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Digital Marketing Expectations vs. Reality

Digital marketing is revolutionising the way a business advertises itself. With the help of digital marketing, businesses are finding it simpler to target their audience. Using digital marketing, brands have multiple ways to grow, generate leads, and build a brand. With the hype around digital marketing, it is no surprise that businesses have started expecting a lot from it. They have unrealistic expectations from digital marketers, like getting immediate results.

There are many digital marketing platforms, and each has a set of guidelines one should follow to get results. But businesses and even new marketers are not aware and have unrealistic expectations. When these expectations are unfulfilled, they feel cheated or lose trust in their digital marketing team. Knowing the difference between expectations and reality is necessary. Maybe that is why your digital marketing campaign has no results. Not because it is ineffective, but because your expectations are wrong. Digital marketing courses in Jaipur teach you the reality of this. How it is different and what you can expect. To start, this blog debunks 10 expectations one has from digital marketing and its reality.

What is Digital Marketing?

Before you begin to read about the expectations and realities of digital marketing, know exactly what it is. In layman’s terms, digital marketing is a practice that promotes businesses, services, and products online. It uses multiple digital channels like social media, email, search engines, and other websites to reach the target audience. The hope is to build a relationship with them and encourage them to buy from your business. With the help of digital marketing, a business grows by enhancing its brand awareness, increasing traffic to its website, and creating a strong relationship with customers. All this is in the hope of leading to an increase in conversions and sales.

10 Digital Marketing Expectations and Reality

Expectation 1: Putting constant content on social media will increase the brand value

Reality: This is one of the top expectations people have going into digital marketing. They believe that putting content on social media regularly will increase their brand value. It is not reality. While sharing content on social media daily is necessary, it will not increase brand value or followers. Not unless you define your goals and follow them up with the correct strategy. To increase your brand’s value, your content should solve their problem, clarify their doubts, or be valuable. If the audience does not engage with the content, it has no value. Thus, it will not increase the brand’s value.

Expectation 2: Digital marketing is only ideal for big brands

Reality: Digital marketing does not differentiate between businesses. As all digital marketing institutes in Jaipur will tell you, any person having a business and offering products or services requires an online presence. So, irrespective of the size of the business, digital marketing is crucial for creating brand value and awareness.

Expectation 3: More exposure equals more conversions and business.

Reality: Exposure is good, but it will not help the business grow without you serving quality services or products to your target audience. Through digital marketing, you can expose your brand to the right people. But conversions will happen when you give them what they are looking for. Serving customers with quality services and products will help them convert them into paying consumers.

Expectation 4: Paid advertisements help increase traffic or bring immediate profits.

Reality: Another expectation people have is that paid advertisements will bring traffic and conversions immediately. It is far from the truth. To some extent, paid ads will increase traffic to your site. However, after the budget for the same is over, the campaign will be paused, essentially making you pay attention to organic search. Therefore, work on making organic search a strong aspect of your business. Also, paid ads can make it easier to target people and get conversions. However, this does not happen immediately. It takes time, and sometimes it does not even happen at all. So, do not fall for people’s claims of getting conversions for your business right away.

Expectation 5: It is right to have a universal message on all the platforms.

Reality: No! There are multiple digital marketing platforms. All of them have different demographics. So, you cannot use a similar message on all platforms. Respect the platform and the users on multiple platforms and create a message ideal for the platform. For instance, Snapchat is ideal for teenagers, so the message will vary from the message you send out on Twitter or X, which is mature and strong on words.

Expectation 6: Only graduates can learn digital marketing courses.

Reality: No, anyone interested can acquire digital marketing skills from a top digital marketing institution in Jaipur. If you want to learn, irrespective of your purpose (marketing or becoming an SEO specialist), there are multiple courses. For instance, homemakers can start learning the course to become freelancers. Students can learn this course to become a marketer and more.

Expectation 7: Does a beginner become a professional after taking a digital marketing course?

Reality: No. Please understand that digital marketing is still growing with a massive scope. It is a game-changer for businesses and people looking to be marketers. However, it is a challenging domain and an introductory course in digital marketing is a baby step. To become a professional, you need to take an advanced course to understand the skills. After that, you need to train and work as a marketer for years, gaining experience, before you can call yourself an expert or a professional.

Expectation 8: Digital marketing will become saturated in the future.

Reality: Not really! Digital marketing is still an emerging field, so it is developing. There will always be some new trend or strategy in the marketing world to promote a brand. So, rest assured, digital marketing will exist for a long time in the upcoming years.

Expectation 9: Digital marketing does not require any strategy

Reality: Again, an unrealistic expectation because no campaign, whether digital or traditional, will work without a strategy. You cannot simply post on social media or a website any time you want or anything you want. You must plan your content to encourage people to check out your website and get lead conversions. Moreover, knowing your goals and creating strategies to achieve them are of the utmost importance.

Expectation 10: Creating brand awareness equals to increase in conversion

Reality: No, unless you optimise your content for conversion, there will be no increase. The thing is, most marketers cast a wide net, hoping to catch any and all customers. However, if you don’t know what fits your audience best and encourage them to convert, nothing will work. Also, it will be expensive to shoot in the dark without knowing how to drive customers to buy.


Knowing the difference between expectations and reality related to digital marketing is essential. If you want to be a digital marketer, going for digital marketing courses in Jaipur with the correct knowledge is necessary. If you are a business working with a digital marketing company, know what to expect. If you do not, many companies can scam you by overpromising and under delivering. It is a pitfall from which you need to save yourself. Otherwise, a business can lose trust in a marketer. For marketers, knowing the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing can help them become the best.

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