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  • What is PPC

    Have you seen any ads on your browser while surfing the internet? Do you also want to advertise the same way for your business? Do you want your webpage, landing page, or brand to reach more audiences over the internet? 

    Pay-per-click or PPC is the one-stop solution to all such needs. In our PPC training courses, you will learn how it is an integral search engine marketing model. Through this, any business or brand shoots ads for its service-oriented keywords and pays a certain amount to the ad-holder or publisher, usually a search engine or any website owner. 

    In the case of search engines as a publisher, bidding is done to place the keyword at the topmost position. The higher the number of advertisers, the higher will be the bidding rate.

    However, in the case of a website as a publisher, website owners usually charge a fixed price to carry or advertise your keyword.

    Google Adwords learning center 

    Google AdWords plays an inseparable role in PPC or Search engine marketing. Google Adwords can help you run ad campaigns on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and websites and webpages containing relevant content and allowing ads. JSDM has been the best google AdWords learning center in Jaipur for the past decade with the most satisfactory results.

    How does it work?

    Most search engine marketers use google Adwords only for their search ad campaigns. Since Google is omnipresent on every internet-connected device, advertisers need not go anywhere else. 

    In our PPC Course in Jaipur, you will learn how to use Google Adwords but not just it. You will learn to make your ads more clickable and get higher conversion from them. 

    Have a look at the major modules of our SEM course in Jaipur.

    Digital Marketing Course Modules

    Are you looking for a PPC training institute in Jaipur?

    Jaipur School of Digital Marketing provides in-depth guidance over the internet’s paid marketing strategies through its PPC training courses in Jaipur. We have emerged as a students-favorite google AdWords learning center in Jaipur mainly because of our personalized PPC course.

    Pay-per-click or’ Advertising of keywords’ is an internet-marketing method, usually adopted by the marketers to increase the number of users or traffic on any website through keyword-advertisements.

    • You’ll learn about the pattern and procedure of keyword-advertisements and their complexities.
    • Learn ways to stake keywords and how the payment system works in cost per impression, click, or other schemes.

    What will you learn in our pay per click training course?

    • Fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing or PPC
    • Keywords Research for ad copies
    • Understanding various ad campaign structures
    • Getting familiar with google Adwords interface
    • Analytics and ad optimization

    SCOPE of learning from the best PPC training institute in Jaipur

    Digital marketing is a basic need today, and PPC acts as a booster to marketing campaigns. If you think you understand the public’s search queries better, like ‘how would people search for a service’ or ‘the keywords they could search for,’ you can be a player of massive demand at a global level.

    Also, note that there are very few PPC experts in the digital marketing world. But marketers need them because PPC helps them achieve the business targets more quickly.

    Ultimately, PPC has lower competition comparatively, but expertise is required to fill many voids.

    However, PPC or paid ads are not feasible in the long run due to various proven reasons. For the long term, people rely on SEO as it has its own benefits, which you can check in our SEO training in Jaipur program.

    Facts about PPC & its market demand

    Availability Of JOBs

    • New ventures and start-ups need PPC experts to give an initial push to their business.
    • PPC experts are usually scarce.
    • Even though some limitations come in the pattern of PPC, its demand never dies because it is one of the most beneficial marketing methods to pull back the investments made.
    • Over 1.2 million businesses use Google ads for marketing, and most of them successfully make huge revenue out of it.

    Join our google pay per click training to learn search engine marketing and become a demand of several businesses.

    Benefits of Digital Marketing Course

    Here are some significant advantages of online ads or Search engine marketing over traditional ads.

    • Google ads are highly cost-effective, and you only pay when your ad gets clicked and not for impression.
    • You can pinpoint your target audience and only show your ads to potential customers.
    • In our pay per click training, you will also learn retargeting your audience for more business. 
    • ROI of google ads is incredibly high if appropriately optimized, and you can generate leads or conversion at significantly less cost.

    Why should YOU enroll in PPC training courses in Jaipur?

    PPC can be a valuable skill for a student for jobs or freelancing. Many businesses and brands hire SEM experts for creating and running their ads campaigns.

    If you are a business owner, you can learn SEM for brand awareness, increased reach or leads, etc. Online ads are much more efficient than traditional marketing that you will learn and realize better when you join our PPC training courses.

    Any website owner, e-commerce beginner, blogger, or digital marketing enthusiast can use SEM for their personal benefits by promoting their products and services on the internet and getting more audience.

    Technology From Tomorrow

    You can scale and measure your results and returns through it.

    It is pretty fair in terms of expense as you have to pay only when your ad is clicked, and your brand/service will get ample exposure through it.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How Much Can I Earn through PPC?

    With PPC, you can earn both ways as an in-role PPC expert to any organization or as a free-lancer for multiple clients simultaneously.

    PPC has a safe and figurative scope of earning with a bright mind required in advance.

    Who Can Join PPC Training in Jaipur?

    For pay per click training, you don’t require any programming skills or pre-required knowledge of google tools like AdWords. We will teach you all that and much more in our google pay per click training. However, having some basic idea of marketing or advertising online would help you grab things quickly. In our PPC training course, we will train you from marketing fundamentals to gaining expertise in search engine marketing.

    Should I know any programming language before I join?

    You don’t need to know any programming language before joining the course. Neither will you require any programming knowledge throughout the course, nor even afterward.

    What if my English is not good?

    You don’t need to be fluent in English for ad copies or PPC campaigns. However, a basic understanding of the internet and related terms would be expected.

    What if I miss any class?

    In case a student misses any class, we provide backup lectures to them, or they can also attend that class during any online batch.

    Can I join the PPC course ONLINE?

    Yes, JSDM has online digital marketing training programs that you can attend from the comfort of your place. You will get all essential services in the online course as well, including doubt sessions, live mentoring and QnA, etc.

    Can I join an internship in digital marketing?

    We do provide internship opportunities to our students from time to time. Students can work on real case studies in any field of interest in our PPC internship in Jaipur or digital marketing course in Jaipur.

    What is the PPC course duration?

    The duration of the PPC course will be 6 weeks, in which you will have 5 classes per week. The duration of each class is going to be 2 hours a day.

    Can I join weekend classes?

    We are soon to start weekend classes as working professionals, or full-time students generally prefer these. However, you can always join our PPC course Online and learn from your home anytime. 

    Or you send us an email at mentioning Offline weekend classes in the subject and/or body, and we will see how we can help.

    Shall I carry my laptop to the PPC training institute in Jaipur?

    It would be best to carry your laptop to the PPC course in Jaipur as it would help you learn practically. You will be able to see your strategies working in action and keep track of them simultaneously.

    What about placement assistance after training?

    We assure 100% placement assistance to our students and bring several job opportunities for them from time to time.

    What will be the PPC course fees?

    We have recently revised our fee for several courses, including PPC course fees after the pandemic, and you can get the details about the current fee here.

    Do you provide live project exposure?

    We don’t think anyone can learn digital marketing through theory alone, and it needs as much practical exposure as possible to become an expert. So you can expect to work on multiple live projects during the course.

    How can I register online?

    Registering for our OFFLINE or ONLINE course is easy as you just have to fill this form here.


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