In simple words, digital marketing is a way of marketing a product or service through internet. Some of the best examples of digital marketing is pay-per-click advertising, blogging, social media marketing, and email marketing that allows the business organizations to introduce their services and products to the buyers. Digital marketing is a way of using internet and other online digital technologies like mobile devices, desktop computers, and digital media platforms to promote services and products.

With the increase in accessibility of internet in today’s world, the number of people who go online daily is still increasing at a rapid pace. According to Pew Research, in last three years, the “constant” internet usage amongst adults has increased by 5%. Moreover, the way of shopping and buying goods has also gone online, which means that offline marketing is now not much effective.

Marketing is a way of communicating and connecting with your customers in right place at right time. Today the best way to meet your customers is where they already are: i.e., the internet.

Importance of Digital Marketing

It’s a truth of life that we live in an innovation dependent world where we surf the internet for our every question and query. Perhaps the main reason why digital marketing is taking up the traditional marketing channels is that the internet has empowered organizations to cooperate with potential clients directly. Another reason is that digital marketing is affordable. Digital Marketing is usually more affordable when compared with traditional marketing channels. An email or online media campaign can deliver your message to a wider crowd of customers. Additionally, making that essential brand logo is also created using the internet with all the font styles, loads of various attractive designs that are easily customizable without any costly price tag. Although your business may be growing rapidly, still, you will be missing important leads, customers, clients, and dollars if you’re not appropriately using some direct digital marketing strategies.

  • Digital Marketing sets your business up for the Internet of Things.
  • With digital marketing, you can guarantee that the correct users are visiting your substance. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) permits you to communicate with those customers who are scanning the web for content and topics that are relevant to your business.
  • Digital Marketing offers real-time communication with clients.
  • Digital Marketing provides all the details about customer behavior, engagement, and shopping interest.

Digital Marketing Careers in 2021

There is a huge and still growing interest for digital marketers with fine skills and experience. Digital marketing jobs exist in almost every possible industry.

In some companies, you can get into the field with limited information and experience.

Digital Marketing jobs offer great money. Normal salaries for digital marketing range from $73,000 to $114,000 on and there are multiple job options to choose from:

1. Digital Marketing Managers

The role of digital marketing managers is to develop successful online marketing strategies for all types of business firms ranging from small scale startups to large corporations. They ensure that the digital marketing campaigns and strategies are running smoothly till the project is finished. Communicating with clients in a B2B context as well as leading the team during the project development is also handled by the digital marketing manager.

Average Salary: ₹545,309/year

2. SEO Managers

The SEO manager implements and coordinates the search engine marketing programs and strategies for clients. This position requires some outstanding interpersonal skills as the SEO manager needs to interact with clients regularly. They also need to make sure that all the demands and goals of the clients are achieved successfully.

Average Salary: ₹522,232/year

3. SEM/PPC Experts

The SEM experts or search marketing specialists are responsible for ensuring that whenever customers search for a service or relevant content on Internet search engines, their organization’s website should rank in top search results.

Average Salary: ₹243,567/year

4. Social Media Managers

Social media managers create, monitor, and implement Social Media strategies to improve the online presence and brand awareness of business. Social Media is considered as one of the best ways to improve the sales and ROI of business firms by improving the business’s marketing efforts.

Average Salary: ₹309,668/year

5. Affiliate Marketing Leaders

Also known as a publisher, the affiliate marketer can be an individual or a company that markets the product of the seller engaging way to potential customers. In simple words, an affiliate marketer convinces the buyers to purchase the product. If the customer buys the product, a small portion of revenue is offered to the affiliate marketer.

Average Salary: ₹346,322/year

6. Content Marketers

Content is considered as the king of search engine optimization. A content writer plans creates and shares effective and valuable content to convert leads into potential customers and repeat buyers. In simple words, a content writer educates people about the services a company offers so that people can trust to work with them.

Average Salary: ₹490,819/year

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing Career

Lucrative and rewarding career Lack of structure in roles
Increasing demand Can be time-consuming
No particular degree required Initial salary can be less
High number of options to choose No defined work structure

Digital Marketing Jobs in India

These are the facts and figures of digital marketing jobs available in the market.

Digital marketing 18k 11k 1k 8k 39k
SEO executive/SEO manager/SEO analyst 12k 8k 627 1352 22k
Search engine marketing 15k 27k 246 586 19k
Social media marketing 14k 9k 389 7k 31k
Web analyst 238 3k 138 217 3k
Content marketing 1916 8k 239 4k 15k
Email marketing executive/manager 5k 9k 163 3k 17k


Digital Marketing Salaries in India


The salary of each individual in digital marketing jobs varies according to the area of expertise.

Digital Marketing Manager 4.7 Lakh 1.9 to 10
Seo Specialist 1.9 Lakh 1.0 to 4.03
Search Engine Marketer 3.6 Lakh 2.57 to 7.34
Social Media Marketing Manager 3.5 Lakh 1.79 to 7.26
Web Analyst 3.6 Lakh 1.8 to 6.66
Content Marketing Manager 6.4 Lakh 3.7 to 10
Marketing Specialist 4.6 Lakh 2.1 to 10
Email Marketer 5 Lakh 2.2 to 10

Source: AmbitionBox

Growth of Digital Marketing in India

Whenever we think about the key points of success in promotion, the main thing we consider is the number of customers engaged through marketing strategies. Internet use has also achieved a remarkable height. Talking about India, it has the second biggest number of internet users in the world.


By mid-2023, the total number of active Indian internet users will reach the figure of almost 666 million. So, when organizations see these numbers, they understand the significance of the internet as the best channel for marketing. Social media marketing is a less expensive strategy, with higher output; this is amazingly attractive for the organizations as their main goal is to communicate and connect with clients with minimal methods of expenses.

Organizations are giving a lot of importance to digital marketing and some of the renowned firms are rebuilding their marketing financial plan to shift their focus to digital. Unilever, one of the oldest and best organizations, is set to change itself as a digitally operated and focused firm. It has replaced the job of Chief Marketing Officer with Chief Digital and Marketing Officer.

Unilever has said that this is a significant advance in turning into a “future-fit, fully digitized organization at the leading edge of consumer marketing.” Unilever has additionally understood that e-commerce is its most significant development channel.

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are depending on digital marketing now like never before. As indicated by GlobalData, the development of the Indian e-commerce market is pushing to ₹7 trillion by 2023 because of the lockdowns. As each shopper is locked down in their homes, all traditional marketing strategies are now not of any use. Organizations that didn’t have a social media page, need to accelerate their marketing strategy and plan a digital technique to connect with their clients. The digital marketing degree in the future will help the industries to survive in the market.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India


The digital marketing career scope in the Indian web industry alone will be valued at $160 billion by 2025, as indicated by a Goldman Sachs report, which is multiple times its present worth. Numerous organizations are moving their focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Digital advertising spends are set to arrive at Rs 25,000 crore in India by 2021, at a development rate of over 10.5%. This will create a situation where lakhs of jobs will be accessible in the digital marketing area which incorporates social media marketing, content creation, and online retailing and marketing.

Particularly considering the current COVID emergency, the job market will progressively focus on digital and innovation skills as it will empower them to work remotely. Hence, business firms are searching for individuals who have the skills to deal with digital marketing jobs. This is revealed specifically in an investigation done by Google and BCG, where India is progressing towards a more developed digital approach in marketing, in front of numerous brands across APAC, Europe, and Latin America, with the most famous brands reporting advantages for digital advertising efforts.

A new report by LinkedIn shows that digital marketing occupations are one of the emerging professions in India since digitization is being embraced greatly in the country. As the youth age is emerging in India in numbers, we see a huge expansion in online media use by Indians.

Faq’s on Digital Marketing Scope in India

1. Is Digital Marketing in Demand in India?

Digital marketing allows the companies to market their product through online medium. Digital marketing is a booming industry and the demand for individual who have knowledge of digital marketing is also increasing at a rapid pace. Following are the reasons why the demand for digital marketing is increasing:

  • Growth in Indian Internet Users
  • Customized Targeting
  • Millennials Use Internet More

2. Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in India?

The Internet users in India have been increasing swiftly. According to reports by Goldman Sachs, the digital marketing career scope in India will rise up to $160 billion by 2025. Digital advertising spends are set to arrive at Rs 25,000 crore in India by 2021, at a development rate of over 10.5%.

3. Are Digital Marketing Jobs in Demand?

Digital Marketing is a vast industry that a wide scope for lot of career opportunities. Being one of the fastest growing industry, the future of digital marketing is bright and promising. Here are few points why digital marketing jobs in demand:

  • Well Paid Job
  • Work as Freelancer
  • Work as an Affiliate Marketer
  • Start Your Own Online Website or Store

4. Can I get a Job after digital marketing course?

Digital marketing courses are considered as one of the most sought courses that are opted by most of the aspirants after completion of their graduation. Digital marketing courses offer a stable and high-paying jobs. As the world has become digital, people now depend on internet for browsing any service or for buying a product. With digital marketing career, you can live a well-settled and luxurious life.

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