What is IGTV and how to utilize it effectively in business?

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What is IGTV

What is IGTV and How to Utilize it Effectively in Business?

Videos are one of the most powerful and valuable types of content forms in today’s digital marketing world. According to a survey, 65% of the world’s population believes in visual learning and around 54% of those polled wanted to see more videos from the businesses they support.

Of late, IGTV has gained immense admiration and popularity among the masses which in turn prompted the brands and businesses to follow in the league to start using IGTV for their brand awareness and promotion. So our focus today is on what is IGTV and how it can benefit a business?

Let’s come and explore this guide to learn more about what is IGTV on Instagram and how to utilize it for your brand and business expansions.

What is IGTV in Instagram?

Instagram Tele Vision commonly known as IGTV is a long-form video channel that can be accessed through Instagram as well as an independent app.

Since its launch in 2018, Instagram’s dedicated video platform, IGTV has gradually gained tremendous popularity. Not only has the platform increased prospects for better communication, engagement, and conversions, but it has also provided businesses with greater scope for exhibiting their brand on IGTV.

It allows marketers to create films that are lengthier than standard Instagram Stories and posts. In fact, verified users have the provision to upload IGTV films lasting up to one hour. Moreover, they are optimized for mobile users as well. may choose between whether to produce channel-specific content or link it to videos they’ve already shared on Instagram.

Any user can create their own channel and share video content up to an hour-long. Independent users and businesses get the provision to choose whether they want to create channel-specific content or link it to the videos they already shared on Instagram.

IGTV offers a user-friendly and simple interface, which includes tabs such as “for you,” “following,” and “popular.” While using the app, you automatically get connected with your existing Instagram followers who are also using the app on purpose. The search bar provides you with personalized results. Furthermore, you can also resume watching an earlier video if you wish to pause it, which is a feature that has only recently become available in people’s “TV” experience.

In a nutshell, IGTV helps in recreating the sensation of “flipping channels on a TV” without having to deal with ads. but also without having the variety and versatility of YouTube.

By now you would surely have got a vivid idea about what is IGTV video, moving on let’s find out how it is different from Instagram stories and YouTube. Just hop on to find some interesting facts.

Difference Between IGTV and Instagram Stories

Though both IGTV and Instagram stories are basically sharable videos, the major differentiating factor between the two basically lies in the length of time these videos are displayed and the duration of time till they last. Wherein the length of Instagram stories is quite short of several minutes while on the other hand, IGTV films can last up to an hour in length. Only the most popular and verified users are currently permitted to create one-hour videos.

Furthermore, Instagram Stories are short-term visual status updates that appear at the top of your social page. They vanish after 24 hours, and there are a plethora of stickers, graphic effects, and add-ons available to improve your Stories.

Difference Between IGTV and YouTube

IGTV has many advantages over YouTube for both individual users and brands.

  • There are no commercials ads in between so you can get ahead enjoy your visual content without interruptions that could cause viewers to lose interest and switch channels.
  • IGTV also allows users to easily upload videos from their phones.
  • IGTV is optimized for smartphone use, with vertical videos that do not require users to rotate their phones horizontally to view.
  • Vertical videos were already popularized by Snapchat and, more recently, TikTok, so younger users are likely to appreciate that extra little feature, even if they are unaware of it.
  • YouTube and Instagram are natural competitors, with Instagram already having a “built-in” audience of 1 billion (by 2018) but only a fraction of people engaging in IGTV at that time.
  • Vertical videos were already popularized by Snapchat and, more recently, TikTok, so younger users will likely appreciate that extra little feature, even if they are unaware of it.
  • YouTube and Instagram are natural rivals, with Instagram already having a “built-in” audience of 1 billion (by 2018) but only a fraction of people engaging in IGTV at that time.

Advantages of Using IGTV for Marketing Campaigns

By now, you would have got an overview of what is IGTV and how it is different from Instagram stories and YouTube. Now, let’s have a look what why should businesses utilize it?

With a record, 236 million online video users this year, combined with Instagram’s staggering one billion users,  using IGTV is a no-brainer for brands that want to showcase their expertise, products, and services. According to the Search Engine Journal, 55 % of consumers now use video posts to do their purchasing research, so creating an IGTV channel is a smart move for brands of all sizes.

Moreover, many brands are discovering that IGTV content is heavily promoted by Instagram in their algorithm – as a result, IGTV posts receive a staggering number of share of reach and impressions in comparison to other types of posts.

The fact that IGTV is hosted on the Instagram platform makes it an appealing option for marketers. And, if you’re looking to capture a piece of the millennial and Gen Z market, 71% of Instagram’s billion monthly users are under the age of 35. As a result, Instagram has emerged as the digital destination of choice for those who enjoy watching videos.

Despite the fact that IGTV entered the video marketing space relatively late, its and Reels’ in addition to Instagram’s arsenal makes the platform a one-stop-shop for stunning visual content. For example, while YouTube may be more popular for viewing videos at the moment, Instagram provides users with a unified experience in which they can view both images and videos from brands they follow.

Instagram’s Reels feature also allows users to create their own content based on their favorite brands. According to consumer surveys, user-generated content has nearly ten times the influence on people’s purchasing decisions as search engine results or promotional emails.

How to Utilize IGTV Effectively in Your Marketing Campaigns

Plan your brand’s strategy for using this powerful platform of IGTV before creating a video or uploading one of your existing videos to IGTV. A consistent strategy across all channels is critical for content marketing success.

If your company doesn’t already have an Instagram account, now is the time to start one. If you have an Instagram account, you’re already one step ahead. All of your current Instagram followers will be able to watch videos on your IGTV channel.

Creating an account is simple and only takes a few clicks. Just follow these steps:

  1. First, get the IGTV app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. Then, sign in to your brand’s Instagram account.
  3. When you’re logged in to your Instagram account, the IGTV app will use your profile to expedite the signup process.
  4. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll notice a gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. Click on it, then select “Create Channel.”
  5. Now you are ready to launch your company’s official IGTV channel.
  6. Begin Uploading VideosCreating Your Channel

When you’ve decided to use IGTV, the next step is to download the app and make sure it’s available for your needs. Then you click the gear icon “Settings” to create your channel. It’s worth noting that, like YouTube, IGTV is optimized for both desktop and mobile, so if you prefer to work or watch on your PC, this won’t be an issue.

Begin Uploading Videos

It’s fairly simple to enter the uploading phase once you’ve set up the app and optimized your bio. Remember that you can’t immediately record videos like you can on Instagram or Instagram Stories. That has advantages and disadvantages, but in general, it is set up similarly to YouTube, where you can create multiple videos, then edit and release them later when you have more time.

You can add as many videos as you want to your gallery, and they will be available for viewing immediately. Even if they aren’t using the IGTV app, your Instagram followers will see these videos.

Make sure your videos are in portrait mode with a ratio of 9:16 or less, or the video will not fit properly.

Tips For IGTV Marketing

Since IGTV is still in its early stages in the social media world, let’s go over some of its key features.

  • You should treat IGTV content in the same manner that you would any other form of video. Make certain that you are building it for your unique audience and that your content is targeted to be the most valuable to your followers.
  • Your IGTV videos should be branded and polished, with a duration of 15 seconds to ten minutes. Start with a short video of 3-4 minutes and observe how you feel. Avoid the documentary approach on Instagram because it is a medium for short-form content. If you become too comfortable and want to post anything longer than 15 minutes, divide your information into sections to make it consumable for those with short attention spans.
  • Remember to add some clickable links in your description that complement your overall marketing aims when publishing. Also, be sure to post it on other media, such as your Instagram story for the day.

Best Practices for IGTV

After getting to know, what is IGTV,  following best practices to make them successful is also critical. You should design videos for the specific demographic you’re marketing to, just like you would with any other social media Marketing strategy. To that end, you’ll want to know what you’re already doing on Instagram and where it’s most effective for you.

Following your post, you can share your IGTV videos on your other channels and, most importantly, on your main Instagram account. Remember, as with any other cross-posting exercise, you want to make it crystal clear that you are posting on IGTV and that your followers can find you there. You’ll also want to keep your branding, visuals, and posting schedule consistent.

Make sure your videos are at least 15 seconds long but no longer than 10 minutes. Depending on your product and message, a video of 3-4 minutes is usually a good length to aim for. Also, keep in mind that your audience has a one-minute attention span, so be absolutely clear about what you’re doing from the start. Another option is to create a video series and divide it into smaller parts.

Do keep in mind,  you’re not blasting music or being too loud in the introduction, as this can turn people off, especially if they’re watching in a public place or with headphones. These videos begin immediately when someone enters the channels, so be prepared for someone to “stumble” across your video and don’t scare them away.

Aside from the required specifications and formats, there are several best practices to follow to help your IGTV content perform to its full potential. Pay attention to these from the start, and you’ll be set for IGTV success. Let’s have a look at some of these factors:-

Use Relevant and Unique Hashtags

If you know how to use hashtags on Instagram, you’ll know how to use them on IGTV. For better SEO traction, use only a few relevant ones and include them in the video description.

Use Captivating Titles

Use captivating titles for instigating the interest of the audience. Don’t get so caught up in keywords instead use something that will pique the interest of potential customers. Keywords are important, but they must be incorporated into an enticing headline.

Use an Attractive Cover Image

Find a cover image that complements the title and draws the viewer’s attention because you don’t have to use a scene from your video as your cover image, take the time to find an image that will convert browsers into audience members. Colorful, emotional, and topic-focused images work best.

Use feed Previews to Attract Instagram followers

As IGTV is comparatively a new concept, you may have Instagram followers who don’t yet have the IGTV app. Make sure you have a catchy feed preview which is the first minute of your IGTV video so that it will create a sense of interest in the audience and they will click to continue viewing on IGTV.

Make series for the audience to come back

People binge-watch gripping television shows for a reason. Make your video series so appealing that your viewers keep returning for more. Always provide an actionable takeaway to the audience so that they will look forward to the next nugget of useful information.

NASA’s list of extraterrestrial marvels is never-ending. Its ‘What’s Up?’ series provides viewers with monthly previews of what to expect in the skies over the next month.

To explore more about utilizing your social media channels for monetization and how to grow engagement, you should join a digital marketing course in Bikaner and gain knowledge of the field.


Remember to review your IGTV insights on a regular basis to get a clear picture of how your videos are performing and to realign them with your key business goals. Remember that this is a new platform, so if the numbers are lower than you expected, you may want to give it some time.

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How Brands Utilize IGTV?

Many big brands who got to know about what is IGTV video on Instagram and realized its immense potential for pushing forth the brand image and awareness were quick enough to adopt its essence for their marketing campaigns for their business expansions.

Brands who excel at marketing on IGTV have a leg up on developing loyalty on this relatively young platform. Some of the large brands that have grown their following and their company on IGTV can serve as motivation for smaller businesses who are just getting started on this platform. Many companies and influencers are already reaping the benefits of this simple long-form video channel.

Let’s have look at a few of the big brands that were proactive enough in utilizing the benefits of IGTV for their business growth.

Louis Vuitton

This worldwide design brand streamed not just all of its women’s spring and summer fashion shows in 2019, but also the kind of behind-the-scenes activities that their customers sought. Even worldwide businesses may increase their followers’ relatability by providing intimate peeks of their influencers.


It has utilized the IGTV platform to display bizarre humour, such as the bizarre-but-hilarious film. In a now-viral IGTV video, Netflix featured Cole Sprouse, the star of their flagship show Riverdale, eating a cheeseburger. The video, which was specifically aimed at the show’s fans, worked to further build the bond of the viewers to their favourite character.

Vogue US

Vogue, long the beauty industry’s heritage queen, also utilized IGTV to publish a series called “Beauty Secrets,” in which well-known influencers evaluated beauty items as it is now facing stiff competition from younger, hipper beauty journals. It returns to its beginnings with a 2020 twist in its IGTV series, “Beauty Secrets.” The show features some of today’s greatest influencers testing cosmetics and sharing their beauty secrets with interested viewers.

It’s a great idea any time of year, but during the coronavirus epidemic, many ladies want to appear runway-ready on Zoom conversations. People who do not wear makeup frequently appear washed out, if not exhausted. Vogue offered the ideal answer for them.

Tastemade UK and Bloomberg

Both debuted video series emphasizing their respective products. Tastemade exclusively aired “A Taste of London” on the channel. The show follows influencers as they eat their way across the city.

Conde Nast Traveller

Melinda Stevens, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, took time out of her busy schedule to answer its followers’ inquiries, creating trust in its expertise to assist them to improve their journeys to the next level.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Company, a legacy jeweller with a storied history, reprinted some of its historic television advertising, allowing its worldwide consumer base to view commercials that previously exclusively aired on US TV stations.

What’s next for your IGTV account?

After you’ve learned what is IGTV  and how to set up your IGTV channel and released a few videos, you may discover that your team could generate more content if it didn’t have to spend so much time on behind-the-scenes tasks like scheduling, automating, and monitoring your postings. We can assist you.

Our social media scheduling tool can assist your company in managing content across several platforms, including Instagram and, eventually, IGTV. You can get in touch with the best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur today for expanding your business.

Ending Note

If you already have a significant Instagram following and your content is video-heavy, IGTV is undoubtedly a great platform. If you haven’t started creating videos yet, or if your films are still fairly short, YouTube and Stories will continue to operate. Keep in mind that Instagram Stories are just transitory, but IGTV allows you to produce content that will last. So it all depends on how much value your brand derives from a short vs long video.

Longer films have longer engagement periods, which means you have a better chance of imprinting your brand in someone’s mind. You also have a lot of opportunities on IGTV for creative and instructional video development and sharing, which might offer your brand a whole new level of significance to a certain group of people – which, in turn, would massively increase your brand recognition.

Hope you enjoyed reading this insightful article on “What is IGTV and how to utilize it effectively in business” to provide your necessary inputs to help expand your business prospects. To gather more knowledge and learn Social Media Marketing and related topics, you can enroll yourself in a reputed digital marketing course in Jaipur.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs’)

What is IGTV?

IGTV is a long-form video channel that can be accessed via Instagram as well as as a separate app. It allows marketers to create films that are lengthier than the average Instagram Stories and posts enabling them to tell brand stories, deliver sample videos to consumers, and provide relevant information that may assist their target customers in resolving difficulties.

Is IGTV better than YouTube?

When it comes to audience engagement, IGTV videos have greater social engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares), but the YouTube video will rack up more views and likes over time due to its longer shelf life.

Does IGTV help you gain followers?

Sharing IGTV videos can help you reach a broader audience by allowing your current followers to share your films with other social networking platforms.

What exactly is the distinction between Instagram Live and IGTV?

Instagram Live expires after 24 hours, however, IGTV videos do not have a time limit. It is available on Instagram and the IGTV app. Instagram Live Streams cannot be altered to improve the footage. IGTV, on the other hand, provides creative tools such as stickers, watermarks, and so on when uploading a video.

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