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20 best video editing tools

20 Best Video Editing Tools For Marketers

Videos for digital marketers are like tranquilizers indirectly that help them in ultimately reducing the efforts required to typically market the things.

Marketing without videos is like playing chess without a queen.

Yes, you can win the game, but it can be assumed how much more effort it would take?

Here in this article, we are going to see the importance of video making in digital marketing and will try to conclude by the end the best video editing tool for marketers that is worth adopting for a business.

The article would contain all the frequently sought answers like –

– Which is the best video editing tool for marketers?
– How can one prepare a professional video for free?
– Which video editing software could make a marketing video for free?

Let’s one by one open up the market’s arsenal for

Most popular video editing software solutions 

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

I think Adobe doesn’t need an introduction, and so do the software products it launches.

Yes, we might have not heard of them because there are many and not every one of us gets to hear and work on them until and unless we are working in this media field.

Adobe Premiere Clip is a mobile application software for video editing.

And it easily integrates with the Premiere Pro CC, Lightroom, and Capture CC, which are some of the prime tools of Adobe for light adjustments and photography especially.

All that you require to integrate it with them is the subscription over Adobe’s Cloud Space i.e. ‘Adobe Creative Cloud’.

2. Adobe Spark Video

It allows using almost all the features for free which is quite exceptional, keeping the watermark at one corner of the video output.

Features like Storyboards, Layouts, Themes, Transitions between two cuts, and customizable video size adjustments are accessible without going for the premium version of its.

You may get the watermark removed either on the premium version or even if you have a subscription over Adobe Creative Cloud. Premium, unique and web Graphics are in high demands more and more people needs digital arts for business or entertainment purpose.

If you are also a creator, and wish to share your work with audience or want to use your skills for monetary benefits, you need the power of digital marketing. One can learn digital marketing in jodhpur in a couple of weeks and make your content reach its target audience.

That’s the most idealistic thing that Adobe Spark Video is offering by keeping things easily usable as more than 80 percent of people do not prefer premium video tools and believe in managing things with easily accessible video editing tools.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

Yes, we are keeping the Adobe software first in the line because Adobe software is sort of made for video editing and many of us could not even think of video making without Adobe software.

Adobe Premiere Rush offers video manipulation and audio syncing, which is quite less available in mobile applications for video editing.

It has a premium edition and costs around $23 per subscription.

There is one lower side to this software and that is, the user could only store up to 100 GB of data in its cloud space, which is quite less for a person dealing with videos.

However, its positive side enables easy media sharing through the integrated social media switch facility it comes with.


Coming on to advanced video editing requirements, SPLICE could be the first professional-level video editing tool you may look upon.

However, the music library support is enabled with the iOS version only as it does not support Android and can be accessed on iOS and Windows PC only.

With just $3 per week of cost, it is one of the best video editing tools for marketers for the beginner level of advanced video editing usage.

It is advised as the best tool for IT students to prepare their academic presentations in it without even a sign-in required to get the best of it.

Neither it imposes a watermark on the video output.

The only worst part of this software application is to access its enormous music library, you are required to opt into its paid plan.

5. InShot

Available in both the platforms with $15 per year of unrestricted usage and $4 per month of a monthly subscription.

InShot is advised as a supplement to other video editing tools by some of its users. Meaning, they recommended having it but along with another video editing tool as it can add some performance-enhancing elements to the video.

The software gets the Canvas option to edit the video background and copyright-free music library which the primary video editing tool might lack.

The undesirable thing about this software is that one can’t rely on this software solely for a complete video edit and output.

Secondly, it doesn’t work on PC and supports only the mobile mode.


VEED is a web-based application and you do not need to download it to edit your video.

And this fact becomes advantageous as well as disadvantageous for it simultaneously.

It is desirable that majorly we are internet-friendly and merely a few ones which would find its online usage difficult.

It saves space and data usage for download is appreciated too.

The downside of this software is simply that without the unrestricted internet connection, the video editing and rendering process might hamper.

7. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is considered globally as one of the best video editing tools for marketers as well as for general users.

The reason being its dynamism and easy-to-use operations that don’t require any technical support.

It is available in Android and iOS both with customizing features like Reverse, Voice Over, Audio Mixer, Speed Control, Templates, and Picture-in-Picture.

8. Adobe Premiere Pro

If Adobe is known for video editing, this software is responsible for its recognition.

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most renowned video editing tools, especially for advanced video editing.

It is used by professionals for larger projects including movies and short film creations.

It would require an expert to learn it from, or one can easily learn from plenty of youtube video tutorials on it.

Motion graphics, Virtual Reality editing, transitions, and many effects could turn the video’s output upside down.

This is quite an advanced software and not for the use of

9. DaVinci Resolve

One more king sharing the same kingdom is DaVinci Resolve, a color correction and video editing tool for professionals.

It is available on almost every platform including Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android.

It has a free version and doesn’t even add the watermark to the results.

One thing that will make you subscribe to its paid version is its studio-level features that include Object Removal, Lens flare, etc.

This is a choice for many experts over Adobe Premiere Pro due to Its sufficiently satisfying free version for any video.

As far as digital marketing is concerned, graphical videos and product representation can be easily managed in its free version only.

You may call it the best video editing tool for marketers but it would too require some teachings to use it effectively.

10. Windows Movie Maker

The most basic choice for everyone including the marketers as well as the non-marketing person.

Windows movie maker has been into every level ranging from an entertaining tool for children to the choice for video editing for many marketers as well.

Microsoft never stays behind in trend by keeping even an average software well-updated for every generation with adequately useful features that could help a needy to the most certain level quite easily.

The best thing about Windows Movie Maker is its user-friendliness which makes it an always available option for any marketer.

11. Animaker

Most digital marketers prefer creating animation videos rather than arranging human characters and screenplay for a real video.

The latter would cost almost equivalent and would require more than one person to get engaged for it.

The animation video would require only an animator and software like Animaker to implement it successfully.

Animaker has a free version but with a watermark and a limitation of video to be used only with YouTube and Facebook.

Once the paid plan is subscribed, the video can be used anywhere as it allows them to download the video without its watermark on it.

12. Biteable

Another online video editing tool for marketers that allows videos prepared and shared via Biteable link only.

You would require a subscription to its premium version to either upload or download the video, and to access features that could customize your video.

The premium version of Biteable costs $29 for a month.


Typito is a bit unique in terms of features. As it allows removal of watermark not against the subscription but for $5 per video whenever you want to.

This feature is quite realistically acceptable for marketers as they might not daily upload and prepare videos for their campaign.

The usual video upload frequency by any digital marketer is twice or thrice a month.

However, it depends on the marketer itself whether he/she deals with videos more or less than this.

For twice or thrice a month, Typito could be the best video editing tool for marketers as it would not bind one to subscribe just to remove watermarks from its video.


Videos in digital marketing are useful when they have narration, visible captions, and adequate information in them.

To prepare such videos, the Headliner is a handsome tool as it can create videos with captions.

15.Quik by GoPro

This mobile-based application software is known for its quality output as much similar software that is equally capable of editing videos but are poor in rendering similar quality as Quik does.

Quik app is known for sophisticated video transition presets with different aspect ratios but are in the fixed and non-customizable mode.

You might never dislike the transitions it has in its free version itself, but the only limitation remaining with the Quik app is its non-customizable presets.

It has acquired enough acquaintance after the introduction of GoPro in the market.

And since then, it has become a choice for many marketers for video editing.

16. Splice by GoPro

Unlike Quik and FilmoraGo, it is a desktop software that enables video editing and provides a professional experience to the users.

Marketers can use it to access free soundtracks and a large library for videos, with editing functions like trim, tempo, and text.

It is another video editing tool for marketers by GoPro apart from Quik. The two of them are prepared by GoPro for mobile and desktop users respectively.

Splice and Splice by GoPro are two different software and
should not be confused with.

17. Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro has a free and paid version both with watermark removal option in paid one only.

The subscription costs $22 approximately for once only for a certain period and produces watermark-free videos.

Capable of developing even 4k videos along with iPad pro support for unlimited videos.

Filmmaker Pro can be an efficient video editing tool for marketers because of its live excellence, filters, and other effects that are desirable to a marketer always

18. iMovie

iMovie is an Apple-developed video editing tool that is open for iOS users only but with outstanding quality results and numerous options to customize a video as per the requirements.

In this, you can even stabilize the shaky videos, crop and rotate the videos as per your desired aspect ratio, and can develop with Trailers for your movie (if any) with amazing transition effects.

It is a smart but costly software for editing videos but worth investing in if the videos are to be significantly attractive and dynamic.

19. RenderForest

With multiple video templates and mockup templates that are free to use, RenderForest is an online video editing tool for marketers that would create almost every kind of video for you.

Ranging from an animated video, to a slideshow, and even to a professional business presentation, RenderForest is an appropriate abode.


An internet video hosting platform aimed to support online video creators.

It is sort of out of a league thing because of its identity and the way it supports video creation.

The key features it includes are easy social sharing, email marketing abilities, calls to action, video customization, and an ad-free viewing experience to enhance user experience.

In the Nutshell

As there are many of them which could create almost a professional-looking video for free and some might charge but would be able to render scintillating features that could turn the video output upside down.

It is about the purpose, aim, audience, and the product itself that how a video should be like.

A marketer would always like to represent at his best, but to put a certain level of effort depends upon these factors that should be pre-analyzed.

Choosing a video editing tool for marketers could be confusing without analyzing the needs and objectives.

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