Best Ways To Use Video Schema Markup on Your Video Page

When a search takes place, the video content ranks higher than websites, so using videos on your website to appear at the top of search engine result pages is an amazing idea for your website.

Things to Consider While Updating Schema

Title of the video

Description of the video


Date of publishing the video



How to add schema markup to website?

1. Go to the WordPress dashboard 2. Go to setting 3. Click on schema pro 4. Click on “Add new” 5. Select the type of schema as “video object” 6. Now select the page or post you want to add schema markup to. You can also include schema to specific content and exclude specific content from schema markup. 7. Click on complete set-up 8. You are required to enter details about your video on your video object schema.

How to add video schema markups via Tag Manager?

How does schema markup work for videos?

Using schema markups tells more about the video to the search engine than the name, description, and thumbnail of the video. It makes your video get visibility in the people’s searches based on the relevant and useful keywords.