How To Grow Youtube Channel in 2021 - Most Effective Ways

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how to grow youtube channel

Effective strategies on How to Grow Youtube Channel Fast

Are you among the ones who aspire to become a YouTuber?

But wondering how to attract more audience to view your YouTube videos.

Becoming a YouTuber is like a cakewalk but the real problem arises after that, which is how to grow YouTube channel fast?

So, do you wanna get some important tips and tricks to increase the number of audiences and help you with inputs on how to grow your YouTube channel fast?

If yes, through this article you will learn a lot on how to grow YouTube channels fast.

Through this particular article, you will get to know a lot about this interesting topic for creating a better impact and increasing your reach and profitability.

As you are well aware, YouTube is one of the most prominent, popular, and fastest-growing social- networking platforms of recent times for Video Marketing.

Let’s check out some of the facts and figures about YouTube to actually understand its true potential and why it is so important to understand how to grow your channel on YouTube for higher reach and maximize your profits.

Facts and Figures – YouTube

  • YouTube has over 2 billion active users per month and is expected to grow exponentially to the tune of around 3 billion by the year 2025.
  • An astounding growth of 65%  has been observed in YouTube channels with over 1 million subscribers.
  • There has been a 40% growth in the number of YouTube channels earning their revenues in 6 figures per annum.
  • 50% increase in the number of YouTube channels with 5 figure income on yearly basis.
  • 30% of audiences subscribe to YouTube channels for educational content.
  • 21% of subscribers use YouTube channels to learn and improve their hobbies.
  • Around 17% rely on YouTube channels for entertainment purposes.

After getting a synopsis of the recent data, let’s move on to the main topic of the effective strategies on how to grow YouTube channels fast.

Tips on How To Grow YouTube Channel Fast

  1. Develop Interesting ideas for your content
  2. Find relevant and untapped Keywords
  3. Be specific about the topic
  4. Increase engagement  to retain audience
  5. Create trending content
  6. Optimize watch time of videos
  7. Create click-worthy and alluring thumbnails
  8. Promote on other Social Media handles
  9. Keep a check on your real-time views
  10. Adding end screen for promoting your YouTube videos
  11. Try using proper SEO tools for your YouTube Channel
  12. Push audiences for Subscriptions
  13. Increase your Video uploading frequency

Develop Interesting Ideas for Your Content

The very first step and strategy on how to grow a YouTube channel fast involve deciding and developing the main theme or your YouTube Channel. You need to decide whether you want to focus your YouTube videos to be entertaining, or educating. Knowing what your audience enjoys and wants to watch is the best way to grow your YouTube channel fast.

But as observed entertaining videos fetch more subscriptions than informative ones and help to grow your YouTube channel.

Moreover, YouTube algorithms reward you profusely if your video content is amusing, interactive, and entertaining enough to grab the audience’s attention. Also, you can earn a lot through Google Adsense if your videos are full of fun and entertainment as the audience can easily connect with those and enjoys them.

Hence, the best way to grow the YouTube channel quickly, you must create powerful, amusing, and entertaining video content to attract more audiences.

Find Relevant and Untapped Keywords

Finding untapped and relevant keywords is another approach on how to grow YouTube channels fast. You should always look for similar searches for a topic on YouTube or Google.

You can make use of several keyword tools related to YouTube to find out the most searched keywords in your domain or niche area. Try focusing on high-volume keywords for your videos to be seen successfully.

Be Specific About Topic

Another best strategy on how to grow a YouTube channel can be done by building your video content around a single keyword or topic as it helps in driving the audiences more effectively.

Make sure to find and select the relevant keywords beforehand for building your video content around it as it helps in crafting better content with the relevant information around a particular topic.

To grow your channel on YouTube, you must research the top-performing videos with top keywords and target them for optimizing your own video content for better visibility and success.

Increase Engagement to Retain Audience

The best strategy on how to grow the YouTube channel fast can be done by attracting the audience and engaging them thoroughly through your interestingly crafted videos.

You should encourage audience engagement through the means of likes, dislikes, and comments.
Additionally, you can visit other similar channels also to increase audience engagement.

Take proactive actions like asking questions related to the content or asking their suggestions for improving the engagement rate. Moreover, make an effort to thank audiences for subscription and video sharing.

Create Trending Content

Crafting great content is among one of the major factors determining the success and growth of your YouTube channel. But there is no guarantee that the content you create would be worthy enough to become successful.

Fret not!!! The next best thing that you can do is reformatting the already successful videos that are performing well on YouTube. In that case, you need not start from scratch and can also be sure about its success as it has already been tried and tested for better results.

All you need to do is reuse and reformat well-performing content and recreate a video on that subject as you are aware that your target audience enjoys exactly such kind of stuff. Following this will surely help you to find an effective solution on how to grow your channel on YouTube.

Optimize Watch Time of Videos

Another effective strategy on how to grow the YouTube channel quickly is by attracting more audiences to watch your videos for a longer time. By increasing the length of your YouTube videos you can optimize the watch time.  It is critical to track how long people spend their time watching your videos as YouTube algorithms mainly focus on watch time and retention of the audience.

The longer your videos are, the more time one can spend watching them. Moreover, there is better scope for placing ads on longer videos through Google AdSense for earning more revenues.

Any YouTube video that runs longer than 10 minutes is good enough while a video length of 16-20 minutes is considered ideal and is heavily rewarded by YouTube.

Furthermore, 1,000 subscribers are required to rank better in search results which simply implies you must upload material that your target audience wants to view and that is optimized to appear in search results helping you to grow your YouTube channel.

Create Click-Worthy and Alluring Thumbnails

Another best strategy on how to grow your YouTube channel quickly is done through means of creating click-worthy and brilliant thumbnails. Thumbnails should be attractive enough to stand out. Make sure to use bright colors for catching the eyeballs. All these small kinds of stuff help in growing YouTube channels for higher reach and visibility.

One of the main secrets on how to grow your YouTube channel fast is to make sure the thumbnail pops when it is small. Take a break from your computer or reduce the size of the thumbnail on your screen.

Thumbnails are very important to catch the attention of the audience. If you can spend 8 hours recording a YouTube video, you should spend at least 3 or 4 hours experimenting with thumbnails and titles and it will guarantee a huge success for your YouTube videos.

Promote On Other Social Media Handles

An effective strategy to grow your YouTube channel is by promoting your YouTube videos on other social networking sites. It not only helps you to promote your YouTube channel and videos but also helps in attracting and gaining audiences from other social media handles as most of the users overlap over most social media platforms.

Cross-promotion helps your business appear more unified and professional. You never know how many followers you might gain simply by promoting your videos on cross channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Here are three simple strategies to cross-promote your YouTube videos on your social media platforms:

  • Video teasers to generate anticipation.
  • Notify your followers whenever you release a new video.
  • Behind-the-scenes footage allows your followers or subscribers to witness the time and effort you put into producing your videos.

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Keep a Check On Your Real-Time Views

Watching your real-time views after uploading a video is a useful approach to see if your efforts are paying off. It’s the most accurate means of determining whether or not a video is effective.

Open your YouTube statistics and watch at real-time views just after you submit a video. There should be an increase in views. These are the people who are reading your stuff. Everyone who watches your video immediately after it is published is familiar with you and your channel that helps you to find solutions on how to grow your YouTube channel.

You must create compelling material that will entice people to watch all the way through. Because YouTube’s algorithm is continuously changing, it’s difficult to say how long you’ll have to wait to find out if your video is successful or not, but it’s generally between a few hours to a day. Therefore, you need to keep a check on it to help you to provide a solution on how to grow YouTube videos fast.

Adding End Screen For Promoting Your YouTube Videos

End screens are basically interactive graphics used for linking to another channel, video or, webpage for encouraging audiences to subscribe to your YouTube channel.  It is added towards the end of the videos, more specifically just 20 seconds before the video ends. It helps them get added information and boosts subscriptions and thus proves to be a very effective strategy on how to promote your channel on YouTube.

Try using proper SEO tools to grow your YouTube Channel

The use of SEO tools helps in finding the right and relevant keywords, tags, and ideas for creating a powerful Video. It helps in saving a lot of time and proves to be very useful in optimizing the content of your YouTube video.

There are many SEO tools available, you can try using any one of your choices to help you out with the problem of how to grow your YouTube videos quickly. Find out the best YouTube tools that most Youtubers use for tracking, analysis, research, content and creation and more from a personalized digital marketing course in Bhilwara and get trained by experts for YouTube marketing and monetization.

Push Audiences for Subscriptions

One of the most effective strategies and the best ways to promote videos on YouTube involves engaging the audience through subscriptions. Always invite viewers to subscribe to your channel every time you publish a YouTube video,  and try to stay in touch with your existing subscribers.

The more the number of subscribers, the more the watch time of your YouTube Videos. It’s a great way and tactic to help you out with how to grow YouTube channels fast.

Increase Your Video Uploading Frequency

The significance of consistency cannot be overstated. Audiences tend to get more engaged and involved when there is a regular and consistent flow of content. It helps in binding them and turns them into loyal audiences.

Today’s smartphones have excellent video recording capabilities, and there are many applications available for video editing and allowing you to generate video content on a budget.

Try to post at the same time every day or week, depending on your frequency, and keep your followers up to know when new videos will be released which will ultimately boost results and grow your YouTube videos.

You must boost your video posting frequency to at least one video each week in order to increase your following to grow your channel on YouTube.

Conclusions Drawn

YouTube videos have become the latest fad in recent with everyone wanting to become a YouTuber. Becoming a YouTuber is quite easy, but without its proper growth, it won’t serve any purpose in the long term. So it becomes a highly crucial factor to learn how to grow a YouTube channel.

There are many effective ways to grow the YouTube channel fast. The most important thing to keep in mind is the audience and the YouTube algorithms. With proper planning and by following the steps mentioned in the article you can help grow YouTube videos quickly.

Hope this article on how to grow YouTube channel fast was informative enough to provide you with necessary inputs on how to grow YouTube channels fast. Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs’)

Is YouTube a good career option?

Yes, it is a good career option to become famous online by becoming a YouTuber these days. As long as you are creative enough and can attract and pull enough audiences by creating interesting and amazing videos you can consider it as a good career option.

It is also a good alternative for directors and video Graphers for whom YouTube serves as a practice ground to make videos for free and then later think of making it big.

So learning effective strategies on how to grow YouTube channels proves to be quite useful for them.

How to grow YouTube channels for more views?

There are many tactics through which you can get to learn and implement effective strategies on how to grow the YouTube channel for getting more views. Some of them include:-

  • Use of keywords rich titles
  • Optimizing content
  • Using tags
  • Creating transcripts for your videos
  • Optimizing thumbnails
  • Creating end screens
  • Guest Youtubers

What is the Best time to Post Videos on YouTube?

One of the basic questions for any Youtubers is how to grow YouTube channel quickly and what is the best time to post and promote videos on YouTube?

Well, the beat time for posting YouTube videos is considered between 5 pm -9 pm on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday to increase the engagement rate of the audiences. This proves to be one of the best ways to grow videos on YouTube fast.

What is the minimum amount I can earn from YouTube videos?

There is no fixed earning from YouTube videos. The main source of income generation is through paid Ads. Still, you can earn handsome money of around 1.5- 2 lakhs per month. If you put on more planned efforts and learn how to grow your YouTube channel you can earn even more.

How much do you earn from 1000 views in India from YouTube videos?

One can earn up to Rs 200-300 for every 1000 views from YouTube videos in India which is a considerably good amount. You should get more knowledge on how to grow YouTube channels for improving your views and income.

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