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Best Institute for Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur

(Let's Get you Ready for Future of Businesses)

Master Digital Marketing Strategies and techniques with our 6 Months Classroom Intensive Training.

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Welcome to JSDM
Best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur

When it comes to Digital Marketing we have been a reputed and well recognized place in Jaipur. We are one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur and with our exceptional placement record we have become the most reliable and trusted place to learn digital marketing for job seeker, professional and business owners.

We provide complete assistance and resources to our students to make their learning journey swift. At JSDM, we focus on making everything possible for our students like providing live projects, study resources, eBooks and much more.

Upcoming Batch for the Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur

digital marketing training institute in jaipur
Days Batch Timing Class Duration
Mon - Fri 8:00 AM to 9:15 AM 6 Months
Mon - Fri 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM 6 Months
Mon - Fri 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM 6 Months
Mon - Fri 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM (Online) 6 Months
Mon - Fri 4:00 PM to 5:15 PM 6 Months
Mon - Fri 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM 6 Months

Best Digital Marketing Course - Top Standard

JSDM provides a range of digital marketing courses. These are intense, in-depth, and interactive courses taught by industry experts with practical experience in the field.

Digital marketing course in Jaipur - JSDM's USP

Offline Digital Marketing Course

Learn digital marketing via interactive classroom training from experts in the field and get instant guidance for your mock projects. Become a digital marketer by learning everything about the field from scratch in high-tech classrooms.

₹ 35,000

Online Digital Marketing Course

Learn online digital marketing courses related to every aspect of the field. Become an expert digital marketer with the best digital marketing course from anywhere. From basics to advanced modules, everything is on your tips list online.

₹ 25,000

We Are Globally Connected With The Top IT Companies

Are you eager to start a career in digital marketing? Do you wish your prospects and possibilities reach sky-high? Is it your aim to power boost your online business with targeted digital marketing strategies? Then the digital marketing course at JSDM is for you!

No matter what your background, we welcome you to become the best version of yourself. A familiarity with Internet basics is all that’s necessary to get a foot in the door of Digital Marketing. Avail of the best mentors in Jaipur with JSDM’s digital marketing courses. We guarantee job placement -100%. We have vast experience in seeing our students cross our portals into the wide Industrial World with high-paying jobs!

We will prepare you for all aspects of prospective jobs in the digital marketing fields. We will even guide you with regard to interviews, and our internships have a reputation as preparations for real-world job scenes. You can start working with freelancing too, and work for global projects. There are so many possibilities! Feel free to call us now!

Achieve your goals with JSDM’s Agency Style digital Marketing Training

Our exceptional placement record and agency-style training have established us as the most reliable and trusted digital marketing institute in Jaipur. JSDM is honored to offer the best hands-on training to students willing to shape their careers and achieve new heights in the digital marketing field.

Enhance your Business

Ideal for entrepreneurs looking to elevate their startup to new heights with digital marketing.

Become a Freelancer

Become a freelancer with digital marketing skills to start a side hustle, which is ideal for homemakers looking for a flexible job.

Become a Digital Marketer

It is helpful for anyone wanting to start their career in digital marketing and land a high-paying job.

Be a Content Creator

Anyone looking to grow themselves on Instagram or YouTube or become a blogger will find the course helpful.

Why Choose JSDM for Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur

Digital Marketing Training Programs Modules

Our digital marketing classes are designed to educate students and practitioners in the area of Digital Marketing and prepare them for digital marketing jobs or train them to initiate a campaign for their own businesses. Crafted by our highly professional trainers, we have 30 + regularly updated modules to explore all latest digital marketing topics. Furthermore, the entire digital marketing training will be packed with practical exercises and live projects to turn your knowledge into performance.

Marketing Fundamentals
Marketing Research
Digital Marketing Basics
SEO On Page
SEO Off Page
Content writing
Website planning
Woo commerce
Portfolio by WordPress
Google Analytics
Google Ads
Svg Vector Icons :
Affiliate Marketing
Local SEO
Svg Vector Icons :
How to acquire the Projects and clients
ORM (Online reputation Management )
Video Editing
Google Videos Ads
Influencer marketing
Google App Marketing
Performance Marketing
AI Tools

Tools you will Master

Key highlights of the Digital Marketing Course

Our Digital marketing course is well-designed to power your digital dreams and drive your career ahead. This course is perfect for novices and does not necessitate any marketing experience. It is suitable for individuals looking forward to working as a digital marketer, company owners who want to improve their marketing expertise, or existing website owners striving to pull more traffic and revenues.

Our personalized classroom and online digital marketing course in Jaipur is prepared and delivered by experts. We cover all major and latest domains of digital marketing, making the training program worthwhile.

Get access to 40+ hours of recorded lectures in videos covering different aspects of the course, taught by industry experts. These videos helps reducing overload and maximizing retention.

We have dedicated and interactive classroom training where all students get equal attention. Also you can ask for personal doubt class for 1-on-1 mentoring when possible.

Get revealed to 30+ Live Tools which are used by industry experts and agencies to speed up your learning & output.

Our placement assistants provide 100% Job placement assistance to job seekers from all walks of life by a variety of different sources. We help them find suitable position opportunities and work with them to prepare for interviews. We are associated with several organizations for best Job placements.

Build your resume with us and learn how to succeed at interviews. Get the necessary tools to land on your dream job . The real time work experience you acquire can be added to your resume and including JSDM in your resume will offer you additional advantages.

We make students operate on 8+ real-time projects, practice and discuss recent discoveries around digital marketing and brainstorm over the newest ideas and their potential ability to bring some change

Students will get a free website hosting that supports PHP & MySQL and gives you a free domain name. Create a free website with free web hosting and get your idea online. Valid for the first one year.

In our training program you will also get to learn about sales funnels and landing pages etc. which help businesses achieve higher conversion of leads.

JSDM has a team of well experienced and highly qualified faculty members. Our faculty strives hard to provide students with all round knowledge in theory, practical work and guide them in all other activities like seminars, projects, training, etc. and inspire the students to put in their best and shine in their careers.

A live case study includes a real client with a real issue and a firm deadline. The problem is not imaginary and the environment is ‘live’  which makes it important. You will be exposed to several case studies during the course.

The quality of training course is the main pillar of any institution. We are highly dedicated towards quality and our course modules are consistent while meeting the industry standards.

Our community support enables students to support other members. Being supportive to others can help students to feel empowered. Also you will be able to work on group projects and get to team-up with other minds.

We at JSDM are dedicated to providing the right conditions for students to flourish. Our digital marketing institute Jaipur, provides all support and environment required by anyone to become a professional digital marketer.

Get in touch with our mentors

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

Mentors are capable of leaving a deep impact on each of us. We understand how important the role of a mentor is, that’s why we make sure that our crew has the best fitted and highly experienced experts who are enthusiastic about making every lesson engaging and inspiring for our students. Our Digital marketing trainers are the guiding force in the innovation expedition. JSDM’s handpicked network of professional leaders shares the valuable knowledge to groom and prepare the next generation of technology and industry leaders.

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360° Digital Marketing Expert

Founder of JSDM and Paid marketing expert with 15+ years of industry experience.
Untitled design (24)


Project Manager And Team Coordinator

Actively involved in handling HR activities, Digital Marketer, e-commerce specialist, and Content Strategist.


Sr. Developer and Trainer

Jagdish is an enthusiastic learner and IT expert. He has been there for the last five years. He has worked on some elite projects in IT and designed over.
Abhishek Sharma


Lead SMM Specialist And Trainer

Abhishek is a SMM expert and has knowledge of all the digital marketing modules. He is creative, young and energetic and has worked on many projects.
Sr. SEO Manager


SEO Manager

Expert and enthusiast SEO Executive and SEO content writer willing to gain and spread the knowledge.
Ashish Malik

Digital Marketing Course Trainer/Expert/Coach

  • 12+ years of experience as a digital marketer consultant serving over 150 brands.
  • Trained 3000+ students, professionals, and entrepreneurs
  • Director of Softhunters Technology, Co-Founder of JSDM, and an Mfluencer
  • Successfully delivered 7000+ projects
  • Keynote speaker for multiple events
  • B.Tech., M.Tech., and MBA in Marketing
Connect on Social Media

Get Familier With our Online Digital Marketing Course Syllabus.

Why learn digital marketing in 2024?

In 2024, learning digital marketing will be not just relevant but crucial for businesses and individuals alike. It is not just a rewarding career for students looking to work in a dynamic and future-proof field. But it also allows businesses to grow extensively and achieve new milestones. With a digital marketing course, individuals get better opportunities to work remotely, start a freelance career, or launch their own business. Moreover, you can start a side hustle like being a content writer or becoming an influencer on YouTube and Instagram. Having knowledge of digital marketing is the key to success in 2024, as the income stream keeps on increasing. What are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and learn the skills to have a bright and successful career.

Project done by our student’s

See the stunning numbers our students have achieved. With a staggering increase in social media followers, it shows how well-trained our students are.


If you still have doubts and queries regarding the Digital Marketing Course . We have listed down some very frequently asked questions to clear your doubts.

It’s a 16 weeks intense Digital marketing Course program and we will have 5 days classes in a week.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Design and Create a beautiful and professional website for you and your clients
  • Rank your website on certain keyword  by researching about the competitors, Market and competitive keywords and get quality leads
  • Generate business for your own business or for your clients
  • Work as a freelancer
  • Get a job in just 100 days even before your gets completed
  • Work as a social media marketer as you wil learn how to run ads on social media, and how to generate sales and leads for the business.

We  keep 10 students in a batch, so that we our mentors can take care of each student individually and check each once performance.

We need 20 hours of effort in a week that includes the classes assignments. So we will be having 5 classes in a week and rest of the time you need to work on your projects and assignments so that you can practice what you are learning during the course Digital Marketing Classes.
We offer placement assistance to our students in the field of digital marketing . We enable our students with different social media and digital marketing-related techniques. Over 2200+ students successfully enrolled with us for learning about digital marketing.
Currently we are charging ₹30,000. We incorporate a team of industry experts, hi-tech classes, high interactive class environment, in-house technical support etc. we provide a high-tech learning evvironment to their student who enroll in digital marketing courses. If you will say that we are charging higher fees than our compititor – then we request you to please check our marketing training programs. We tech practical case studies to our students, thus our course fees are slightly higher.

Yes, we provide live classes for the digital marketing course. We are honored for offering the best-in-class teaching material to the students. Once your enrollment will be completed then we will provide you with credentials so that you can attend recorded or live sessions. You will need to log in to JSDM official website.

You can checkout JSDM’s official website. However we are mentioning the primary skills below that you will learn at JSDM:
  1. SEO skill.
  2. Drop Shipping skill.
  3. Skill related to Google Analytics.
  4. Google Ads.
  5. Website planning.
  6. Blogging.

We always stay transparent with our students. We belive that it is our duty to give to give honest answer to our students.

So, we will answer this question honestly – it is entirely up-to you whether you want to make your carrer in the field of digital marketing or not? You can search YouTube videos or you can read a few google articles to decide whether you should make your carrer in this field or not? However, we can assure that if you choose to make your carrer in digital marketing then we will help you to excess an immense opportunities in an effective way.

  • You can join any other batch for that particular topic or you can get the access video of that class through our LMS if that is the online class.
  • No, you do not need any coding skill to learn Digital Marketing Course, whatever skill is required, we are going to teach you. You just need to follow the schedule and complete the assignments. Rest will be taken care by us only.
  • If you own any website or if you do not, In the course you are going to design the website for your own business or any other online property and you will apply each and every learning.
Yes, we offer digital marketing internsip opportunities to our students in various domains like SEO intern, SMO intern, content writter intern and more. These intership can be in-house and company-based and are offered based on the assessment of an individual’s learning and experience.
We provide classes in two formats – online as well as offline classes. At JSDM, we provide you will doubt-clearing sessions so that you can clear your doubts. We understand that many of the students feel hesitant in clearing doubts when there are other astudents around. So, we can provide a personalized doubt-clearing session. It means even you reside in any remote area then still we will provide you with a personalized facility for clearing doubts.

Like every other study course in this world, you will face certain difficulties in the digital marketing course. For example: you will need to interrupt data, you will need to identify patterns etc. However, we proudly sat that our ex-students call us as “best digital marketing institute in jaipur” because we make sure that all the students should face minimal errors. So, don’t worry about facing any difficulties because we are here for helping you all the time.

At JSDM we provide you with all the relevant material and modules. We can assure you that if you will learn about different concepts or theories then you will become an expert in digital marketing. However, you will need to showcase your dedication towards your studies. From our end, we will provide you with all the support. However, from your end, you will need to put in your efforts to become an expert.

After doing a digital marketing course you can transform your career in the below profiles – such as:

  1. SEM/SEP Specialists.
  2. Content strategists.
  3. Pay-per-click managers.
  4. E-Commerce specialist.
  5. Social media marketers.

So, if you are looking for any digital marketing courses in Jaipur with placement assistance then JSDM is the right place for you. We provide live physical classroom teaching and online teaching to their students.

We are in the business since 2017..Our students who passed out in the year 2017 are currently earning Rs.8 LPA to Rs. 10LPA. Now, if you are thinking that we are saying any mock figures then you can check the global salary index also. For example: as per the data of, a Search Engine Marketing Specialist with an experience of 5 to 9 years – earn an average salary of ₹9,75,000. So, there is immense work opportunity available and you can earn over ₹1 million after 5 years of your working.

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JSDM Trainings - Institute for Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur


223 Google reviews

Shweta Sharma



This is one of the best digital marketing courses available in Jaipur. Learnt a lot of new things in the fields of digital marketing. The trainers here are so kind supportive and their teaching methods are so good this is such a great opportunity for anyone who is willing to take up this field. So join now Jaipur school of digital marketing #jsdm♥️

Praveen Mehta



I would say Jaipur School Of Digital Marketing is The Best Digital Marketing Institute for learning Digital Marketing. JSDM is not just an institute, its a complete academy where you not only learn the course curriculum but also learn to interact, Personality Development, Communicaiton, English speaking, networking and other lots of things. It was fun to learn at JSDM

Kanika Gupta



Jaipur School of digital marketing is one of the best institute in Jaipur to learn digital marketing under the guidance of Aashish Sir. Here along with theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge is also been taught equally. In JSDM, in just 4-5 months you will be familiar with all the SEO activities and Social Media activities. In this class, you will get so many practical assignments, and class interactions will help you to upgrade your skills. If anyone looking for the best digital marketing course in Jaipur, I would highly recommend you to join JSDM.

Avadh Goyal

has Enrolled Digital Marketing Course
2 hour Ago

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