Digital Marketing Career Option - Is it good? (Scope, Job)

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Digital Marketing Career Option

Is Digital Marketing a good career option? (Scope, Pros and Cons)

Thinking of Building a Career in Digital Marketing? Or Are you confused about whether Digital Marketing is a great career option or not? In this article, you will get the answer to all your queries. 

According to Emarsys, there are 3.2 billion social media users who are active every day, which translates to about 42% of the population. Just Imagine what a huge audience you can connect to through Digital Marketing.

According to an ongoing overview, the development level of India’s Digital Advertising Industry is at 33.5%. The development in digital marketing is probably going to be at a normal of 14 percent annually. And these numbers are increasing at a rapid speed.

Below we will get the answer to every question in your mind related to Digital Marketing and the career in it. First, let’s understand what is Digital Marketing and What does a Digital Marketer do?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is doing digital communication on the Internet to promote brands for connecting to potential customers. This promotion is done by using email, social media, messages, and other web advertisements. 

We can also say that Digital Marketing is the means of increasing sales by selling products through the internet and advertising those products. 

It is also known as Online Marketing. 

Who are Digital Marketers?

The role of a Digital Marketer involves maintaining a brand’s online presence by using a variety of digital channels and increasing sales through various marketing campaigns.

They develop brand awareness using online channels and promote the brand so that it reaches potential customers. It can be free as well as paid.

10 Benefits of Career in Digital Marketing:Digital Marketing Career Job Option

  • Good academic background is not a compulsion

There is no compulsory certified qualification or any degree that you require for doing digital marketing. All you require is skills and knowledge in the particular field. 

Some companies may ask for experience or certification but it’s not the case with everyone. Anyone who wants to learn digital marketing be it from any background can learn it easily and implement the acquired knowledge.

  • Pretty Decent Income

Can you believe there are such digital marketers who are earning 30-40 Lakhs per annum? And there is evidence that few are earning even more than that. And you can be one of them. This is possible in digital marketing because it’s not necessary that you earn a salaried income, you can work as a freelancer, start your independent work and make money.

The importance of expertise is huge in digital marketing. The more expertise you have, the more money you will be able to make.

  • Multiple Career Options

Digital Marketing is really vast and you can choose a field of your interest. You can also explore all the fields first and then select a niche for yourself. There are many job opportunities one can get depending on what they like to do.

Digital marketers can work as the following :

  1. Graphic Designers
  2. Content Creators
  3. Facebook Ads Managers
  4. Google Ads Managers
  5. Landing Page Experts, and more.
  • Work Flexibility 

The best thing about working as a digital marketer is that all you need is your laptop and mobile. You can sit anywhere and work easily according to your time preference. Most companies provide work from home in Digital Marketing. 

There is Flexibility in the work as there are no set rules to do something. You can always add something out of your creativity and make changes as per need.

  • Makes you Innovative 

Every company knows how important online marketing is and the reason they hire professional digital marketing teams for conducting promotion and awareness campaigns is that there is no other alternative to it.

If you work as a Digital Marketer in a company then they will count on you for giving creative and crazy ideas for upscaling their business. 

You would have a crucial role in promoting their business and making it big.

  • Start Your Own Business

When you have the desired knowledge and skills of Digital Marketing then you can also start your own business like a Digital Marketing Institute, Digital Marketing Agency or be self-employed by being a freelancer and working for different clients.

  • Easy To Learn and Start 

The Internet is a free university. You can learn anything for free, even Digital Marketing. You don’t need a certificate from a university or school, all you need is the knowledge that you can attain from anywhere. 

In one click you can get hundreds of websites on google and videos on YouTube that can teach you everything about digital marketing for free and also update you with the new trends and happenings. So it’s easy to learn about it and implement your knowledge. 

  • Enhance your personality

The amazing part about Digital Marketing is that it allows you to connect with people all over the world from various corners. Know about their ideas and how they implemented them. 

It is also possible to form a partnership with people around the world, which can be a great opportunity for you to learn and grow. You will also learn about different marketing strategies and technologies that are used across the world. 

  • Amazing Growth Opportunities

One shocking observation about Digital Marketing is that the career in Digital Marketing is just growing at a good pace. Even during the pandemic Digital Marketing saw no downfall and was accelerating.

If you are thinking of making a career in digital marketing then you can feel assured by knowing that the chances of you being successful in your field are way too high, provided you have the required skill set.

  • Multiple ways of earning money

Digital marketers mostly work from home so it’s easy to do more work at a time if you are dedicated and want to earn extra income. 

You can apply on various job searching apps like Upwork, freelancer, etc, and get work and generate extra income.

You can get a good amount depending on the opportunity you have found for yourself. 

Digital Marketing Career Option: 10 Drawbacks

Is it easy to get a job in Digital Marketing

  • Long screen hours 

Every work is done on the computer which leads to an increase in screen time which can make you feel stressed and tired. It can affect your health, mainly your eyesight. 

You will be unable to go out and enjoy the fresh air because being on a laptop or phone will be a necessity. 

  • External factors that can affect your work

Digital Marketers work on different plans and promotional strategies and they try to work according to the best of their knowledge but not every time things go as planned.

 Sometimes things go planned and the campaigns get a good response and a high ROI whereas sometimes things get totally different results and the plan fails.

  • Opting for the wrong field can be problematic

The field is the area in which you have a specialty. As we have already discussed Digital marketing has various fields in it and selecting the right niche according to your interest is a really important task.

If you are working in the wrong field then you won’t be interested enough to do that work and it will be hard to give your best in it. Also after investing a good amount of time in a particular field it’s hard to switch to another field so this decision has to be taken before starting the Digital Marketing journey. 

  • Ideas can be stolen easily

One of the most common things seen in Digital Marketing is stealing someone else’s idea and making money out of it.

 The chances of your idea getting stolen are way too high and can be done by anyone. It feels frustrating but you can’t do anything about it. 

  • Frequent Changes

The Digital Marketing world keeps on changing at a fast pace. So you have to keep checking on the new information and new updates so that you can work accordingly. 

If you use outdated information and developments then it will hinder your growth.

  • Increasing Competition

Every day someone is getting started to be a Digital Marketer. Competition plays a dominant role and is increasing day by day. New people are entering the industry with the hope of getting successful in it. 

For being successful you need to implement every possible trick so that you can move ahead of your competitors. 

  • ROI is difficult to determine

The most prominent factor for checking the success rate is ROI. This is mainly checked when you are working with clients so that you can analyze what you got in return for the investment you did.

In some cases, it’s easy to calculate ROI and it’s accurate too, but this does not always happen. It can also be a false assumption too. 

  • Time Taking

The click-through rate of online marketing is really less and it’s less even in Facebook ads. You have to wait for a long time to let things start to happen and things go as planned. The result in digital marketing can’t be achieved in a short-term period like one or two days or weeks, it can take a long time and you need to be patient. 

It may take 6 months too, but you will definitely get results if you have the right targeted audience. 

  • Fake sharks in the market

Digital Marketing is really popular nowadays so people think it is really easy to be a Digital Marketer they watch a few videos and read about it from a few websites and consider themselves a Digital Marketers. 

This is not the case, in reality, it’s not that easy and requires hard work and dedication. You have to beware of such job-seeking fake digital marketers who claim to be experts.  

  • Study continuously

You can never afford to make the mistake of not studying because it will make you lag behind your competitors.

 Daily new applications and software are being launched so you need to get hold of the changing nature of Digital Marketing and keep learning about the new updates. 

Let’s Conclude:

 Hopefully, you have now gained a deeper understanding of digital marketing and are in a position to decide whether you should pursue it as a career or not. If you are affirmative and willing to learn digital marketing then I would suggest you search for Best Digital Marketing Institute for learning and acquiring skills.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) :

  • Why is Digital Marketing difficult?

Creating Social Media content is not that hard, it just requires knowledge skills, and a bit of investment. 

  • Is digital marketing a stressful job?

Nothing feels stressful if you are proficient in it. It depends on how interested you are to learn each day. Digital Marketing may feel stressful at times but rest it’s all learning and experimenting. 

  • Do I need a degree to do digital marketing?

You don’t need a university degree to start digital marketing, you just need skills and knowledge. Although few companies may ask for a degree if you are applying for a job.

  • What is the best field in digital marketing?

 Some of the highest paying Digital Marketing Jobs are Digital Media Managers, Pay-Per-Click Managers, SEM/SEO Specialists, Content Strategists, E-commerce Specialists, Brand Marketing experts, Social Media Marketers, and Digital Project Managers.

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