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Is viral marketing digital marketing?

With the advent of social media platforms, we get to hear about news and videos going viral at a lightning speed almost every day.

Have you ever wondered what exactly is all this stuff and how does it happen?

Is it just a random shot of luck making that news and videos popular or are these a part of the well-planned strategy?
Well, to get the answers to these questions we need not dig too deep.

As a matter of fact, these are just a part of new-age marketing and advertising strategies for promotion and awareness generation among the people.

In general, this type of content is usually part of big strategic and well-designed business plans. But it becomes viral due to many other factors like creativity, and preparation, or just sheer luck.

To crack it down, let’s begin with the primary question, what exactly is viral marketing to get a better understanding of the concept.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is a type of business strategy that utilizes the use of various existing social media network platforms to promote and sell products or services.

It is a kind of new-age sales technique that involves either organic or word-of-mouth information about a product or service to spread over social media platforms.

All this is made possible because of deep penetration of the internet into our daily lives which have opened up multitudes of options and use including the advent of social media platforms which have proven to be the best tool to connect better with a lot of people around the globe sitting right at the comfort of our homes.

The most widespread examples of viral marketing in recent times are through the creation of highly creative content comprising of funny, emotional, surprising, or unique videos on YouTube, which are then shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other channels to gain popularity.

Of late, we have also found a tremendous increase in the number of viral messages in the form of memes, shares, likes, and forwards. And once something goes viral, it becomes quite an easy task to gain popularity without shelling a lot of money.

Thus, brands and companies have also put their focus on Viral marketing to help them increase their reach, customer base, and profitability.

Considering their higher speed and the fact that they help in the easy sharing of different types of data, social media networks have become the natural and the best habitat for creating a huge amount of buzz for sales and marketing of products and services leading to higher sales revenues and profits.

Is viral marketing digital marketing?

Yes, of course, Viral marketing is also one type of digital marketing. In fact, it is one of the most difficult types of digital marketing with amazing results.

Digital Marketing is that component of marketing that takes advantage of the internet and online-based digital technologies like mobile phones, computers, and online platforms to advertise, promote, buy or sell products or services for better reach, growth, and higher revenues.

Digital Marketing is quite a broad and dynamic field encompassing various types of marketing tools and tactics all inclined towards the common goal of achieving higher sales of products or services through online platforms.

While Viral marketing is actually a specific kind of digital marketing, which basically means it falls under the broad category of digital marketing as a subcategory.

So, in case you are confused over these complex terminologies, the answer is actually yes, meaning Viral marketing is invariably a part of digital marketing, not a new concept.

Objectives of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing aims at creating high voltage buzz via online medium and social networking platforms leading to the generation of word-of-mouth publicity of the brands to achieve higher sales revenues and business growth.

In simpler terms, we can say that the goal of viral marketing is to inspire individuals to share marketing messages to friends, family, and other individuals to increase the number of its recipients. One can join classroom course of viral marketing from digital marketing institute in Ajmer and learn to create campaign and strategies of viral marketing for a business.

What are the types of viral marketing?

There are different types of viral marketing intended for higher reach. Let’s learn about them in-depth.

1. Buzz Viral Marketing

Buzz viral marketing is a type of marketing where the goal is to stir up an intentional controversy to create a buzz around the products or services for the better engagement of the audiences.

Buzz marketing focuses on having one half or group of people against the other half and sharing the content along with their personal opinions on the topic in order to create virality.

Buzz marketing helps in creating a lot of buzz at an increasing rate around the products or services to be sold to reach a greater number of people regarding product awareness and promotion.

2. Emotional Viral Marketing

Emotional viral marketing is primarily about focusing your creativity to evoke emotions in the audience with the goal of making a promotional campaign emotionally appealing. It is done through the medium of certain videos, blog posts, or tweets to help the brand to connect with the audiences at a deeper emotional level.

Common emotions include shock, surprise, joy, wonder, astonishment, and thankfulness. This set of common supportive or happy emotions are the key ingredient of the creative content intended for going viral.

Negative emotions such as anger, frustration, hatred, and disgust also help in building a great connection with the audiences and trigger them to share the content with a large group of people helping it to go viral.

The stronger the emotional appeal of the promotional content, the higher are its results.

3. Incentivized Viral Marketing /Giveaways

Giveaways have become quite a common tool to attract a large number of crowds these days and are widely practiced by many brands and businesses.

Giveaways help in pulling a large chunk of potential customers by offering them a chance to win certain items in exchange for sharing certain content and following a business on social media.

That’s why giveaways prove to be a major driving force in boosting brand reputation in an already established niche. It taps into the virality of other people sharing your content and consequently offers massive exposure.

4. Social Currency Viral Marketing

Social currency marketing is also known as influence currency is actually the extent to which ones shares information regarding a particular brand as part of his everyday social life at home or at work. This sharing of information regarding the use of brands helps commercial enterprises create unique brand identities and gain permission to interact with customers or consumers.

There is a huge monetary value attached to a brand’s followers, likes, comments, shares, and views, and the businesses try to leverage this for their benefit.

5. Story-Based Viral Marketing

Sharing interesting and engaging stories with the audiences makes them a powerful marketing tool to spread the messages for generations.

A powerful personal story triggers to evoke the emotions and helps him in relating better to the character resulting in higher virality.

6. Informational Viral Marketing

It involves providing certain crucial information related to products or services to go viral through social media and other digital platforms is a type of viral marketing.

7. Lucky Viral Marketing

Lucky viral marketing is basically having a lot of luck regarding the designed promotional content and strategy. Sometimes things unfold themselves in quite a surprising way creating further awareness that proves to be highly beneficial for the brand.

Offering creative content that strikes the right tone with the audience with a dash of luck helps in the exponential spread of the creative content making it go viral ultimately providing huge promotion to the brand.

Advantages of Viral Marketing

  • Cost-effectiveness

Viral marketing campaigns do not require much expertise. The companies need not spend a hefty amount on advertising and promotional campaigns as the users become a significant part of the campaign as an effective promoter which drastically cuts down the costs of distribution and hence proves out to be a highly cost-effective option. This strategy is highly useful for the small businesses having limited funds who can think of effectively incorporating this type of marketing campaign into their business models to boost up their business at no extra cost.

  • Higher Reach

A viral video on the Internet has the ability to reach a massive number of audiences both locally and internationally without investing tons of money and effort. Accounting to this fact, even smaller companies, start-ups, or even a private individual can think of going viral to reap its benefits and connect to a larger number of people.

  • Boosts Brand Awareness

Viral marketing proves to be an extremely effective and powerful tool for creating and boosting brand awareness.

Creating highly creative and incredible content that tempts the users to like and share it with their other contacts helps in developing a personal connection with the brand which ultimately leads to better brand awareness among a higher number of people.

  • Non-invasive

In viral marketing, the social media user is the one who ultimately makes the decision to participate and share the viral content, so that it reduces the possibility of the brand coming across as invasive. Because of this, the perception and interaction of the brand gain significant popularity, compared to more typical forms of advertising which are highly invasive in nature.


Viral marketing is an inexpensive and effective technique for increasing awareness and promoting a brand or product wherein the companies rely heavily on their target audience to share their promotional campaigns along with their positive experiences with others. Successful campaigns help in creating creative content that helps in increasing the profit revenues, broaden the customer base and boost business growth.

Digital marketing is quite a diverse field encompassing various components including viral marketing also along with many others.

Viral Marketing is a specific kind of digital marketing and is an integral part of it.

The effects of viral marketing are hard to measure as it is difficult to determine if a lead or sale resulted from it. Moreover, there is no consensus among businesses on how to measure their success.

The concepts of digital marketing and viral marketing can be elaborated at length to gain better insights right here at Jaipur School of Digital Marketing. This course offers great learning value helpful for shaping your career in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Do I Make My Brand Go Viral?

  • Major tips to follow for going viral includes
    • Be Attentive to emotions
    • Be creative.
    • Continuous and repeated efforts
    • Easily and quickly shareable content

2. Is Viral Marketing digital marketing?

Yes, Viral marketing is a type of digital marketing that relies heavily on the promotion of creative content over social media platforms to gain higher reach and profits.

3. How Do You Make Money If Your Video Goes Viral?

To make money on a viral video, you must learn to monetize, generally through paid subscribers and allowing companies to advertise to your audience in exchange for a fee. Companies either pay the creator to mention their products or services or run their ads during the videos. In case your created content goes viral it will help boost brand awareness among the audiences.

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