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Google September Core Update

Google Announced September 2022: Core Algorithm Update

On September 12, 2022, Google made a Core Algorithm Update announcement. It will take up to 2 weeks for the improvements to be fully rolled out, according to the official Google list of announced updates.

As usual, the tweet from the Google Search Liaison Twitter Account carried the following announcement:

September 2022 Core Update

The announcement was made less than a month after the “Helpful Content Update,” which many people felt had a far smaller impact than many people had claimed.

Will the Core Update Boost the Helpful Content Update?

In response to inquiries, Danny Sullivan tweeted recently that a key algorithm upgrade might make the effects of the helpful content update easier to see.

He tweeted:

“Maybe the helpful content signal alone wasn’t enough to tip the scales and produce a change in someone’s particular situation, but when we do other updates (core, product reviews), it might add into that and be more significant….”

However, that seems like a broad remark, so I wouldn’t interpret it to imply that a core update will be more obvious.

Significantly, Danny qualified his assertion with a “maybe.”

However, the Helpful Content Update, a component of the algorithm that affects new websites, is continuously running and is a part of the core algorithm core (HCU).

What Does a Core Algorithm Update Mean?

Google releases core algorithm updates whenever it makes changes to its search algorithm that are regarded as significant enough to have an impact on publishers’ and digital marketers’ access to search results.

Ranking adjustments to the core algorithms affect all industries. Google’s core algorithm modifications, as opposed to updates intended to focus on a small number of niches or industries, represent a fundamental change in the ranking signals and may have a significant influence on rankings and organic search traffic.

Google will typically release 2-4 key algorithm improvements over a year, although these are rarely predictable. The most current update came more than 189 days after the previous Core update, in May 2022.

Things to Know About Core Algorithm Updates

  • Updates to Google’s core algorithms aim to raise the caliber of the search results that users see. These changes aim to “weed out” poor quality search results and guarantee that consumers only receive the most relevant, worthwhile material in response to their search.
  • Ranking or traffic changes do not necessarily mean that you have been subject to a manual penalty. Changes to ranking signals and the relative importance of certain elements may simply alter how Google views your page, for better or for worse.
  • Keep a watch on your rivals who succeed after a core upgrade and find out what they are doing that might have contributed to their success.
  • The full rollout of core algorithm upgrades can take up to two weeks. The biggest changes typically take place in the first 48 hours, but you should be ready for increased SERP volatility throughout this time.

My Rankings Dropped, What Can I Do?

Core Algorithm Updates are intended to raise the standard of all search results. In the days following a Core Algorithm Update, if your ranks or traffic have significantly decreased, it may be time to re-evaluate your organic search strategy. Google offers the following guidance to marketers and publishers:

  • Don’t produce thin material that offers little value to users; instead, develop relevant, worthwhile content on a subject in which you are an authority.
  • Spelling and grammar must be accurate, and overall readability must be high.
  • Verify that the content satisfies user expectations.
  • Don’t drudge through stuff just for the heck of it; get to the point.
  • Don’t over optimize your content in an attempt to fool Google.
  • To obtain high-quality connections, devise a white-hat link-building plan.
  • All of these ideas are (generally speaking) common sense. Write about a subject in which you have expertise if you want to rank highly on Google.
  • Keep in mind that Google’s goal is to provide high-quality search results so they can continue to sell advertisements.
  • If you support Google’s purpose by offering excellent user experiences, you will be rewarded with higher search visibility.

What Should I Do Now?

Wait, don’t do anything.

Don’t make any significant website updates in the upcoming days. The most turbulent days of an upgrade are typically the first few, so you should wait to see where things settle for your website. We advise keeping an eye on the search results, looking for trends among the update’s winners and losers, and figuring out how to incorporate these into your strategy moving ahead.

If SEO is your thing, speaking with an SEO expert who can walk you through the process can be worthwhile.

Taking the help of a digital marketer will help you to get back where you were and may be much higher.

A summary for you

  1. Name: Google Broad Core Update for September 2022
  2. Released: September 12, 2022, around 11:25 p.m. ET
  3. Rollout: The rollout will take one to two weeks.
  4. Targets: It examines all forms of content.
  5. Penalty: It doesn’t constitute a penalty; rather, it encourages or rewards excellent web pages.
  6. Global: This update affects all languages and areas worldwide.
  7. Impact: Google will not say how many inquiries or searches were affected by this update, but thus far it appears to be a normal core upgrade with a broad reach and a quick impact.
  8. Discover: Google Discover and other features are impacted by core upgrades, along with feature snippets and more.
  9. Recover: Whether you were affected, you should review your content to see if Google’s core update recommendations can help you perform better.
  10. Refreshes: Google will periodically update this algorithm, however, it’s possible that it won’t share those changes in the future. Perhaps these recent events or all those unverified Google updates are what we have been seeing.


  • What is a Google core update?

By rearranging the order in which indexed web pages appear in search results, core updates aim to increase the relevance and quality of Google’s search results. Every major update modifies the algorithm used by Google to rank websites. After a core update, web pages that previously performed well for their target keywords may do poorly.

  • Has Google changed its format for 2022?

A new design for Gmail has been introduced by Google. The integration of Google Meet, Google Chat, and Spaces into Gmail will shift under the new design, which users can begin testing in February. By the end of Q2 2022, the layout is anticipated to be the standard choice.

  • What is the core algorithm update?

A change to several components of Google’s algorithm is known as a core algorithm update.

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