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Ashish Malik trainer
Ashish Malik
360° Digital Marketing Expert and strategist

Ashish Malik is one of the top-rated Digital Marketing Experts in our industry with more than 11 years of experience. Web analytics, marketing, PPC and conversion expert, E-commerce specialist, and entrepreneur, Mr. Malik is also a consistent contributor of digital latest marketing strategies to Softhunetrs and RT labs. He is a wealth of knowledge and has helped more than 70 plus clients to stay ahead in the race. He devotedly shares his knowledge of the latest digital marketing trends in JSDM.

Geetika Malik SMO Trainer
Geetika Malik
Social Media Expert & Cloud Computing faculty

Mrs. Geetika Malik concentrates on delivering excellent brand experiences and has a deep understanding of digital marketing. Her expertise revolves around cloud computing, organic and paid social media and strategy, marketing diversification, content creation, and establishing systems to boost your visibility to work smarter not harder.

bhupendra influencer marketing Trainer
Bhupendra Singh
Influencer Marketer

According to Mr. Bhupendra Singh, Influencer marketing is an excellent method to boost sales by increasing brand recognition and growing your audience. He believes that Influencer marketing costs less than conventional promotions and gets vital results if done in the right way. Bhupendra’s advice for people striving to enhance their social media existence is to be open to criticism. 

Dheeraj Soni
SEO Lead

Dheeraj Soni is enthusiastic about assisting businesses to explore the Internet and loves helping businesses flourish with his organic SEO strategies. He is youthful, dynamic, and craving to help more businesses. He has established himself as a climbing force in the digital marketing world. With his expert assistance, clients make more profits and ROI through an extensive marketing approach.

Abhishek Singh Email Marketing Expert
Abhishek Singh
Email Marketer

Abhishek Singh is passionate about everything like growth hacking, email marketing, and personal improvement. He’s the man whose emails stand out with their creative game of words. He has a solid experience of keeping his online followers entertained while empowering them.

Amulya Verma content strategist
Amulya Verma
Content Strategist

Put your ideas in the front-end. They are definitely worth compiling once.

Kundan Jha
PHP/WordPress Expert

Well, complaining for resources is common. I prefer Keep Trying regardlessly.

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