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What is Digital Marketing Training?

Digital Marketing is all about promoting your business on internet and bringing customers from across the globe through digital medium either mobile apps, websites or emails.

It is not as simple as it sounds, as it has a number of stages to cross and unlimited competitors along side. Then their comes Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. according to whom, to compete with out competitors, we have to decorate our website within the guidelines.

Digital marketing includes SEO, SEM, Google-Ads, PPC, SMM, and everything within digital boundaries.

SCOPE in Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is way more than just a profession today. It is a whole world in itself, that consists of more than 500 million users who have some idea about digital marketing within India only.

Every business, start up, Govt. organization, is turning online today, and thus needs a digital expert.

The scope of Digital marketing needs no introduction as everything around us is just digital today. We are just required to become better, faster, smarter than others.

Digital Marketing Course Modules

  • Introduction to Copywriting
  • What is Copywriting &Why is it Important?
  • How to Write For Your Buyer Persona
  • Attention – Headlines are “Eighty Cents of the Dollar”
  • 11 Tips to Write Magnetic Headlines
  • A.I.D.A – Interest, Desire & Action
  • Assignment – Copywriting
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Why WordPress?
  • How to Choose a Domain Name
  • Domain Registration & Hosting
  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Add Pages & Posts to WordPress
  • How to Choose & Install a Premium Theme
  • Google Analytics for WordPress
  • Assignment – WordPress
  • Build This Site in Less Than 1 Hour
  • Why Use WordPress vs. Wix, Weebly etc?
  • How to Verify WHO’S Information [IMPORTANT]
  • How to Add Pages, Post, Menus & Widgets
  • How to Add a Premium WordPress Theme
  • How to Improve Your WordPress Security with Plu­gins
  • How to Activate Your Free SSL Certificate in 1 Click!
  • Assignment – Set Up a Website
  • Introduction to SEO
  • An Overview of SEO
  • 5 SEO Metrics to Measure SEO Performance
  • How to SEO Optimise Your Homepage
  • How to Verify Your Website in The Google Search Console
  • How to Improve Website Performance & Speed
  • How to Take the Google Mobile Friendly Test
  • How to Do Keyword Research: Steps & Strategy
  • How to Quickly Brainstorm 1000’s of Keyword Ideas
  • How to Narrow Down Your Keyword List using Google Keyword Planner
  • How to Assess Keyword Competition & Choose Target Keywords
  • How to Write Title Tags Search Engines Love
  • How to Skyrocket Click through Rate with Meta Descriptions
  • How to Appear in the Google Image Search Re­sults
  • Copy Optimization: Headings Tags, Outgoing & Internal Links etc.
  • The Types of Backlinks That Really Matter and How to Get Them
  • How to Maximise Links for Your SEO Campaigns
  • How to Create Content That Generates Links & Social Shares on Autopilot
  • How to Leverage Authority Websites and Top of Search Results
  • Local SEO: How to Rank Your Local Business in Google
  • Assignment-SEO
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Enable These 3 Essential Reports
  • Set up Goal Tracking to Measure Success Filter Internal Traffic So You Don’t Skew Your Data
  • Add Custom Dashboard to Reveal 12 Essential Metrics
  • Get Notified for Traffic Drops & Spikes with Custom Alerts
  • Make Google Analytics Annotations So You Don’t Forget
  • Analyze Demographics Reports (Age, Gender, Interests & Behaviour)
  • Analyze Geo Report (Language & Location)
  • Analyze Technology & Mobile Report (Browser, OS & Devices)
  • Analyze Acquisition Overview Report
  • Analyze Source/Medium Report
  • Analyze Best Days to Post
  • Use Campaign Tagging to Improve Acquisition Data Accuracy
  • Analyze Landing Pages Report
  • Analyze All Pages Report
  • Analyze Exit Pages Report
  • Analyze Goals Report
  • Assignment – Google Analytics
  • Bonus: How to Remove Spam Traffic
  • Quiz – Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Marketing Fundamentals
  • How to Create a Buyer Persona
  • 8 Ways to Find Your Audience Online
  • How to Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Assignment – Marketing Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Market Research
  • Why Typeform?
  • How to Design Your Online Survey
  • How to Distribute Your Online Survey
  • How to Analyse Your Survey Results
  • Assignment – Market Research
  • Quiz – Market Research
  • Introduction to Quora Marketing
  • Why Quora?
  • How to Join Quora & Optimize Your Profile
  • How to Identify Questions That Are Worth An­swering
  • How to Choose or Create a Blog Post to Link Back To
  • How to Structure Your Answers For Maximum Clicks
  • How to Promote Your Quora Answers
  • How to Track Quora Traffic & ROI in Google Ana­lytics
  • Rinse & Repeat [Just 5 Mins a Day!]
  • Assignment – Quora
  • Introduction to Google Adwords
  • Benefits of Google Adwords
  • How Google Adwords Works
  • Define Success & Set Up Tracking
  • Analyses Your PPC Competition
  • Have a Congruent Landing Page
  • Select The Right Campaign Type
  • Target Your Audience
  • Determine Your Bids & Budgets
  • Write Effective Ads
  • Choose Profitable Keywords
  • Advanced Campaign Settings
  • Measure & Optimise
  • Assignment – Google Adwords
  • Introduction to Facebook Marketing
  • Why Facebook?
  • Create Your Facebook Page
  • Facebook Icon
  • Facebook Cover Image
  • Description & About Page
  • Apps &Tabs
  • Page Settings
  • 9 Post Formulas Gauranteed to Drive Engage­ment
  • Edgerank Algorithm
  • Caption This Photo
  • Quotes
  • Native Videos
  • Facebook Contest
  • 5 More Facebook Post Formulas
  • Content Strategy
  • 10 Tactics to Start Getting Organic Likes
  • Use Email to Drive Organic Likes
  • Use Facebook Groups to Drive Organic Likes
  • Add a Facebook Like Box to Your Website
  • Secret Strategy to Increase Page Likes
  • 5 Facebook Insights Reports to Measure Success
  • Assignment – Facebook
  • Introduction to Twitter Marketing
  • Why Twitter?
  • How Twitter Works
  • What Not To Do on Twitter
  • 4 Ways To Get More Retweets
  • 5 Steps Optimize Your Profile
  • 5 Ways to Promote Your Twitter
  • Use Hashtags to Increase Discoverability
  • Follow Top Twitter Users
  • The Poster Boy Formula
  • Join a Trending Conversation
  • Bring Twitter Into the Physical World
  • Track Results: Twitter Analytics
  • Assignment – Twitter
  • Introduction to YouTube
  • Why YouTube
  • YouTube Marketing Strategy
  • “Watch Time” is Golden
  • The Subscriber Advantage
  • YouTube Recording Software & Mics
  • YouTube Acccount Set Up & Optimization
  • YouTube Keyword Research
  • YouTube Video Structure
  • YouTube SEO
  • Youtube Thumbnails
  • YouTube Annotations & Cards
  • YouTube Promotion
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Assignment – YouTube
  • Quiz – YouTube
  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Why List Building Is So Important
  • How to Integrate MailChimp with WordPress
  • How to Track Email Sign Ups with Google Analytics
  • How to Add a Lead Magnet to Your Sign Up Form
  • How to Turn Your Homepage Into a Landing Page
  • How to Use Pop Ups & Opt In Forms
  • How to Use LeadPages to Grow Faster
  • How to Create an Email Campaign in Mailchimp
  • Email Analytics: 5 Metrics to Track
  • Assignment – Email Marketing
  • Quiz – Email Marketing

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To sustain and win over the competitors, there is a need of a digital marketing expert.
As the results are so volatile, because of which, daily practices are required, generating the profession of digital marketing executives.
There are more start-ups than the already established businesses around us. Thus, again the digital marketer and executives are the required assets.
Once an executive starts working under a marketer on a project, it brings him a plethora of opportunities to choose any domain. Be it SEO, SEM, Ad-words, etc.
You will understand the process and patterns of Digital/Internet marketing.
You can get to know how to target your niche audience with cost-effective techniques.
You’ll get to learn every aspect of marketing including SEO, SEM, PPC, Ad-words.
Though every field has its own expert. But the digital marketer is supposed to be inspecting them all single-handedly.

How much I can Earn after learning Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur?

Digital marketing is a whole and sole of internet-based businesses. It is neither less than an officer, who maintains the law and order maintained within the community (website) according to the rules set.

The work is of a major liability as it has to inspect every dimension of an online business and so the earnings are also expected according to it.

Digital executives start with a five-figure salary and end up no where by developing their own digital marketing venture to serve many at a time. Neil Patel is one of the pioneers to digital marketing, who needs no introduction about his earnings and himself.

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