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Mba vs Digital marketing Certification

MBA In Digital Marketing vs Digital Marketing Certification

So, you have decided to make a progressive career in the dynamic sector of Digital Marketing, but are totally puzzled about how to go about it?

Whether you should go for a short-term certification course or invest in a full-fledged MBA course in Digital Marketing?

Well, if you are in this dilemma to find out the best path for you that would endow you with the necessary armor of Digital Marketing skills for bright career prospects, this blog would definitely offer valuable insights to help you make the right choice for your career path between MBA in Digital Marketing vs Digital Marketing Certification.

But before you proceed, let’s have a brief look at why learning Digital Marketing holds so much importance in today’s times?

Importance of Digital Marketing Course: MBA in digital marketing vs Digital marketing Certification  

Digital Marketing is a dynamic field with tremendous future potential to offer a multitude of career opportunities that require thorough knowledge and prerequisite skill set to stay ahead in the business.

Moreover, there has been a steep rise in the number of jobs pertaining to Digital Marketing which is expected to rise in alarming numbers in years to come making it one of the most promising and trending fields to make a career in.

Thus, learning the latest techniques and understanding the market trends is utterly significant to gain a competitive edge and thus calls for much demanding and extensive learning through a digital marketing course.

A digital Marketing course not only benefits the aspiring students but also sales and marketing professionals, IT experts, and company owners to sharpen up Digital skills to upscale their careers and businesses. It helps in shaping the future of the learners by turning them into the most sought-after and market-ready Digital Marketing professionals.

But the tricky question here is, which is the best way of learning between the two equally popular options among MBA in Digital Marketing vs Digital Marketing Certification.

So, just hop in to know more about different ways of learning Digital Marketing in-depth to find out which course module would suit you best.

MBA in Digital Marketing


MBA in Digital Marketing is a full-fledged and exhaustive post-graduation course of two years wherein one learns and grasps the fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

Advantages of MBA in Digital Marketing

  • This course aims at emphasizing the role and importance of Digital Marketing in the overall business ecosystem.
  • It enables the learner to gain complete knowledge on business management and administration by utilizing Digital tools and techniques for maximizing profits and Return on Investments (ROI).
  • Aids in career growth as most of the organizations prefer candidates with MBA degrees.
  • A highly remunerative course as an MBA in Digital Marketing guarantees a high pay package.

Disadvantages Digital Marketing MBA 

  • The main drawback of doing a Digital Marketing MBA is that though it enriches the learner with the core concepts, it lacks in honing up the basic and practical Digital Marketing skills that are prerequisites for working in the industry.
  • An MBA in Digital Marketing is a long-term course expanding up to 2 years.
  • MBA  in Digital Marketing is a pretty expensive course that can burn holes in your pockets.


Digital Marketing Certification

A Certification Course in Digital Marketing is a short-term comprehensive course specially designed for skill acquisition to enable the learners with a set of acquired Digital skills and applied knowledge essential for Digital Marketing jobs.

The digital marketing internship offers massive opportunities to the interns to learn and understand the principles and practical aspects of digital marketing through live projects for propelling their career growth.

It is the next generation curriculum course intended for fulfilling the huge demand gap created due to the upsurge of Digital marketing.

Advantages of Digital Marketing Certification 

A Digital Marketing Internship or Certification course  has multifaceted advantages to upscale the learners’ career graph such as:

  • It provides job-oriented practical learning by acquiring the necessary digital marketing skills essential for an on-ground professional Digital Marketing career and growth.
  • It focuses on extensive practical learning through live projects as part of the curriculum to hone up the digital marketing skills to become successful Digital Marketers.
  • Practical learning makes the learners market-ready for a wide variety and number of jobs and business opportunities.
  • It helps to enrich the learners with the latest Digital Marketing trends and techniques to outshine in their careers.
  • A certificate course in Digital Marketing is not only beneficial to the aspiring students but is also helpful to the sales & marketing professionals, IT professionals, and business owners for achieving further career growth and business expansions.
  • A Digital Marketing Internship helps in getting hands-on experience.
  • A Digital Marketing Certificate course is a short-term course usually ranging from 3-6 months.
  • It is a very cost-effective course that is light on the pocket.
  • Highly lucrative career option for fetching high-paying jobs.
  • A Digital Marketing Internship course is highly flexible in nature.

Digital Marketing is quite a vast subject with many verticals like SEO, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Web Designing, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, PPC campaigns, and many more. And thus it is nearly impossible for anyone to become an expert in all the verticals of Digital Marketing.

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One of the major advantages of the Digital Marketing Internship or certification program is that it helps an intern to discover his area of interest and build upon it to explore the career possibilities in that particular domain to become a successful digital marketer.

Types of Digital Marketing Certification

SEO Certification

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization that emphasizes increasing the website rankings by focusing on various ways to build organic traffic. This certification will help you to learn the techniques and strategies to grow the traffic on a website by obtaining a high-ranking position in the search results page of the different search platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more.

SMM Certification

Social Media Marketing or SMM is defined as the process of increasing or improving website traffic or getting attention via social media platforms. Here one needs to design content that can catch the eyes of active people on social media platforms.

SEM/PPC Certification

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a part of digital marketing where one advertises & promotes the websites by growing their online presence on the different search engines.

Content Marketing Certification

Content Marketing is one of the best marketing methods in which one is responsible for creating and distributing unique, relevant, and useful content to attract the audience.

Email Marketing Certification

Email Marketing is defined as the use of emails to advertise a business, promote services, send deals & offers which helps to build loyalty and grow a relationship with the customers.

Web Analytics Certification

Web analytics means you will be able to calculate and analyze the web data report to understand the optimization of web usage.

Inbound Marketing Certification

Inbound marketing is the promotion of a company or other organization via social media marketing, physical products, SEO, newsletters, eBooks, videos, blogs, and other forms of content marketing.

MBA In Digital Marketing vs Digital Marketing Certification

In today’s time of the ever-increasing rat race, job-oriented practical learning holds more importance and offers a better competitive edge by utilizing academic knowledge and practical learning to make higher monetary gains over regular theoretical curriculum.

As a student, with a variety of career options available, it becomes an extremely tricky affair and challenge to pick and choose the right course which will offer great career advancement and growth.

Both the courses, MBA in Digital Marketing vs Digital Marketing and certification come with their own advantages and disadvantages. While enrolling for a digital marketing course one needs to take into account all the pros and cons and then finally make a decision regarding the one suiting their needs and requirements for maximum benefit.

Let’s look at the major differences between an MBA in Digital Marketing vs Digital Marketing certification for a better understanding.

Parameters Certification in Digital    Marketing Digital Marketing MBA
Course Duration 3-6 months 2 Years
Nature of Study job-oriented practical skills Conceptual learning
Trainers Digital Marketing Professionals and Experts Professors and lecturers
Course Focus Live projects Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Choice of Specialization Option to choose your area of specialization Covers all the areas of Digital Marketing with no option to choose
Minimum Qualification 12th pass. Anyone with no specific educational background Graduation degree
Who can learn Students, IT experts, Marketing professionals, company owners, career switchers Mostly students
Flexibility Highly Flexible learning Fixed modules
Course Fees Budget-friendly Highly expensive

The Final Verdict: MBA In Digital Marketing vs Digital Marketing Certification

According to Google reports, in a comparison between MBA in Digital Marketing vs Digital Marketing Certification program, the demand and popularity for Digital Marketing Diploma and Digital Marketing Certification are way too higher than the MBA in Digital Marketing. The main reason behind this being is its short duration, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and the option to choose a specialization course according to the individual interest of the learner.

An MBA in Digital Marketing is especially beneficial for students trying to build their career in the field of digital marketing while a certification or diploma course caters to the needs of a variety of people including sales and marketing professionals, IT professionals, business owners, students as well as career switchers.

Moreover, a certification course in Digital Marketing offers much required practical learning for a better job and career opportunities making a learner market-ready for a digital marketing job. Additionally being a short duration course a learner can immediately jumpstart his career as soon as he finishes the certification program.

Though the decision to choose the suitable course depends on various factors such as:

  • Time
  • Budget
  • Projects
  • Placements
  • The reputation of the Institution

Therefore, making the right choice is highly significant as your entire career and future depend on this crucial decision, so think wisely and act accordingly.

If you are looking for the best Digital Marketing Certification course in Jaipur, then you must consider the Jaipur School of Digital Marketing (JSDM) which is one of the leading institutions having a profound reputation with a history of  100% placement assistance.

The master certification and internship offered at JSDM, Jaipur provides cutting-edge, comprehensive, job-driven, and career-oriented practical learning at a very reasonable price to shape up a learner’s career with a glittering edge.

The agency-styled learning at JDSM incorporates the best practices of the industry and the latest tools, trends, and techniques in Digital Marketing in their premium curriculum that is well supported by live projects for a better understanding of the subject.

The certification program at JSDM is par excellence to meet the industry standards and provides intensive training in all the major areas of Digital Marketing viz SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC and email marketing that a leaner can choose according to his interest. Moreover, a limited batch strength helps in one-to-one mentoring for a better grasp of the subject thus enabling the learners with solid knowledge.

So,  whenever you think of a certification course in Digital Marketing, there is no better place than JSDM to learn the nuances of Digital Marketing.

Final Takeaways

Digital marketing is an immensely creative field that allows learners to explore their potential through various verticals. Thus learning the nuances of digital marketing helps in progressively shaping up their future for better career growth by making them market-ready Digital Marketing professionals.

It offers abundant career and business opportunities for everyone including students, marketing professionals, IT professionals, small business owners, big business giants, and even start-ups.

With sufficient knowledge of Digital Marketing and its tools, anyone can get the required push to explore new business ideas, strengthen their professional skills and help businesses run efficiently and effectively.

It is a highly esteemed course and plays a very important role in shaping up the career of a learner with a glittering edge. It prepares them to become market-ready adorned with a set of necessary tools, skills, and subject matter knowledge.

To summarize, the decision to pursue a course between MBA in Digital Marketing vs Digital Marketing diploma is a tough decision varying on many factors. Despite that, a Certification in Digital Marketing fits the standards of the Digital Marketing Sector in a much better way than an MBA in Digital Marketing. The major reason behind this is that a certification program focuses more on job-driven practical learning through live projects under the guidance of industry experts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the advantages of a Digital Marketing course?

A Digital Marketing course has a multifaceted advantage and enables you with a set of acquired skills and applied knowledge and makes you market-ready for a wide variety and number of jobs and business opportunities.

The benefits of doing a digital marketing course are as follows:

  •  Highly Remunerative
  • Wide range of career options
  • Helps explore your creativity
  • Highly Flexible
  • Highly Versatile
  • Highly Enterprising

What is the minimum educational qualification needed for doing an MBA in Digital Marketing?

Well, the minimum qualification required to do a Digital Marketing MBA is a graduation degree in any field.

What is the minimum educational qualification needed for a Digital Marketing certification course?

The minimum education for digital marketing course is 12th std.  Anyone who is interested to learn and absorb the benefits of digital marketing for enhancing their career growth can easily learn it through a certification course.

Which is a better option between MBA in Digital Marketing vs Digital Marketing Certification?

Well, if you consider a choice between an MBA in Digital Marketing vs Digital Marketing certification, the final decision depends on a lot of factors like time, budget, flexibility, and many more.

However, the demand for a certification course is much higher than a full-fledged MBA mainly because it offers a more job-oriented practical learning through live projects to hone up the necessary Digital marketing skills to become a much sought-after Digital Marketer.

Who can do the digital marketing course?

Anyone with no specific background but with a zeal for learning can pursue this course for career advancement be it students, IT professionals, Marketing professionals, business owners, or start-up companies.

Is the Digital marketing course high paying?

Yes, a digital marketing course is a high salary paying course. It opens up various lucrative career opportunities for a Digital Marketing learner ranging from:

  • Search Engine Optimization Specialists
  • Social Media Manager (SMM)
  • Social Media Optimization Expert (SMO)
  • PPC Specialists
  • Content Writers
  • Web Analytics Manager
  • Affiliate Manager
  • Email Marketer
  • Mobile Marketer
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