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Best Social Media Marketing Course in Jaipur

What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing Course in Jaipur or SMM is about utilizing the social media networks as a platform for marketing (promoting) the business through the paid means.

At our social media marketing institute you will learn the different ways of utilization of social media platform for lead generation, awareness and more.

If you are looking for ways to promote your content on social media platforms organically (Non-paid ways) then you should go for social media optimization course

On the other hand, if you wish to learn quick promotion of business or content on social media through paid ads, then join our social media marketing online course or classroom training for best learning.

SCOPE in Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media is a kind of revolution today. It is the best tool to create instant demand or trend with right marketing campaign.
  • The one, who understands the actual potential of it, can use its power to grow their business or spread knowledge, awareness or share your skills/content with.
  • Social media and its user-generated content are highly capable of targeting the specific audience. And as people spend a lot of their time on social media these days, it is the best place to advertise and promote your business.
  • There is humongous scope in it not only for service offering businesses but also in various product-based industries. Social Media can create huge demand for any product easily.

You will be mentored by experts at our social media marketing training institute and get real projects to practice each strategy you learn.


Social Media Marketing Course Modules

  • Introduction to Copywriting
  • What is Copywriting & Why is it Important?
  • How to Write For Your Buyer Persona?
  • Attention – Headlines are “Eighty Cents of the Dollar”
  • 11 Tips to Write Magnetic Headlines
  • A.I.D.A – Attention, Interest, Desire & Action
  • Assignment – Copywriting
  • Introduction to Marketing Fundamentals
  • How to Create a Buyer Persona
  • 8 Ways to Find Your Audience Online
  • How to Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Assignment – Marketing Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Market Research
  • Why Typeform?
  • How to Design Your Online Survey
  • How to Distribute Your Online Survey
  • How to Analyze Your Survey Results
  • Assignment – Market Research
  • Quiz – Market Research
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Social Media Statistics
  • Why use Social Media Marketing
  • Benefits of Social Media
  • Social media marketing objectives
  • How big brands use SMM
  • Impact of Social Media on SEO
  • Assignment – SMM
  • Introduction to Quora Marketing
  • Why Quora?
  • How to Join Quora & Optimize Your Profile
  • How to Identify Questions That Are Worth An­swering
  • How to Choose or Create a Blog Post to Link Back To
  • How to Structure Your Answers For Maximum Clicks
  • How to Promote Your Quora Answers
  • How to Track Quora Traffic & ROI in Google Ana­lytics
  • Rinse & Repeat [Just 5 Mins a Day!]
  • Assignment – Quora
  • Introduction to Facebook Marketing
  • Why Facebook?
  • Create Your Facebook Page
  • Facebook Icon
  • Facebook Cover Image
  • Description & About Page
  • Apps &Tabs
  • Page Settings
  • 9 Post Formulas Gauranteed to Drive Engage­ment
  • Edgerank Algorithm
  • Caption This Photo
  • Quotes
  • Native Videos
  • Facebook Contest
  • 5 More Facebook Post Formulas
  • Content Strategy
  • 10 Tactics to Start Getting Organic Likes
  • Use Email to Drive Organic Likes
  • Use Facebook Groups to Drive Organic Likes
  • Add a Facebook Like Box to Your Website
  • Secret Strategy to Increase Page Likes
  • 5 Facebook Insights Reports to Measure Success
  • Assignment – Facebook
  • Introduction to Twitter Marketing
  • Why Twitter?
  • How Twitter Works
  • What Not To Do on Twitter
  • 4 Ways To Get More Retweets
  • 5 Steps Optimize Your Profile
  • 5 Ways to Promote Your Twitter
  • Use Hashtags to Increase Discoverability
  • Follow Top Twitter Users
  • The Poster Boy Formula
  • Join a Trending Conversation
  • Bring Twitter Into the Physical World
  • Track Results: Twitter Analytics
  • Assignment – Twitter
  • Introduction to YouTube
  • Why YouTube
  • YouTube Marketing Strategy
  • “Watch Time” is Golden
  • The Subscriber Advantage
  • YouTube Recording Software & Mics
  • YouTube Acccount Set Up & Optimization
  • YouTube Keyword Research
  • YouTube Video Structure
  • YouTube SEO
  • Youtube Thumbnails
  • YouTube Annotations & Cards
  • YouTube Promotion
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Assignment – YouTube
  • Quiz – YouTube
  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Why List Building Is So Important
  • How to Integrate MailChimp with WordPress
  • How to Track Email Sign Ups with Google Analytics
  • How to Add a Lead Magnet to Your Sign Up Form
  • How to Turn Your Homepage Into a Landing Page
  • How to Use Pop Ups & Opt In Forms
  • How to Use LeadPages to Grow Faster
  • How to Create an Email Campaign in Mailchimp
  • Email Analytics: 5 Metrics to Track
  • Assignment – Email Marketing
  • Quiz – Email Marketing

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Benefits Of Having SMM Skills

Social media management has a huge competition, however, a very few of them have actually proved themselves.

Most of the social media managers use paid marketing strategies only, as they do not know the organic ways to do the same.
UGC is a term that can work as a stick of wizard for you, as many are yet unaware of it and its worth.
You can overtake them easily with our social media marketing course.
User-generated content is a trend and is something that can make you the game changer.
Businesses have already noticed the advantages of Social Media Marketing over Search Engine Marketing. You should also gain skills in this trending online marketing technique.
You can target and reach your specific audience more efficiently than any other medium.
You can use social media for online reputation management and other branding campaigns and strategies.

How Much I Can Earn Through Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and management is an interesting profession. Everything will be totally transparent with the results and traffic figures you are getting. It is about grabbing the audience with the paid or unpaid marketing techniques on social media. 

The more successfully you will engage with the audience, the more you will be earning through it. The best part of it is, it is too fast. You can easily evaluate and revamp your strategies if it is not working. In our social media marketing online course, you will learn all optimization and analysis strategies to improve your campaign for better results.

Social media managers are not just required in organizations but also the celebrities or public figures are seeking them for their online reputation and other promotional activities.

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