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Benefits of marketing automation

Benefits of Marketing Automation-Uses and Ease

The world is moving fast towards the Digitization era, this trend is now growing in sales and marketing departments functioning. Nowadays, Consumers have a stronger purchasing power, due to the advent of new technologies, social media, and marketplace platforms. New consumers are more informed than ever before.

Users’ expectations & consumers satisfaction is exceeding day by day, so keeping potential consumers happy & engaged is now a big business challenge for the marketing department which is making Marketing automation more important than ever.

Marketing Challenges of Business

Generally, any enterprise’s marketing campaigns are not as e­ffective as they should be, most of the time it fails to engage potential clients & enterprise can only guess about the efficacy of campaigns because they do not possess necessary insights to understand the audience. Multiple collaboration issues also exist between sales & marketing departments. There are some issues that are beyond control like long sales cycles.

Marketing Automation

Aligning marketing and sales is essential for any business. It helps businesses with higher customer retention rates and higher sales. The first significant step in this exercise is bringing sales and marketing closer together to simplify the integration & cooperation by digitally aligning processes across the organization.

There is some overlap between marketing automation and CRM. This is why businesses are adopting them in tandem. All this integration allows users a 360° view of the potential customers, starting from the contact stage to the final purchase. When combined with a powerful CRM system, marketing automation will ensure faster collaboration between marketing and sales teams, finally generating more leads and sales deals closer at a faster pace.

Marketing automation is much more than just automating the workflows of the marketing department as inferred by the name. Marketing automation doesn’t mean mass marketing, providing the same sales content to all the marketing leads of the enterprise, regardless of effectiveness in customer engagement during the sales process. Marketing automation includes data integration, customer segmentation, campaign management, and lead management (lead generation, scoring, nurturing, and routing) functionality.

The Marketing Automation enables tracking of contacts’ engagement with the sales content (clicks on the link, page visits, and newsletter opens, etc.) and further use that data insights for creating personalized customer interactions. A marketing automation tool provides full insights into the effectiveness of sales & marketing content by leveraging data for continuous improvement of marketing activities. It automates the processes of various processes of sales & marketing for effectively for serving customers (potential and existing) across all channels.

Marketing automation has functions such as Web Tracking, Lead & Campaign Management, X management, and workflows in software, and can be connected seamlessly integrated to existing CRM. A marketing automation tool is a standalone solution integrated with a CRM. Our digital marketing course in Ajmer can take you along the depths of automation and marketing, so you can use the trick and techniques to make your marketing campaigns more effective.

These components enable marketers to

  • Send mailings
  • Generate and segment leads
  • Publish and disseminate content
  • Publish social media posts
  • Score leads
  • Increase customer loyalty

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation frees up time and resources and provides data that helps businesses better understand their customers and helps them realize more effective marketing campaigns. Marketing automation can align processes to marketing strategy. All this gives more time resource to conceive campaigns because you can set them up quickly.

When lead prioritization is automated sales teams can dedicate more time to nurturing more promising leads. Administrator view of prospects by tracking engagement of content, messages, ads, and e-mails. It lets you personalize follow-ups and prioritize leads according to objective KPIs.

While B2C marketers seem to have such an easy time selling soft drinks, consumer electronics, in B2B industries purchase decisions are often a long time in the making. Corporate structure, product complexity, and the large investment required all factor into the purchase decision as does customer experience. Every touchpoint matters.

An exceptional, personalized customer journey is key to the sales process. Marketing automation can have enormous benefits for B2B companies, particularly because their sales cycles are long and decision-making is complex. To convert leads into customers requires a lot of interactions and more lead nurturing than in B2C marketing.

Providing relevant content at strategic decision points during the research and consideration phase and analyzing the prospect’s engagement with it, allows marketing to generate data that can be analyzed and used for strategic action

Benefits of Marketing Automation for Users

Improved customer experience: A key benefit of marketing automation is it offers customers a better experience. It allows you to send behavior-triggered emails. The highly tailored campaigns are sent to customers automatically. This includes signing up for emails, browsing interest for certain specific products, or order awaiting in a basket cart. This web personalization & triggered emails allows a highly personalized customer experience without the personal touch of Human.

Increasing scale of campaigns: Marketing Automation increases the scale and scope of marketing campaigns. Automated email campaigns are more efficient than sending manually. Automation makes campaigns scalable for increasing revenues.

Helps in boosting up ROI: Marketing automation boosts ROI on staff costs. It reduces the need to employ staff for marketing. This allows you to streamline the team and reduce staff costs. This improves ROI on the money.

Improves Results: Marketing automation makes team accountable with reporting capabilities. This allows detailed & comprehensive reports. It pinpoints specific areas where outcomes can be improved & make the changes required.

Helps in increasing Order Value: Automated product recommendations boost business revenues. Personalized product recommendations are most effective in cross and upselling of products across the platform. The conversions help customers to spend more in every transaction, thus increasing order value.

Recovering lost revenue: Marketing automation tools to send basket empty campaigns which encourage customers to complete their checkout purchases. This enables to the recovery of lost transaction revenue which may be otherwise may have lost, this increases the amount of money for an e-Commerce website.

Higher customer lifetime value: It boosts revenue by existing customer base to spend more with your brand/ platform. Marketing automation makes retention and loyalty strategies effective, increasing customer lifetime value. It allows automation of requests for reviews and feedback, creates exclusive offers for high spending value segments, it strengthens the relationship with customers, and increases customer lifetime value.

Predicting and customer behavior: Marketing automation makes uses machine learning to improve outcomes of product recommendations. Every customer interaction gives more data & understandings of customers. It predicts what to do customers with customers next, making them to spend more. It generates demand, higher sales conversions, and boosts revenue.

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Business Benefits of Marketing automation

Generates Lead: It helps in generating better sales leads including demographic and behavioral data in Marketing automation software with the scoring system of leads that generate qualified sales leads.

Higher efficiency of marketing: Marketing automation software Saves time and improves productivity. All time-consuming tasks like content management, scheduling and execution of a campaign, sales communication, and lead management get automated.

Integrated sales and marketing goals for enterprise: Marketing automation software aligns sales and marketing with sales-ready qualified leads. It sets scoring and flags qualified leads for the sales and marketing team.

A multichannel view: Marketing automation platforms are integrated with multiple channels including mobile & media for creating comprehensive screened prospect profiles and views of prospect customers.

Higher lead conversion and ROI: Marketing Automation can increase final conversions. Implementation of marketing automation software increases direct sales of the enterprise.


Marketing automation has become a necessary tool in recent times and is very useful for running businesses as it helps by freeing time and resources and provides data that assists businesses with a better understanding of their customers and helps them realize more effective marketing campaigns. Marketing automation can align processes to marketing strategy. All this gives more time resource to conceive campaigns because you can set them up quickly.

If you are inquisitive to learn more about marketing automation, you can learn them at any reputed digital marketing course in Jaipur.

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Ashish Malik

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