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  100% Job Assistance for Freshers

  6 Months Internship for Freshers.

Advance, In-depth and 100% Practical Program.

Personalised Online Digital Marketing Training in Jodhpur.

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Learn Digital Marketing in Jodhpur

Learning the skills and strategies of online marketing from professionals is now achievable. JSDM has brought the best digital marketing course in Jodhpur for anyone who wishes to learn digital marketing in Jodhpur from industry experts and become an online marketer

Learning with JSDM, you can rest assured to get the most updated and comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing with 100% practical classes and practice on live projects and case studies. Moreover, we help our students master digital marketing tools and become professional digital marketers by the end of the course.

Why Choose A Digital Marketing Course In Jodhpur?

If you wonder why should you choose a digital marketing course or is it worth honing the skills of online marketing for career building, then you need to know a few facts.

What Does Digital Marketing Have For You?

Every individual can use digital marketing skills for their personal benefit. It’s not only for students, but working professionals, business owners, startups, and homemakers can put the online marketing skills to work and use them for various purposes.

Knowing multiple or at least one of the digital marketing modules could be a big bonus for a student. One can easily leverage the skills for personal projects or for different client ventures.

Working professionals can learn the skills for a promotion or change of profession. Moreover, if used efficiently, one can also use it as a passive income source.


Major Modules You Will Master With Our Digital Marketing Course


SEO is universally accepted as the most useful part of digital marketing, and it is undisputedly the best skill one can hone for long term benefits in the internet world. Our SEO course in Jodhpur will teach you the techniques to rank your website or webpage at the top of search engine results pages ORGANICALLY (unpaid means).


For a new website, ranking organically could be time-consuming, and you might want instant traffic in the case of some specific ventures like e-commerce or service-based websites. This is where the paid advertisement of search engines comes into play. In our PPC course in Jodhpur, you will learn how to define a SE advertisement strategy and how you can run an Ad campaign on search engines.


Having a social media account can be more beneficial to a business than it is for an individual if appropriately leveraged. Many brands and companies have realized the worth of social media and use it effectively for business purposes. With our SMO course in Jodhpur, you will also learn to use a social media account for generating leads and business with nominal investment.


Like search engines have paid ads, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, youtube etc., let you run paid ads and reach a wider audience quickly. You will learn how to access social media platforms' advertisements or business sections in our SMM course in Jodhpur.

Modules Included in Our Digital Marketing course

Marketing Fundamentals
Marketing Research
Digital Marketing Basics
SEO On Page
SEO Off Page
Content writing
Website planning
Woo commerce
Portfolio by WordPress
Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon
Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon
Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon
Google Analytics
Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon
Google Ads
Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon
Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon
Affiliate Marketing
Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon
Local SEO
Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon
How to acquire the Projects and clients
Svg Vector Icons : http://www.onlinewebfonts.com/icon
ORM (Online reputation Management )
Video Editing

How Does A Digital Marketing Course Progress?

Our digital marketing course progresses systematically, designed for a better and more efficient learning experience for every learner. However, we also offer the flexibility of learning to everyone, so students can choose which module they wish to learn first

By default, our digital marketing program progresses in the following manner:

Discuss and learn the fundamentals of Digital marketing

Whether you belong to a commerce background or not, we try to make it equally efficient for all to learn online marketing and its strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Expertise in SEO will help rank any website or page in the top results of SERP organically without spending any money on it.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Under the Social Media optimization module, you will learn how to use a social media account like Facebook or Instagram page or youtube channel to convert visitors into potential buyers for your business. And all the strategies are for organic (non-paid) techniques.

Email Marketing

Most people ignore the power of email marketing and consider it an outdated online marketing strategy. But statistics and real marketers know that email marketing is undisputedly creating the highest ROI for a majority of businesses so far.


There’s more to learn in digital marketing.
- WordPress and Website Development.
- YouTube Marketing
- Affiliate Marketing
- Drop shipping
- E-commerce
- Graphic Designing

Learn about the different modules of digital marketing

Explore the different attributes related to online marketing like SEO, SMO, SMM, SMM, etc. But this is not it, and internet marketing has a lot more to which we will help you discover during the course.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM or PPC)

But SEO can be time-consuming, so we have Paid Ads on search engines to meet our objectives quickly. You will learn to run ad campaigns on search engines.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing techniques involve running paid ads through the Facebook business suite or other platform-friendly Ad management systems to reach a broad audience and advertise your business to fresh eyeballs.

Content Writing, Copywriting and Content Marketing

Want to start a blog? Planning to create clickbait Ad campaigns? Don't know how to write content for your e-commerce store? We will provide solutions to all such and many other questions and guide you on how to write content for your website.

Why Choose JSDM For Digital Marketing Course In Jodhpur

JSDM stands out as the best option for a training institute for digital marketing in Jodhpur. Our learners enjoy the following advantages over any other digital marketing institute in Jodhpur:

Meet Our Digital Marketing Trainers

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

Mentors are someone that gives shape to the dreams of their mentee. Their experience and knowledge will help you pave the path of your career. 

JSDM understands the importance of the right mentoring and thereby picked the best digital marketing industry experts and industry leaders to teach you.


Ashish Malik

360° Digital Marketing Expert

Founder of JSDM and Paid marketing expert with 15+ years of industry experience.

Rishabh Chhajer

Rishabh Chhajer

Lead SEO Analyst and Trainer

Experienced Team Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Untitled design 2 1

Mohammed Juned

WordPress Developer and Trainer

Expert in website development and designing. WordPress and web designing mentor providing in-house technical support.

SMO Specialists - Ajay Shringi

Ajay Shringi

SMO Specialist and Trainer

Social media expert and trainer specializing in multiple modules of social media marketing.

7 1 e1638352217100

Manvender Shekhawat


Expert and enthusiast SEO Executive and SEO content writer willing to gain and spread the knowledge.

What Skills Do You Develop Along The Way?

The digital marketing course in Jodhpur is not limited to the attributes mentioned above. Marketing or promoting a product, service, or brand is not enough if you want real success, and one needs to learn to remarket as well. 

And for remarketing, you need data and records from your campaigns to work on the stats and build a remarketing strategy. For this, we help our students master tools like google analytics, google search console, etc. 

There are several tools you will learn about, and they are essential to track the outcomes of your strategies. Moreover, you will learn to create landing pages with a higher conversion potential than a website.

Digital Marketing Tools You Will Master

Digital Marketing techniques are not something to memorize, It is a practical subject that has to be practiced on live tools. At JSDM you get to reveal and master dozens of digital marketing Tools which are being used by business experts and agencies to boost up your knowledge and production. We practice tool-based learning methodology to train you on the most useful and highly demanded tools in the digital marketing industry.

We Are Globally Connected With The Top IT Companies

We are connected with companies with different industries across the nation. Our dediactes placement cell is constantly striving to get more companies on-board.


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Who can join a digital marketing course?

There are no such prerequisites in order to learn digital marketing. Moreover, you don’t have to belong to a marketing or commerce background to join a digital marketing program in Jodhpur. 

Whether you are a commerce or medical or Non-medical student, or in fact, even if you are a working professional or a business owner or homemaker, everyone can easily learn online marketing strategies. Our digital marketing mentors are experienced in teaching students from different sections of life with equal efficiency.

You will be paid utmost attention during the class, and every lesson has real-time doubt solving sessions for students. Moreover, you get projects to practice at home and explore new horizons of internet marketing which are often not included in other digital marketing courses in Jodhpur.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you still have doubts and queries regarding our Digital Marketing Course in Jodhpur, we have listed down some common queries and our response along with it. If you still have other queries, feel free to reach us out through our contact number and we will be happy to meet and serve you.

Digital Marketing is the mother term for all the strategies used for promoting a brand, product or service over the internet. Digital Marketing consists of various techniques, platforms and activities through which you can advertise anything online.

Digital marketing includes strategies and technologies as follows but is not limited to:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • SMO
  • SMM
  • Click Funnels or Sales Funnels
  • Landing pages 

These are the chief attributes of any digital marketing campaign. Other than this, there are a number of elements that you can learn in the course.

We can all agree that digital will be the major part of Tomorrow. Every brand, business or individual is trying to make a recognizable presence on the internet. Some use it for awareness, others for business growth. 

But not everyone is equally efficient in performing the strategies of online marketing. Therefore, the world needs professionals to handle this work for them. Moreover, if not for others, you can use the skills for your personal ventures, websites, blogs etc. and use it as a passive income source.

Digital marketing is useful for awareness, authority building, lead generation or sales of any product or services. Any business can have various objectives to run a digital marketing campaign, and it’s a digital marketer’s work to design a strategy and all elements required to meet the goal.

Digital marketing has its own importance for everyone. Without it, no business can sustain in today’s era. For business, it is helpful to reach out to a wide range of audiences. An individual can use digital marketing skills for promoting their website, ecommerce, or blog. For a startup, online marketing can be useful to spread awareness and introduce the brand to fresh eyes.

Moreover, a business can easily target overseas audiences and conduct international trades with digital marketing.

A digital marketer can handle various types of tasks such as:

  • Optimizing a website for search engines and making it rank at the top in the SERP organically,
  • Run and manage Paid Ad campaigns on search engines, including both search and display ads.
  • Organically bring an audience on social media platforms for branding.
  • Create social media marketing strategies and manage marketing campaigns for social media.

Besides this, there are several other tasks that digital marketers can perform like content writing, copywriting, content marketing and many more.

It entirely depends upon the person and the projects they take over. Any regular digital marketing project may easily range from 15,000 to lakhs of rupees. Furthermore, any digital marketer can easily manage 3 to 4 projects in a month. So, you can now presume the earnings of a digital marketer.

The digital marketing course duration is 4 months for the complete course. Besides this, we have separate courses like SEO, SMO, etc., that have a different duration that you can know here by contacting us.

At JSDM, we have both online and offline digital marketing courses in Jodhpur. The digital marketing course fee also varies with the mode of the course. Also, the course fee varies for different circumstances, so we recommend you contact us here for the current digital marketing course fee.

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