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Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy for Successful Campaigns 2022 [Updated]

Email marketing is an indisputable part of a digital marketing channel used by brands and businesses to advertise products or services. But you cannot be sending just anything through an email to your potential customers and have to follow a complete email marketing strategy for efficiency. If you doubt the necessity of a strategy, recall how you decide to open a particular email while ignore the other. This is where the email marketing strategies come into the role, which helps you plan the interface of the email to increase the chances of the opening of your email.

Moreover, as per the statistics, email marketing outperforms every other marketing channel, including SEO and PPC. On average, leading email marketers generate 50$ per every 1$ they spend on the campaign. This can be used to determine how effective your email marketing strategies are.

Email marketing techniques also keep changing and updating with time, just like other digital marketing channels. Therefore, using the latest working and effective strategies for successful campaigns is necessary. In the following sections, we will discuss the most effective techniques working miracles for several major brands in today’s date and can help you grow similarly.

Basics of Email Marketing for Beginners

One can use an email marketing strategy to achieve distinct goals such as generating leads, increasing brand awareness, gaining and retaining customers, building trustworthiness, and keeping customers engaged with your brand. Other email marketing uses include:

  • Providing information to your customers.
  • Creating tailored content or recommendations.
  • Promoting the business.
  • Improving sales.

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Advantages of Email Marketing

  • It is free to send an email
  • Easy to get started and play with variations
  • Easy and quick to share
  • Accessible from anywhere on both mobiles and desktop
  • Mass reach at a single click
  • Higher Global Reach
  • Higher Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Result tracking is also easy for emails

Having understood the benefits of Email marketing, it’s time to get started with the right Email Marketing Strategy for a successful campaign to boost the marketing efforts.

Personalized email for your customers

You would have seen emails from amazon or any other big brand. Did you notice that they use your first name at the beginning, like, “hey john, we discovered that you were looking for a mobile cover for your iPhone X.”

This tailored email appears as if it’s personally and manually written for you, which ignites trustworthiness and a sense of reliability.

Remember that personalization doesn’t just mean using the first name of the individual, but the rest of the content also has to be tailored. In the above example, the person was actually looking for the item. You cannot make it up on your own to show recommendations but have to use automated tools to track their activities and curate an email for remarketing later. We will be discussing these tools later in the article.

Mobile-friendly first, desktop second priority

A business email has several segments like title, subject line, and main body. Before opening any email, you see on the main inbox page its title and subject line. Each segment has its own role to fulfill. For instance, the title should be planned to increase the CTR or escalate the opening of the email. The subject line is used to justify the title and provide an overview of what’s inside the email.

But you need to know that your email appears differently on the mobile screen than desktop due to the difference in screen size. Hence you can say that you get short character length on mobile for the title and subject line. And stats show that mobile emails have generated almost 4x times the revenue generated through desktop emails. So, you should plan the email segments accordingly.

Test copies are highly effective

If you want to succeed in the email marketing race, you must try the A-B testing in email marketing. This is a highly effective strategy not only for PPC but email marketing as well. Create multiple variations for an individual campaign and track the performance of each. Again, testing can be a multi-stage process as you can test for various combinations of elements. These elements include

  • Sender name
  • Subject line
  • CTA button
  • Design of email
  • Landing page
  • Target audience

Just a minor change in your email copy can create remarkable differences. Therefore, test copies make an integral part of a successful marketing campaign.

Arrange your audience into segments

Segmentation is the most vital strategy in email marketing. You won’t wish to send a welcome mail to your existing customers every time or a random recommendation to someone who doesn’t even use that product. Relevancy is the most important factor in marketing, and one should not compromise with it.

Make sure you have segmented your email list based on relevant criteria. These segments may vary from business to business but should be well strategized, and this would help you target the right audience for the right campaign and eliminate redundancy.

Automate with the right Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools are applications that allow marketers to build, optimize, deliver, report and test their email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing tools are simple to use, affordable, and help organizations convert mass leads into potential customers. The Email Marketing tools provide you with a plethora of new options to communicate and engage with your consumers and subscribers at various stages of the campaign.

An Email Service Provider (ESP) allows organizations to create and produce alluring emails, automate, and deliver tailored messages to help build customer relationships. ESPs effectively deliver the right messages to the right subscribers at the right moment, thus building stronger connections with the audiences.

You can check our handpicked selection of the best email marketing tools suitable for beginners and major brands.


Email marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy with the major goals of lead generation, brand building, trust-building, and sales generation. It is a cost-effective and fast channel for mass lead generation.

Email marketing strategy for a successful campaign involves personalization, responsiveness, testing copies, and utilizing the best email marketing tools for achieving smashing success.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the strategies of email marketing? 

Email marketing strategies may differ from campaign to campaign, yet there are a few general strategies that every email marketer can use.

  1. Make the email appear personalized or tailored for the individual manually.
  2. Manage the subject line so that it makes sense and appears clickable.
  3. Timing to send an email also matters.
  4. Segmentation of the audience is crucial.
  5. Test multiple email copies for optimal selection.
  6. Engage regularly with your customers through email.
  • What are the 4 types of marketing emails? 

As a brand or business, you can send these four major types of emails to your customers:

  1. Email newsletter could be sent weekly containing useful updates from the business to its loyal audience.
  2. For new email subscribers, you can send acquisition emails to convert them into customers through offers or valuable information.
  3. Promotional emails could be sent whenever any offers or discounts are going on. These promotional emails can also be sent individually based on user interest.
  4. Finally, you can ask your loyal customers for feedback or suggestions, which can be treated as a retention email.
  • What is the best email marketing strategies 2022? 

Marketing strategies change with user behavior and interest. There are several tried and tested email marketing strategies that work effectively in 2022:

  1. Pay attention to the title and subject line of the email primarily.
  2. Keep the email short and use infographics.
  3. CTA buttons should be designed and used smartly.
  4. Focus on making the preview text as compelling as possible.
  5. Since most people open emails on mobile phones make mobile-friendly emails.
  • What are the 4 types of marketing strategies?

  1.  Go undercover (look what’s inside)
  2. Create demand or create fear of scarcity (limited offer)
  3. Use Trends or causes for personal benefits (money heist at example.com)
  4. Build a relationship with customers through personally tailored emails.
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