What is The Biggest Challenge For Most Businesses When Going Online

What’s The Biggest Challenge For Most Businesses When Going Online?

Before discussing the challenges faced by businesses to go online, let’s try to understand why it is important to take your business online.

Online marketing is the method of using a promotional strategy to pull online traffic to your online store or e-commerce website, transforming that traffic into rewarding customers, and keeping those customers engaged even after purchase. 

A supportive online marketing strategy is composed of marketing tactics both on and off your website.

A reliable marketing strategy can help you cultivate brand awareness, promote consumer faith, and eventually expand online sales.

Growing online business is the prime purpose of innumerable business owners, large and small alike. 

If performed in the right way, there are several ways through which you can make more sales.

So whether you trade goods or run a service-based business, you can use online digital marketing to advertise your online business and stimulate more sales for particular products and services.

Challenges Faced by Businesses to go Online:

1. Surpassing The Competition

Surpassing The Competition

Other existing companies may offer the same products and services as you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t differentiate yourself from the competition.

To do this, one needs to perform a thorough analysis of competitors and the market patterns, and develop your strategy respectively.

This research is performed to find which products and services are high in demand. Discard outmoded articles.

Utilize social media platforms and blogs to promote products and services your brand offers.

One can invest in promotional offers to help create more online presence and therefore pull more customers.

On average businesses with customer loyalty programs are up to 85 percent more productive than those who do not offer these plans.

You should always motivate your company to go above and beyond when helping customers whether they are doing it via live chat or shared inbox.

As customer reviews are highly crucial for any brand’s online reputation.

2. Relying On The Right Technology

Relying On The Right Technology

Choosing the right channel has always been a great challenge for most traditional businesses striving to go online. 

Let’s take a look at a few important  Digital Marketing Channels available:

  • Search engine optimization 
  • Search engine marketing  (includes PPC ads)
  • Social Media Marketing (Functions best for B2C)
  • Social Media Advertising(Effective from all aspects)
  • Email Marketing (functions for both B2B & B2C)

You have to pick a suitable digital marketing channel according to the nature and needs of your business.

To get the best ROI, one can use multiple channels to keep customer engagement high. The channels that are proven to have a heavy impact on the business are :

1. Search Engine Optimization

If you have noticed, more people are online right now than outside on the streets. Search traffic has escalated considerably over the past weeks and will continue to rise as people are restricted to go out.

People are stuck to their computers and phones seeking updates within their community.

Along with entertainment and ways to pass time, people are shopping heavily online.

Anything online at this time is being viewed and used more than ever. This is the time you should be using search engine optimization (SEO) practices to reach the top of Google’s search engine results pages so your business can be seen easily. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique of improving your website so that it ranks higher in any search engine’s search results.

When someone is searching for information related to something on your website’s content, SEO will make your site rank higher making it more visible, and enabling the user to find it quickly. 

Better visibility of your pages in search results can get you more local customer attention.  Some people are mistaken that SEO is time-taking, too techy, or not deserving of the effort.

But SEO is the most effective long-term policy to create locally targeted traffic.

2. Search Engine Marketing

SEM is yet another great field to be focused on, it includes activities like managing search ads campaigns on Google Search, YouTube, and Google Display Network as well.

SEM is a term that encompasses the process of enhancing website visibility on search engine results pages through paid search advertising.

The most regularly recognized and employed paid search tool is Google Ads

3. Choosing Between an In-House Digital Marketing Team, An Agency, or a Freelancer?

Choosing Between an In-House Digital Marketing Team, An Agency, or a Freelance

More often than not a business owner fails in deciding and choosing the Digital  Marketing Agency or an individual freelancer who can help them achieve their business goals as cost-effectively as reasonable.

You should remember agencies and freelancers are provided with the tools of Hercules to influence the client into accepting that they can deliver exactly what the company needs.

So, business owners must hire the right Digital Marketing team or agency to achieve their goals.

Going with the wrong option can rather bring disastrous results.

Identify your aim, your requirements, and your demands and formulate a solution to have a combination of both, an in-house digital marketing team and a digital marketing agency.

Free conversation with your in-house crew, establishing their skill sets, and hiring when you need better ideas is a great approach when deciding between in-house and agency marketing

Please note: Try to stay far away from the digital marketers or agencies who agree with all your points while they are pitching you. Even with nonsensical points like “we can get you top-ranked in 30-60 days. 

4. Establishing The Brand And Online Reputation Management

Establishing The Brand And Online Reputation Management

Branding and search engine optimization are not related directly, but there are many cases where a heavy brand reputation enhances the organic search outcomes.

A strong brand can drive more followers and more views resulting in higher chances of a sale.

The higher the followers your brand has, the more that they will be reading and viewing about your company, engaging with it, and getting linked to you.

The dominant brand often pulls most of the traffic and backlinks are pulled by the dominant brand, which makes them authoritative from Google’s point of view. 

Branding leaves an unforgettable impact on customers and lets them identify what to expect from your brand.

It is an outstanding style of differentiating your brand from the competitors and explaining what makes you a more suitable choice.

A brand should be the genuine representation of who you are as a company and how you prefer to be noticed.

People do not only survey over the Internet as their primary reference of information, but they are likely to believe and trust what it shows in the results.

Above that, they make decisions according to what they find online. Following A recent survey, two out of three individuals treat the Internet as the most credible source of information about any person or a company.

Online Reputation Management refers to maintaining and modifying the information about your brand which is promptly viewable to online users.

This proactive measure defends the brand by monitoring and maintaining a positive and confident presence in web searches. 

Simply put, it works on portraying a brand in the best possible way for a relevant search made by the user.  

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5 . Optimizing A Website To Make It Mobile-friendly

Optimizing A Website To Make It Mobile-friendly

A recent survey that observed 2021’s mobile vs. desktop usage discovered that the users are shifting to mobile phones faster than they expected.

Visits to mobile websites have raised drastically and the overall visits to websites on desktop have dropped by a huge margin in the current year.

This proves that a good player is required to optimize his/her website to make it mobile-friendly.

Tips to achieve a mobile-friendly website 

  1. Make sure your website opens up quickly, ideally it should not take more than 3-4 seconds.
  2. Use bigger fonts to make the text attractive and easy to read.
  3. Use infographics and copy moderately, displaying only the information you need as there is no space for filler on a mobile.
  4. Ensure a spontaneous user interface for an exceptional user experience.

6. Unlink From The Customer

Unlink From The Customer

After hiring an agency or in-house team your business might do wonders in terms of ROI

But it is usually seen that the business owners start adopting a laid-back nature as the Digital Marketing team is there to take care of the business which can result in disastrous outcomes for the company or business.

Now with Digital Marketing by your side, you don’t have to worry about customer base expansion but have to take care of lead quality.

Above that, it’s still a business owner’s job to maintain warm relations with their customers for that they need proactive communication without depending just on the digital marketing techniques.

One has to walk out of the Digital marketing techniques and communicate with their loyal customer base in the very similar way they did before getting the business online.

7. The Requirement Of Data Security

The Requirement Of Data Security

Last but not the least, security problems can result in nightmare situations. Everything over the internet is under constant threat of hackers, spam attacks, and viruses.

Some of the fraudsters can potentially obtain entrance to private data of your company like customers’ contact numbers, card details, addresses, and more.

Consumers are not directly concerned with what you do they just assume you to keep them protected fully. Here are a few valuable tips to keep your company’s confidential data secure from unwanted threats:

  • Control and handle your own servers.
  • Do not apply common file transfer protocols.
  • Use Cyber security services or appoint cyber security engineers.
  • An effective verification process must be imposed. 
  • Developers are advised to take regular backups of the database in order to retrieve it if required.


Prominent online strategies are required to withstand the intense online competition in the market. You should be equipped to meet and resolve all the possible challenges along the way and concentrate on establishing a customer-centric atmosphere.

This will help you with challenges and also help you identify what attracts your customer the most while offering them an experience worth remembering.

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