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Optimize Landing Page

How To Optimize Your Landing Page For Conversions? – Complete Guide

Landing page optimization is a quick skill that can boost the bottom line hugely. On average, the conversion rate ranges from 4%-5%  on a landing page. So optimization of the landing page must be made a priority.

Essentials Elements of a Landing Page

The landing page is a component of 3 major units:  the company, the offer, and the product. It is very important that these three units must work in harmony. If they are optimized well, the conversion rates will be higher, and the brand will be able to reap additional benefits like:

  1. Better customer relation: An optimized landing page helps in engaging the user quickly and more efficiently. The target audience appreciates a fluid part of getting the offer and calling to action. This kind of small journey helps in building better customer relations.
  2. Gives an Insight into the product and services: The goal of a landing page focuses on how precisely the information can be delivered to the target audience about the offer or the product. It also helps in analyzing site performance, detecting the channel which got the people to the landing page and the pages which were clicked the most.
  3. Higher SEO writing: When the landing page includes writing search terms based on content strategy, it helps in ranking higher on the search engines. This helps in making the brand more visible and popular, increasing the business, driving the traffic to the website, and being able to achieve the business goals.

Essential key steps for optimizing the landing page:

  • Define a goal:

Before starting to work on the landing page, a goal must be set. This includes what is the brand mission and how will the page fit into it? What are the actions they expect their target audience to take once they visit the website? Which are the competitive landing pages. By predefining the goal, it will be easier to work on the set plan and influence the audience.

  • Use the correct tool:

The right choice of advertising platform for SEO content with the help of the correct tool is required to drive the traffic on the page. A decision must be made on how to drive the traffic on the page organically. The tools will suggest the choice of keywords to be used for ranking on the top of search engines.

  • Understanding the audience:

The landing page must always be viewed from the visitor’s point of view. How would the target audience react? Looking at the page created should be the base of selection while creating a landing page. So while creating a different landing page, what different customer segments for providing separate options on the page for different customers must be considered. Various custom code or geotargeting features can be added for dynamic content.

  • Emotional appeal:

It is very challenging for a landing page to get the visitor to act in a limited amount of time and space, and to get this done, some sort of emotional appeal should be present. This appeal can be in the form of either touching the audience’s pain points or creating a fear of missing out, inspiring them by highlighting a solution to a problem. So a landing page must be created considering the feeling of the target audience once they reach the page and how does the marketer wants them to feel once they are there.

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To Grab the attention of the audience in limited attention span and timespan is provided, which can be best used by bold headlines as the reader comes to know the main highlight of the page and only if it entices them they go along reading the page. The headline must not tell or sell everything. Its goal is to make an immediate impression by telling The Reader what the page is all about. the line should be easy to understand, enticing to the target audience,  and away from jargon.

  • Story visuals:

The Mask ensures that the landing page must have a striking visual to make The Reader feel the brand story. For some, brand designing and visuals can be a backdrop to the text, and for some, they can be e the focus. So make sure to use photos and graphics which are of high quality, original, and in line with the brand image. Also, it should be noted that visuals have a greater impact in terms of understanding than the text.

  • Sharp Sub-header:

While the headline is a key, a supporting subtitle is something that the brand wishes to convey. It is a kind of Central message. With a little space and a few sentences, a complete idea can be given to the reader. The subtitle clearly communicates the brand value proposition By offering detail to the audience of what they have got to offer. The subtitle must be focused on laying out the features and benefits the customer would derive from the brand.

  • Synchronization of the work:

The content and design must work together to maximize the impact of a landing page. A strategy should be made for a proper information hierarchy. The essential information must be placed above the fold, and a structure should be designed in a way that makes it easy for the visitor on the site to continue their journey through the page. The creation of an Arc with the beginning, middle, and end can be a good choice.

  • Using multimedia:

A video can be a good addition in terms of visuals on the landing page. It also provides an opportunity to entertain the visitor by giving them a crystal view of what they would be getting if involved with the brand. This helps in getting more personally getting touch with the customers. The video should be kept short and easy to follow, and it should be made sure that it loads quickly. For keeping it quick, easy, and brief, a GIF can be used.

  • Call to action:

Emphasizing the call to action encourages the user to click on some most important elements of the page. The CTA button should be in clear vision, color or shape so that no other content or button can distract The Reader. The CTA buttons usually have a text like a register, get started, or start. Even a sense of urgency to encourage the audience can be created by including terms like today on now on the call to action button.

  • Using social media:

Showing direct testimonials from the user as social proof or quoting online reviews or popular endorsements. The logos of the partner brand can also be featured, or a real-time customer counter can be added to gain the trust of people.

  • Providing contact information:

This helps in making readers feel more comfortable and supported. This also ensures that the brand has got real people on the other side who are ready to help if they need something or have got a question. So contact information, including phone numbers or email addresses, can be provided. In current days live to chat it is also considered well that guides visitors through the conversion process. It also helps in strengthening The bond with the customer.

  • Good color combination:

Trying out contrasting colors can be a good choice as it gives a catchy impression of the landing page and makes the user fall for it, and such elements make them go for trying out the service. So a textured color background with a poppy color headline can reflect the brand’s image in a different style.

  • Consistency:

A great consistency should be followed while posting content or a visual on the landing page as it has the potential to make a huge difference in the conversion rates. For example, if a Facebook ad takes a lot of audience to the landing page of the website, then the text, image, and other elements of the ad must be reflected in the landing page. They must appear similar in terms of offering the same offer on both sides, or else the potential customer will feel confused and irritated.

  • Different Forms:

For some sites, short forms to be filled by the readers asking for just email addresses work well, while for some, longer forms can prove more effective. If a lead needs to be qualified for an expensive product or service, longer forms are better options, and in such examples where potential customer’s budget estimate needs to be known for designing the website, short forms can save a lot of time.

  • Exit pop-ups:

An exit pop-up can be placed on the screen that appears when the visitor leaves a page. It provides an additional opportunity of creating a conversion. They are less intrusive than the pop-ups that appear simply when the visitor is looking around the website or when they enter a landing page. A combination of good images or visuals with a strong headline and content can be used to get the user to click. The pop-ups can also be incentivized with special discount offers or other availing offers, which makes the user give one more try to stay hanging around the landing page.

  • Retargeting:

It is always good to reconvert an already visitor to the site as even the best landing pages are unable to convert a large share of visitors. Retargeting is also known as Remarketing, which uses tools to send ads to an unconverted audience to remind them of why they visited the site in the first place. Retargeting is said to have boosted the conversion rates by nearly 150%.

  • Streamline the user’s journey:

Even if the visitor is successfully converted to a customer, their journey can still be streamlined. So on the thanking page or confirmation page, something of more value can be added. This can be in the form of a link to a relatable service or product of the brand or a coupon code, or even a bonus offer. This will be appreciated by the visitors and give them a surprise while checking out.

  • Keep it simple:

The landing page must be attractive but simple, free of jargon or non-understandable things which communicate volumes without many words in them. A pleasing subtitle, an enticing visual, and a catchy headline can be enough for a landing page to grab the reader’s attention.

  • Monitor and test the page:

The page should be monitored and altered as and when required. To improve the page strategically, we need to run A/B tests, track the performance, remove the unwanted barriers and insert important and unique opinions. This will give a good head-start. Even if the testing has to be done 6-7 times, it will ultimately lead to successful results. Even while running social media marketing campaigns, this can be pretty much useful.

These optimization methods can be really fruitful to increase conversion of your landing page. If you have any query then feel free to contact us.

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