Search Engine Optimization


Definition of SEO & What it is about?

“Search Engine Optimization, in simple words means, to optimize or decorate the content of our website according to the search engine’s algorithms.” The objective is to appear among the top search results whenever a user generates relatable queries.

Through our SEO course in Jaipur, we will acquaint you with the knowledge of written algorithms and unwritten rules of SEO to rank your website high in the SERP. The course will contain less theory but more practical work so you can see your SEO activities working live for your projects.

As a website owner, you have to optimize your website (content in it) to rank higher than before and ultimately on the top of the search results. One has to do this as per the guidelines and the algorithms of the search engine. Also, you will learn to deal with analytics and how to use the research and analysis to improve your content for both search engines and users.


What Will You Learn in this SEO Training?

Here is a brief overview of our SEO Course in Jaipur, which contains the list of all major modules from the course.

Getting Started with SEO

Understanding how the search engine works?

How do search engines rank web pages?

What is SEO?

What is Local SEO?


Keyword – importance and analysis

Understanding keywords and how they work

Keyword phrases

Process of Keyword research 

Competitor keyword research 


On-page SEO

Understanding Meta Tags

Writing effective title tags

Writing meta-description tags

Mobile responsive SEO Optimization

Site architecture and its relation with SEO

Off-page SEO

Local SEO

Effective Content writing

Content writing strategies

SEO content optimization

Content structuring

Performance Optimization 

Understanding Objectives and conversion 


Tools Covered in the Course

Google Webmasters

Google Analytics

Tools for Keyword Research

SEO Auditing Tools

Additional Resources & Tools

Reviewing top techniques for SEO success

Best SEO Training Institute in Jaipur

  • When it comes to acquiring SEO Training in Jaipur, JSDM has always been the best source. Here we teach students with real-time onboard LIVE projects during their SEO Training to make their learning effective and forever.
  • We understand that SEO in Jaipur is way more than just a wing of digital marketing. It has now become a career stream for plenty of aspirants like you. Therefore we have industry expert SEO trainers to teach you.
  • We provide 100% Practical SEO Training in Jaipur and make you understand the actual “behind the screen” process of search engine optimization.
  •  Furthermore, you are provided access and guidance to top-notch industry tools so you can learn how SEO is done practically.

Facts about SEO & its demand in the market

SCOPE of SEO or Why to join SEO training?

SEO is such a crucial wing of digital marketing that brings out the marketer inside you and would introduce you to the grassroots of marketing.

As an SEO expert, you can be involved in any online business, handling its SEO. With SEO, you can make a presence on the internet and grow your business or increase brand awareness and more.

You can build up your own venture with your SEO skills by serving more than one organization simultaneously as a freelancer. 

As an SEO executive, all the gateways of digital marketing will welcome you for a marketer who earns equivalent to an officer.

Availability of JOBs

There is always a need for an SEO executive to run a business online. And businesses are no way scanty in numbers.

Today, there are more startups than the already established businesses around us. Thus, again the digital marketer and SEO experts are the required assets.

Not just businesses and startups, even the government portals nowadays, turning online, increasing the demand for SEO experts. 

Technology From Tomorrow

Benefits of Digital Marketing Course or SEO course in Jaipur

You get the chance to assess your website.

It is free of cost and never asks for any investment, unlike PPC or Ads.

You can target your niche audience through it.

SEO is more effective than Ads or Paid marketing in the long run.

SEO lets you win through Public relations, e.g., Newsletters or Press releases.

Who can join, or why should YOU join an SEO course in Jaipur?

SEO does not require any programming skills or technical knowledge of the internet world. It basically involves content writing skills and understanding how people interact with the content. 

So anyone, including students, working professionals, startup owners, etc., can join our SEO training institute in Jaipur and start learning SEO simply. We assure you a complete understanding of SEO concepts, and you will be proficient in doing industry-level SEO for personal use or as a business.

Excel with the best SEO Institute in Jaipur

If you are ready to join SEO training in Jaipur, we assure you that you will have the best training and experience at JSDM. 

  • If you are a beginner having a website or planning to start a website, you can enroll in our SEO course in Jaipur and learn how to get your website in the top rankings.
  • Students who wish to land an SEO job in Jaipur or anywhere can join our digital marketing course in Jaipur and acquire all the required skills.
  • Working professionals or business owners can learn SEO and take their company or business to new heights with the power of digital marketing.

Being an SEO expert, one can also freelance for multiple ventures as SEO analyst, SEO expert, SEO auditor, etc. You can do it as a forte or full-time job from your own place and make a handsome income from it.

How much can I earn after completing SEO Training in Jaipur?

SEO is such a trend that you may start with a nicer stipend even if you start as a trainee or a learner.

Companies hire SEO interns and even pay them to learn it because of its demand and importance nowadays.

An SEO executive easily earns around 1.5-3 LPA with a basic level of experience, and there seems NO END of EARNING in it if you utilize your skills smartly.

However, the pay scale for an SEO executive varies accordingly, based on your experience, proven results, and organization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I know any programming language before I join?

No prior knowledge of any programming language is required for SEO training in Jaipur. Anyone can learn to do SEO in Jaipur irrespective of their educational background, provided they understand the basics of the online world.

What if my English is not good?

You can still learn SEO even if you are not fluent in English. Good English is required only if you will write SEO-optimized blogs and articles. There are many other applications of SEO besides these.

Can I join the best seo course ONLINE?

Yes, JSDM has online SEO training programs that you can join from the comfort of your place. We offer live training, support, one-to-one QnA, and more in our online course.

Can I join an internship in digital marketing?

Our digital marketing internship program is open to apply for. Anyone can apply for the program, and we will consider your application for any relevant vacancy according to your portfolio and interests.

What is the SEO course duration?

The duration of the SEO course is 6 weeks, in which you will have 5 classes per week. The duration of each class will be 2 hours each.

Can I join weekend classes?

We don’t have any weekend sessions yet, but we are planning on it. We understand that full-time college students, working professionals, and others can only join weekend classes. 

What you can do is send an email at mentioning weekend classes in the subject and/or body.

Shall I carry my laptop to seo institute in Jaipur?

It would be best if you carry your laptop to the SEO course in Jaipur as we believe in practical learning. And if you have your laptop with you, you will be able to run and analyze projects on your own and see the SEO strategies working live.

What about placement assistance after training?

You can rest assured of 100% placement assistance once you have acquired the SEO skills. Our hr team stays in touch with major SEO experts or digital marketers recruiters and helps our trainees land reputable jobs.

Do you help or guide startups?

We share immense pleasure in startup ideas and are more than willing to help anyone with a startup in mind. And talking of startups, SEO can be our best equipment to succeed in the online world where people spend most of their time these days.

What will be the SEO course fees?

We have recently revised our fee for the courses after the pandemic, and you can get the details about the current fee here.

Do you provide live project exposure?

One cannot understand SEO without working on live projects. Hence we will give you several projects during the course to work upon and see them in action. 

What will be the batch size at seo institute in Jaipur?

Our batch size generally consists of upto 10 students for better one-to-one mentoring, donuts, queries, and interaction. This is why we have multiple batches per day for all of you.

How can I register online?

Anyone can register for our best seo course online as well. Visit xxxxxx for this and fill the online form for further proceedings.


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