Paid marketing expert with 15+ years of industry experience.
Untitled design (24)


Project Manager And Team Coordinator

Actively involved in handling HR activities, Digital Marketer, e-commerce specialist, and Content Strategist.


Sr. WordPress Developer and Trainer

Jagdish is an enthusiastic learner and IT expert. He has been there for the last five years. He has worked on some elite projects in IT and designed over.


Lead SMM Specialist And Trainer

Ajay is a SMM expert and has knowledge of all the digital marketing modules. He is creative, young and energetic and has worked on many projects.


Sr. SEO Manager

Expert and enthusiast SEO Executive and SEO content writer willing to gain and spread the knowledge.

Our Facilities

Life-Time Membership:-

You will be getting a lifetime membership of JSDM and can attend any workshop or class for free even after completing the course.

100% Job Assistance:-

You will bet 100% Job assistance as we have tied up with hundreds of companies. Our digital marketing placement cell will bring you ample job opportunities during the course.

Internship of Live Projects:-

Students will get a chance to work on live projects to get real exposure to Digital Marketing Field.

We Are Globally Connected With The Top IT Companies

We are connected with companies with different industries across the nation. Our dediactes placement cell is constantly striving to get more companies on-board.

Benefits Of Having SMO Skills

Social media course knowledge helps to reach your targeted audience, organica

Not only do search engines generate traffic, SMO is also great for generating traffic if done effectively.
You can choose a targeted audience, with demographics, interest, age, etc, according to your business appeal.
By doing a social media course, you will be able to showcase your business product/ services more systematically.
When business owners update products and services on social media, it gets easy to understand what they need.
Customer interactions get easier.
SMO experts are in demand for businesses and organisations.

What Students Say

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

We have mentioned some common and frequently asked questions below to clear your potential doubts if any. However, if you still have any query, feel free to reach us out through our contact details and we will be more than happy to help you.
  • They manage the online reputaion of your business.
  • Helps your social media content to be up to date.
  • Helps to make brand awareness.
  • It helps to increase the conversion rates.
  • Analyze your social media and help you to optimize it by making changes.
SMO helps to manage and grow the online presence of your organization and to look after the customer’s messages for any inquiry. It helps to increase the awareness of new products and services of your business.
Yes, freelancing is a good option after the SMO course. You can start your own SMO company and can work on multiple projects and earn a good amount.
An SMO is something that comes naturally after SEO. SEO includes the technique to rank your website via search engines while the SMO improves the brand trust via social media.
This depends on your goals. You need to have interaction at least once a day. It can be through anything, by placing stories, posting reels, posts. All in all what matters is content, as content is the key.
Social media can help your business to attract business, build customer loyalty and get customer feedback. You will be able to do market search more closely and help to change your marketing cost accordingly.
Having a social media plan is very important to have a relationship with your target audience. It helps to increase the awareness of new products/services and mitigate potential damage news.
The steps are:-
  1. Build your reputation
  2. Encourage more engagement
  3. Build an honored authority
  4. Be original and creative
  5. Engage with your customers
  6. Know the channel of social media presence for your business
Yes, we provide you an internship in SMO, in which you will be working for the clients by making their content strategies, making content, preparing posts, etc.


SMO is all about using the inbuilt resources of social media networks. Once you acquire enough knowledge about social media and its best responsive tactics, you could earn as per your caliber.
In SMO world, the scope of earnings are not limited to just 9 to 5 schedule, but they are way more than that.
Big brands or Celebrities pay way more than your expectations just for their social media handling.

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